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Saraswati Puja

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Saraswati Puja Mantra :

“Saraswati Mahabhage
Vidye Kamalalochane
Vishwaroope Vishaalaakshi
Vidyam dehi namosthuthe”

Meaning : O, the great Goddess Saraswati, the lotus-eyed personified knowledge… O, large-eyed Goddess, taking the form of the whole universe, thou shower me with all the powers and glories of all knowledge that exist.

Saraswati Vandanaam:

“Yaa Kundendu tushaara haaradhavalaa,
Yaa shubhravastraavritha
Yaa veenavara dandamanditakara,
Yaa shwetha padmaasanaa,
Yaa brahmaachyutha shankara prabhritibhir Devaisadaa Vanditha (poojitaa)
Saa Maam Paatu Saraswatee Bhagavatee Nihshesha jaadyaapahaa”

Meaning : May that Goddess – Bhagavathi – the blessed Saraswathi presiding deity of learning and remover of our lethargy, laziness and ignorance, protect us. She is pure and white like the jasmine, the full moon and the garland like formation of dewdrops. She is dressed in a spotless robe. She has in her hand, the auspicious instrument veena. She is seated on a white lotus. She is the one who is always respected by Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, Shankara the annihilator and other Gods.

“Saraswathi Namasthubhyam,
Varadey Kaamarupinee!
Vidhyarambham Karishyami,
Sidhir bhavathu mey sada !”

Meaning : Oh ! Goddess, Saraswathi, my humble prostrations unto Thee, who are the fulfiller of all my wishes. I start my studies with the request that thou will bestow Thy blessings on me

Saraswati Shloka:

“Gnanananda Mayam Devam
Nirmala Spatika Kruthim
Aadharam Sarva Vidyanam
Hayagrivam Upasmahe”

Meaning : I promise myself before Hayagriva, the Deva who is the personification of Jnana (knowledge) and Happiness(Ananda), who is very pure, and who is the basis of all learning.)

The other important shloka is one to Goddess Saraswati, the God of learning:

“Manikhya veenam upa laalayanthim,
Madalasam manjula vag vilasam,
Mahendra neela dyuthi komalangim,
Mathanga kanyaam manasa smarami.”

Meaning : I meditate on the daughter of sage Matanga, Who plays on the jewel studded Veena, Who is most pretty and who speaks sweetest words, Who is worshipped by Indra , the king of devas, And who has perfectly pretty form.

Saraswati Mantra:

An invocation to Goddess Saraswati is as follows – she who holds the (musical instrument) veena in her hands and opens the channels of learning for her disciples. Saraswati is also revered as the Goddess of music and creative (particularly, the spoken) arts.

yaa kundendu tushhaar haara dhavalaa yaa shubhravastraavR^itaa .
yA vINaavarada.nDa ma.nDitakaraa yaa shvetapadmaasanaa .

या कुन्देन्दु तुषार हार धवला या शुभ्रवस्त्रावृता ।
या वीणा वरदँड मँडित करा या श्वेतपद्मासना ।

Performing Day : Any Thursday
Time : Early Morning,, Before Sunrise
Requirements : White cloth or mat, Rice, Incense, Vermillon, Wooden table, Some fruits, Oil lamp, Crystal Rosary, Copper Surya Yantra, Mango woods, Ghee, Havan or yagna platform.

Intelligence, wisdom and perfect acumen are essentialities for Sucess in life and not only for studies.
Saraswati the Goddess of learning is called Medhaa in the ancient texts and in Jain literature. Still there is a bit of difference in Saraswati Sadhana and Medha Sadhana. The former only brings gain of knowledge while the latter also makes one perfect ad practical in every day life.

A person who is intelligent need not be expert in all feilds but he sure shall be able to excel in the field that he has chosen in his life. Saraswati Puja is a Sadhana that bestows intelligence, presence of mind, ability to make successful plans in ones life and achieve the desired success in them.One might be a highly qualified professional like chartered accounted, engineer, doctor, politician, high ranking officer, teacher, journalist this Puja would helps one develop the skills that could make

one unparalleled in one's field. For students desirous of good results in competitions too this Sadhana comes as a divine gift. It can help develop greater perspective, deep insight and power of concentration and the capability of working hard for hours without tiring out. If tried with full faith and devotion and without any doubts this Sadhana could bring about a miraculous change in your thinking, your outlook and your approach.

