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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 4:00pm
Once upon a time there were two brothers. Elder brother had good business. He was very rich and had a prosperous family.However Younger brother was extreemly poor. He could not do anything right. It was difficult for him to even provide two meals a day to his family. His wife was religeous she worshipped rigerously, kept fasts, but nothing good happened to them.

Once she kept a fast of Sakat. On that night she didn't get anything to eat, so she slept without eating any food, worshipping God Sakat in her heart.

In her dreams she saw God Sakat. He was visiting her house and he was asking her "O'lady I have a terrible stomach ache. I have to go to toilet, where can I go?

Without thinking she lady said, "Here Where can I tell you to go? My house has four corners, one Dahleej(door) and sixth is my head."

After saying this she kept on sleeping.

When she got up next morning she saw that there were piles of money and gold coins in all the four corner of her house. She was delighted and profusely thanked God Sakat that " He himself had come and has given her family so much with his enormous blessings and generosity.

They all were curious to see how much money and gold was there. Since they didn't have the weighting scale the younger brother thought of bringing weighing scale from his elder brother's house.

The elder brother was curious and thought, that there is so much poverty in his brothers house, what all he is going to weight in the scale? But he didn't thought it appropriate to ask him, so cunningly he pasted some wax under the scale, so that whatever is weighed will stick on it.

When the younger brother returned the scale, the elder brother checked what was underneath. He was surprised to see gold coins have been weight.

Immediately he rushed to younger's brothers house and asked him from where he had stolen the gold coins?The younger brother and his wife were simple hearted, they told him everything.

The elder brother's wife thought if she also keep God Sakat's fast and sleep without food, God Sakat will visit her house also and will bless them with riches.With these thoughts she kept the fast and slept hungry.

Lord sakat visited her house at night and like earlier asked her also "O'lady there is terrible pain in my stomach, I have to go to the toilet, please tell me where to go? The elder brother's wife was delighted, her heart was overjoyed and she said, "O'lord my house has four corners, One Dahleej and one my head."

After sometime when she woke up ,she was sick of the foul smell in her house. Shit was lying around in her house and on her head. She was very sad.

Then she learnt a lesson that one should neither be greedy nor jealous of others. Pure heart, thoughts and desires only result in true and beneficial ending.

Reeti Revaz:- 

Sakat Chautha falls in the month of January on Krishna Chathurthi.

People pay offerings to Lord Ganesha,The God Know as Sankat Harana(Overcome difficulties) .

People keep fasts on this day and Puja is done at night. In some families baya mansana is done.

Tilkut and Choorma ladoos are prepared. On four Supaari (beetel nut) roli is tied and kept on a wooden block. One laddoo, some money and some tilkut is touched on everything and then kept separate and is called Achutha.

Gajak, Patti, tilkut and Rs.1.25 is worshipped. In a house if the son has children then the quantity of gajak and tilkut is doubled.

The story of Sakat is read out and then laddoo and tilkut is given as prasad.

Ladies on fast do baya mansana and they also exchange it among themselves. One lady says "Sakat Bhanu" and the other says "Bhanu". This is called out seven times. After that they offers water to the moon.

"Tilkaale " this is called out seven times, they eat tilkut, drink water and ends fast and then only eats food.   

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