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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 3:29pm
There was a King. Everyday he used to go for a walk on the riverbank where he became friendly with a washerman. Both of them used to walk and talk about this and that. Then King used to go back to his palace and the washerman to his house. 

One day the King expressed his desire to go to washerman's house. What could poor washerman do? he could not refuse King's request and took him to his humble small hut. The hut was neat and clean. The washerman offered a wooden stool to the king to sit on.

After some time when the King left.When From a little distance he turned back towards the hut he was surprised. Washerman was washing the stool on which the King had sat and kept it aside. The king could not understand this.

Few days later, after a walk he went to the washerman's house again. Like earlier time , washerman showed him respect and made him sit on the stool. While leaving he again saw that the washerman washed the stool and kept it aside. Now king was perplexed.

He told everything to his priest and asked him the reason for washerman's behavior. The priest thought about it for a while and said "King since you don't have a Child, he doesn't consider you as pure and complete. Washerman's behavior reflects that though he kept on respecting you yet was also trying to remove his doubts". On hearing this, the King started remaining sad. On seeing king sad, his seven queens were worried.

Together they thought of a scheme. They told a lie to the King that the youngest queen is expecting his child. On hearing this King was delighted. The queens also told him that the priests has advised,that in this condition the kings and youngest queen togetherness could harm the child. King controlled his feelings .He couldn't meet the youngest queen but kept on inquiring about her welfare from other queens.

When nine months had passed since this, then queens to keep their lie,they tied a lamb in the youngest queen room. They called the midwife and bend the lamb leg. He cried, and on hearing his cry ,they spread the rumor in the palace that youngest queen has been blessed with a son. King and his subjects were very happy.

The king was anxious to see his son but the queens said they have been blessed with a child , for the blessings of Deviji. Without offering silver umbrella and worship at her temple king cannot see his son. King again controlled his feelings. Times flew past and queens with the help of their maids using turmeric on the wet diapper kept on pretending about the birth of the child.

When six months passed like this preparations began, for Deviji's bhandara and offering chatra (umbrella) . The king instead of silver made a beautiful golden umbrella. During Navratre the king alongwith his soldiers & seven queens went to Deviji's temple. When everything was ready for Pooja and bhandara, the eldest queen said to the king "Maharaj, we have done a blunder we have forgotten to bring the umbrella to be offerred to deviji in the palace inside seven lockes. You kindly go and fetch it." King wanted to send his soldiers to fetch the umbrella, but the queen's insisted that as the umberella is being offered to Deviji on birth of his child ,the king had to fetch it himself.

Poor king was so anxious to see his child that he immediately rushed to his palace on his horse. The moment king left all the seven queens took out their swords and stood around Deviji's mandap (place of worship) and prayed-"Devi Mata, we believing in you, told these lies. You have not blessed any of us with a child. Trusting you we kept on telling lies. Now, when the King will know everything he will kill us. That is why before he arrives we have decided to offer our lives to you,"

Deviji was happy to see their trust and faith and there was a loud announcement from the sky" telling them not to kill themselves You will get the fruit of your trust and belief in me. Some Children are playing behind the temple. You can take any one of them you like."

On hearing this they all ran and picked up a 6 months old small and beautiful boy. Now they began to quarrel among themselves. Each of them wanted to exercise her right on the child. Meanwhile when they were fighting, the King came back with the golden umbrella. He was surprised to see them fighting.0n inquiring about the reason of their fight the eldest queen told him everything and asked for his forgiveness for telling lies. Then she said "Maharaj, you only settle this issue."

The Kind thought about everything and said "Put the child in front of Deviji .One by one each of you go to him. A queen, in whose lap the child will go willingly, will be his mother. Nevertheless you all are his mother." All the queens agreed to this.

They kept the child in front of Deviji and tried to take him in their lap one by one. The child kept smiling . When the youngest queen called him he immediately went in her lap.

Everybody was happy, they all worshipped Deviji and offered her the golden umbrella and held her bandara. Devi Bhavaani was also happy to see the trust and faith they all had reposed in her. With Deviji grace and being blessed with a son the King went back to his palace happily.

He made an announced in his kingdom that every six months his subjects should with full trust on Devi Bhavaani should worship her and keep fast ,if they do so then desires will be fulfilled.

"Diviji ki Jai."

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