Sadhana Procedure- Saraswati Puja ritual shall be performed on a Thursday morning, before sunrise.
- One should take a bath and wear clean white clothes.
- Sit on a white mat or cloth facing east.
- Cover a wooden seat with white cloth .
- Take a steel plate and draw a Swastik with Vermillon and draw an eight petalled lotus with vermilion.
- Take eight Gomati Chakras and place one on each of the petals of the lotus.
- Offer vermilion rice grains, flower petals on each chakra and put the Saraswati Yantra in the center of the Lotus.
- Lite the lamp and incense
- Take water in the right palm and pledge - I (speak your name) am doing this Sadhana for the removal of these problems in my life (specify the problems) and may Goddess Saraswati bestow success upon me.
- Let the water flow to the floor.
- Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati by chanting
" Om Gam Ganpataye Namah " eleven times.
- Pray to your Guru or Lord Shiva (thinking of him as your Guru) for Success in the Sadhana.
- After this chant 21 rosary of the following mantra with a Kamalgatta rosary "Om Ayeim Shreem Ayeim Kamalvaasineyi Namah"

After the completion of the Sadhana place the yantra in you puja Ghar.

Saraswati Namasthuvyam Varadhe Kamaroopini Vidyarambham Karishyami Siddhahi Bavathumeh Sadah
Sree Saraswathi Dhyanam: Soorasoora Sevidha Pankaja Gare Viraajat kamaneeya Pustakaa Virinji Pathni kamalasana sthathitha Saraswathee nruthyathu vasimeh sada

Sree Saraswathi Ashtothram Om Sarasvatyai namah,  Om Maha-bhadrayai namah,  Om Maha-mayayai namah,  Om Vara-pradayai namah,  Om Sree pradayai namah,  Om Padma-nilayayai namah,  Om Padmakshmai namah,  Om Padma-vaktri-kayai namah,  Om Shivanu-jayai namah,  Om Pustaka-stayai namah
Om Gynana-mudrayai namah , Om Ramayai namah,  Om Kama-rupayai namah , Om Maha-vidyayai namah , Om Maha-pataka-nashinyai namah , Om Maha-shrayayai namah , Om Malinyai namah , Om Maha-bhogayai namah , Om Maha-bhujayai namah , Om Maha-bagayai namah
Om Maho-tsahayai namah , Om Divyamgayai namah , Om Sura-vandi-tayai namah , Om Mahakalyai namah , Om Maha-pashayai namah , Om Maha-karayai namah , Om Mahamkushayai namah , Om Peetayai namah , Om Vimalayai namah , Om Vishvayai namah
Om Vidyunma-layai namah , Om Vaishnavyai namah , Om Chandri-kayai namah , Om Chandra-lekha-vibhu-shitayai namah , Om Bhoga-dayai namah , Om Savitryai namah , Om Surasayai namah , Om Devyai namah , Om Divya-lankara-bhushitayai namah , Om Vagdevyai namah
Om Vasudayai namah , Om Teevrayai namah , Om Maha-bhadrayai namah , Om Maha-phalayai namah , Om Gomatyai namah , Om Bharatyai namah , Om Bhamayai namah , Om Govimdayai namah , Om Jati-layai namah , Om Vindhya-vasayai namah
Om Chandi-kayai namah , Om Vaishnavyai namah , Om Bramhyai namah , Om Bramha-gynanaika-sadhanayai namah , Om Soudaminyai namah , Om Sudha-murtayai namah , OmSubha-drayai namah , Om Sura-puji-tayai namah , Om Suvaa-sinyai namah , Om Suveenayai namah
Om Vini-drayai namah , Om Padma-lochanayai namah , Om Vidya-rupayai namah , Om Vishalayai namah , Om Bramha-jayayai namah , Om maha palayai namah, Om Traeimurtyai namah , Om Traeikalanjyai namah , Om Traeikalanjyai namah , Om Shastra-rupinyai namah
Om Shumbha-sura-pramadhinyai namah, Om Shubha-dayai namah , Om Sarvatmi-kayai namah , Om Rakta-beejani-hantrai namah , Om Chamundayai namah , Om Ambikayai namah, Om Munda-kambi-katai namah , Om Dhumra-lochana-mardhinyai namah , Om Sarva-devastu-tayai namah , Om Soumyayai namah

Om Sura-sura-namaskrutayai namah , Om Kala-ratryai namah , Om Kala-dharayai namah
Om Vagdevyai namah , Om Vara-rohayai namah , Om Varahyai namah , Om Varijaa-sanayai namah , Om Chitrambarayai namah , Om Chitra-gamdhayai namah , Om Chitra-malya-vibhushitayai namah
Om Kantayai namah , Om Kama-pradayai namah , Om Vindyayai namah , Om Rupa-soubhagya-daeinyai namah , Om Shweta-sanayai namah , Om Neela-bhujayai namah, Om Sura-puji-tayai namah , Om Rakta-madhyayai namah , Om Neela-jamghayai namah , Om Niranja-nayai namah
Om Chaturana-nasamrajyai namah , Om Chaturvarga-phala-pradayai namah , Om Hamsa-sanayai namah , Om Bramha-vishu-sivatmi-kayai namah , Om Sarva-mangalaya namah, Om Vedamathre namah, Om Saratayai namah , Om Sri Saraswatyai namah , Om Naanavidha Parimal Pathra Pushpaani Samarpayami

How to Perform Saraswathi Pooja?

