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Parad (Mercury) Shivling

by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 3:45pm

The glory of mercury Shivling has been stated unequivocally in the puranas, shastras and Tantra text. Mercury is said to be semen of Lord Shiva. To contain or bind mercury is very difficult, that too ancient mercury. It has been explained in 'Ras Chintamani' that by the very touch of such mercury a person gets the benefit of Shiv Puja done in all the three lokas. Mercury has been taken as a liquid also. Therefore a Shivling made of mercury is also known as Ras Shivling. If such Ras Shivling is correctly prepared & consecrated by a scientist of mercury science it can prove most auspicious for the person. It has been stated.

"Vidhaya ras ling yo bhakti yukth samarchayet
Jagatriye linganam Pooja phal mavapanuyat"

That is the person who acquires mercury Shivling in his life and does correct ritualistic prayer and Archana reaps the benefits bestowed by all the Shivlingas present in the three world - one mercury Shivlinga is capableof bestowing such blessing. By the worship of Parad Shivling even the heinous sin of Braham Hatya can be removed. By its touch the fault of killing of a cow can ( Gau Hatya ) can be totally washed off. If one sips the water poured on Parad Shivling the person acquires the right to eternal happiness and emancipation. It has been stated as:

"Darshannarth sarajasya brahma hatya vyapohati'
Sparshnoath nanyashay yadadeti
gowhatya natrasanshaya
Kimpuna brhakshna dhyaevi prapatey paramam padam"

No matter how much one praises the nobility and gentility of Parad Shivling it will still be unmatched. If one is in a position to acquire mercury Shivling then please do establish it in your Pooja grah and witness your immense gains and miraculous happenings. It is my experience that wherever I have established Parad Shivling people have been free from diseases and illness and there has been a noticeable increase in happiness and fortune. As it is said:

"Pardeshwar grahyatra durlabho jayat narah
dhandhanyam tatha swarnam atootam natra sunshya"

A very important thing to note is that nobody should ever talk ill about the Parad Shivling as the person would get a place in hell. Like:

"Yashachya dampati sutendram
shambhosthe paratparam
Sapatenya narikya dhare yavatkalp vikalapanna"

Lord Maheshwar himself has stated the utility of Parad Shivling to goddess Parvati in the following words.

"Lingam koti sahartrasya yadphalam smagyaarchanat
tatphalam koti gurinam raslingarchnat bhavet"

Lord Maheshwar also said this

"Sparshan prapyutaya niukti riti satyam shvoditam"
(meaning by the very touch of Parad Shivling one can acquire complete emancipation).

Lord of Lords bhagwan Maheshware has himself said

"Pardeshwar sthapiyam Iakshmi sidhyam tadgrahe
dhandhanyam dhara potram purna saubhagya veh narah"

Meaning when I am established as God in a house other devatas like Kuber, Lakshmi and Saubhagya also come with me the house never faces monetary problem ever again.

Parad Shivling should be established in the Ishan corner (i.e. the middle of north east corner). Along with this if Parad Shree Yantra is also established in the Agneya corner that is middle of south east corner, then health, property, fame, name and wealth is acquired. Now the only question left is where to obtain a Parad Shivling which is religiously made. Today in the market we get all kinds of Parad Shivling made of different things, which may or may not be certified to be pure and auspicious. To contain the formulate Parad Shivling is a difficult and tedious job. With a lot of patience parad is contained which is then fed with silver and gold regularly.

Benefits by establishing Pardeshwar

  • Wherever Parad Shivling is established disease and illness have no place there.
  • If Pardeshwar is established in the Ishan corner, the Vaastu of that building becomes proper, because if the Ishan corner of any building is defective the people of that building suffer from disease or mental tension all the time. If the Ishan corner is okay such flaws remit by themselves.
  • If a person regularly sips the water poured on Pardeshwar then all illness are said to rest and the person acquires mental agility.
  • If one does the Pooja of Pardeshwar with the chant of Aghori mantra and offers Bilva patra then it destroys the possibility of sudden death and any kind of poverty.
  • If one does the prayer of Pardeshwar with the chant of Mahamritunjaya mantra and also does its Abhishek with milk and ghee then all kinds of malicious diseases are removed.
  • If the Pooja of Pardeshwar is done with the chant of Rudragayatri then the house is always peaceful and family happiness is always present.
  • If Parad Shivling is covered with layer of white sandal and karpur and then milk abhishek is done, then all the anishta and unfavorable grahdosh go away and the person stays mentally healthy.
  • Both Yajurveda and Atharveda glorify the auspicious nature of parad.India is known to have produce famous scientist like Chandrasen, Mandavya, Rattankosh and Nagarjuna. They are said to have even produced gold from mercury.
  • Parad Shivling (ancient) was established in Mahashakti Peeth, 15 Sukhdev Vihar New Delhi-25 on Kartik Purnima. People can be benefitted by the Darshan of it.

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