Place the Goddess Saraswathi's photo frame or idol facing the East or West besides, the books representing saraswathi. Musical instruments are also kept for the puja. Books are wrapped in a silk cloth. (Red or Pink)

First light the oil lamp. Apply sandalwood paste and kumkum on the forehead, palms and feet of the Goddess and then garland with flowers. Also apply on the books and musical instruments. Sit with folded legs on a small mat facing the Goddess.

Ganapati Dyanam

Do salutation and contemplate on Lord Vighneswara chanting: -

OM Shuklam bharadharam Vishnum, Shashi Varnam chaturbhujam! Prasanna Vadanam Dyayethe, Sarva Vighno Upashanth aye!!


Om boohu, Om bhuvaha, Oghum suvaha, Om mahaha, Om janaha, Oghum satyam, Om tat sa Vithurvarenyam Bhargo devasya dhimahi, dheeyo yonah pracho dayathu Om apaha, Jyothi rasa, amrutham brahma Bhur bhuvasuvarom

Pooja Sankalpam

Let the right palm rest on the right knee facing upwards. Cover it with the left palm chant the following mantra:

OM Mamopaatha Samashta, Duritha kshaya dwara, Shri parameswara preethyartham, Asmin shubha muhurthey, Jnyaana Vairagya Siddhyartham, Vidhya-Vinaya praapthyartham Shri sadguru prasaada-siddhyartham cha Shri Saraswathi poojaam karishyey!!

Ring the bell as you chant the following mantra

Aagamaartham tu Devanaam, Gamanaartham tu rakshasaam. Kurvey ghantaa ravam thathra Devataahvaan - lakshanam!!

Chant the following mantras with contemplation

Vakra tunda mahakaya, suryakoti samaprabha, Nirvignam kuru mey devaa, sarva karyeshu sarvadaa. Om shri Maha Ganapataye namaha.

Offer a flower

Gurur brahma, Guru Vishnu, Gurur devoh maheshwaraha, Guruh saakshaath param brahma, tasmai shri guravey namaha Om shri Gurubhyo namaha

Offer a flower

OM Shri Saraswathyey namaha!!
1. Yaa Kundendu tushaara haara dhavalaa Yaa shubhra vastraa vritha Yaa veena vara danda manditakara Yaa shwetha Padmaasanaa Yaa brahma achyutha shankara prabhritibhi Devai sadaa vanditha Saa maam paathu Saraswathi Bhagawathi Nishesha Jaadyaa pahaa!!

2. Namasthey sharada Devi kashmira puravasini, Thwa maham prarthye nityam, vidhyaanam cha dehi mey!!

3. Saraswathi thriyam drishta veena pustaka dhaarini, Hamsa Vaahana Samyuktha Vidhyaa daanakaree mamah !!

4. Padma patra vishalakshi padma kesara varninee Nityam padmaalaya devi, saamaam paatu saraswathi !!

5. Sharada sharadaambhoja vadana vadanaam buje Sarvada Sarvadaasmakam sannidhi sannidhim kuru !!

Devatha Aavaahanam :-

Touch your chest with left palm, touch also the feet of the goddess with right palm and chant :

Aagachch deva deveshey, tejo raashey jaga janni, kriya maannaam mayaa pooja, gruhaan sura sattamey. Om shri saraswathyey Namaha ! Aavaahayaami !!

Aasanam :-

Offer flower, akshata at the feet of the goddess chanting :-

Om shri Saraswathyey Namah ! Aasanam Samarpayaami !!

Paadhyam :-

Offer a spoonful of water at the feet of Goddess chanting :-

OM Shri saraswathyey Namah ! Paadhyam samarpayaami !!

Arghyam :-

Offer a spoonful of water to the Goddess chanting :-

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Arghyam Samarpayaami !!

Aachamanam: -

Pour down a spoonful of water chanting :-

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Aachamanam Samarpayaami !!

Snaaneeyam :-

Sprinkle water gently chanting :

OM Sri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Snaaneeyam Samarpayaami !!

Vastram :-

Offer a flower / akshata to the Goddess chanting :

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha Shubra Vastram Samarpayaami.

Gandha lepanam :-

Apply sandalpaste and kumkum on the forehead, and feet of the Goddess chanting :-

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Gandham Samarpayaami !!

Akshatha: -

Smear the rice with kumkum. Offer it at the feet of the Goddess chanting :-

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Akshathaan Samarpayaami !!

Pushpam :-

Offer flower / garland to the Goddess chanting :-

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha / Pushpaani Samarpayaami

Archana :-

Take a flower / tulsi leaf / akshata, chanting one name of the Goddess, offer it at the feet of Goddess.

Repeat for each name of the goddess: (Twelve (12) names)

1 OM Saraswathyey Namaha

2 OM Mahaabhadraayey Namaha

3 OM Mahaamaayaayey Namaha

4 OM Varapradaayey Namaha

5 OM Padmanilayaayey Namaha

6 OM Padmaakshyey Namaha

7 OM Pusthakabhruthey Namaha

8 OM Jnanamudraayey Namaha

9 OM Kamarupaayey Namaha

10 OM Mahaavidhyaayey Namaha

11 OM Mahaapaathaka Naashinyey Namaha

12 OM Vidhyaadhara Supujithaayey Namaha

Archana (Optional) - 108 names

Dhupam Deepam :-

Light up the Agarbhathi & small lamp, show it to the Goddess, ringing the bell with the left hand, chant :

OM Shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Dhupam Aaghraapayaami !!

Om shri Saraswathyey Namaha, Deepam darshayaami.

Naivedyam :-

Keep the prasadam (fruits, Paayasam, Vada, Coconut) in a plate in front of the Goddess. Put a tulsi leaf on it. Close your eyes, joining the palms, chant the mantra offering mentally the naivedyam to the Goddess.

OM bhur bhuvasuvaha, that sa vithur varenyam Bhargo devasya dheemahi, dhiyo yonah prachodayaath !!

Take 2 spoonful of water on your right palm, circumbulate the water drops around the naivedyam chanting :-

Deva Savitha Prasuva

Again 2 spoonful as above :

Satyam twarthena parishinchami

Take 2 spoonful on your right palm, and drop it on your right side near the Prasadam saying :

Amrathahopastarana masi

Make gesture of offering to the Goddess chanting

OM pranaaya swaha OM Apaanaya swaha OM Vyaanaya swaha OM Udaanaaya swaha OM Samaanaaya swaha OM Brahmaney swaha

Drop 2 spoonful of water through right palm on the right side of the naivedyam saying :

OM shri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Naivedyam Nivedayaami !!

Drop 2 spoonful of water on right side of naivedyam :

Nivedanan antaram aachamaniyam samarpayaami

2 drops - repeat Madhyey Madhyey amruta paaniyam samarpayaami

2 drops - repeat Amrutaapidhaa namasi

2 drops - repeat Hasta prakshaalanam samarpayaami

2 drops - repeat Paadha prakshaalanam samarpayaami

2 drops - repeat Aachamaniyam samarpayaami

Then offer Tulsi leaves or flowers at the feet of the Goddess after chanting :

" Poogi phala samaayuktam, Naagavalli dalai yurtham Karpoora churna sanyuktam Taamboolam prati gruhataam Taamboolam Samarpayaami

Mangala Neerajanam :-

Light up the camphor, show it to the Goddess, also ringing the bell with the left hand, chant :-

Na thathra suryo bhaathi, Na chandra taarakam Nemaa Vidhyutho bhaanthi kuthoyam agnihi !! Thameva bhaantham anubhaathi sarvam, Thasya bhaasa sarvamidham vibhaathi

Om sri Saraswathyey namaha ! Karpoora Neeraajanam samarpayaami !! Mangala Neeraajanam samarpayaami !!

Pushpaanjali :-

With folded hand pray and offer flowers & tulsi

OM sri Saraswathyey Namaha ! Pushpaanjalim Samarpayaami !!

Pradakshina Namaskaram

While standing, turn round in a clockwise manner at the same spot thrice, with joined palms, chanting,

Yaani kaani cha paapaani Janmaanthara Krithaani cha ! Thaani Thaani Vinashyanthi pradakshina padey padey !!

Then prostrate to the Goddess

Rajopchaara : (Optional)

One may offer vocal music, instrumental music, bhajans, dance etc. by household members.


Sit on the mat and pray :

Kaayena Vaacha Manasendriyayurva Budyaatmanaa va prakrutehe swabhaavathu ! Karomi yadhyathu sakalam parasmey Narayanaayethi samarpayaami !!

Pour down a spoonful of water through the finger tips and chant :

OM thath Sath Brahmaarpana Mastu !!

Gently push the idol / picture on the spot, to repose it finally saying :

Yathasthanam prathista payaami

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