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Dhana Laxmi

by Mantra & shlokas on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 3:44pm
Dhana Laxmi is worshipped for wealth. Goddess Laxmi, the consort of Lord Narayana popularly known as Lord Vishnu, is the ruler of eight kinds of wealth. It is believed that the household where she is not worshipped never gets prospered.Wealth and success never ever knocks at the doors of those households. As she is the beloved of Lord Vishnu, you need to accord respect to Lord Vishnu otherwise you can't expect Laxmi to stay at your place. This pooja needs to be performed using strict rituals ,mantras and samagri by experts.

also reciite the below mantra daily:
Aum shreem Laxmi dhanam dehi dehi shreem Aum

This Mantra grants wealth and prosperity. 'Aum' and 'Shreem' are seed mantras.

Visualize: Goddess Laxmi on a pink lotus, showering us with light, golden flowers and coins. We offer pink or white flowers.

u can also chant kubera mantra for getting wealth.that mantra is 'om shreem om hreem shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem vitteswaraya namaha.

or u can read daily kanakadhaara mantram .it is 'om vam shreem vam ayeim hreem kleem kanakadhaarayei namaha .

u can also chant the following Mantra for acquiring wealth:
Om Ya Devi SarvaBhuteshu Lakshmirupen sansthita, Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namah
The mantra is attributed to Goddess Lakshmi. She is well known as the Goddess of wealth among the Hindus. The continuous chant of this mantra for 108 times everyday can help to acquire fabulous wealth. The use of a beaded garland of Tulsi (Basil Plant) is favourable.

or chant the following laxmi mantra:

'Om Shrim Mahalakshmiyei Swaha'

Rough Translation: 'Om and salutations to that feminine energy which bestows all manner of wealth, and for which Shrim is the seed'

This mantra has not only been used for the purpose of attracting prosperity, but also for drawing in proper friends, clearing up family misunderstandings and quarrels, and smoothing some health problems. As we all know, there are many different kinds of wealth. As you use this mantra, focus on the kind of wealth you wish to manifest in your life.
wear extraordinary powers of Rudrakshas which will give good results for u.it Not only does solve your immediate problems, but also helps you to lead a more happy & successful life or ask any priest and put any yantra in ur house.

LAKSHMI NARASHIMHAN is the only god according to hindu texts, appeared immediately to save prahalada's words, without going through the normal birth cycle. so in times of extreme difficulties regarding to finance problems, you can offer warm, sweetened milk to him and chant this mantra. 'runa vimoshana mantra'. runa --means debt. vimohsana --means relief. this mantra is extremely powerful. but you should lead a very religious life to achieve this result. you have to have clean habits, should be a vegetarian. if u do this for six months devotedly, you can see the results if ur wishes are genuine and not against anybody with ill thoughts..i guarantee u.

another mantra that can save you from all miseries of life is 'mantra rajapatha sthothram' of lakshmi narashimhan. it means 'king of all mantras'. it was first putforthby lord siva himself,according to the puranas.

you can get these slokas from any hindu books selling shops like giri trading company. this company is having many branches in tamilnadu, mumbai,usa . you can order through their website. giritrading.com

lakshmi narashimhan is the only way for immediate results provided if the wishes are genuine. i was saved several times in my life by him during difficult perods.

if u have time and money, visit lakshmi narashimhan swamy temple at poovarasankuppam village,near villupuram taluk of tamilnadu state. this is situated some 150 kms from chennai.

the god here is extremely powerful. during the recent mahakumbabishek that held 2 years back, 100s of people saw the goddess lakshmi statue, turning her head towards narashimhan with a smile on her face, when holy scented water was poured on her. it was published on various leading religious books of tamilnadu. (kumudam.com/jothidam)
avoid asking boons from him. just be devoted, and follow a righteous path. he knows when to give and how to give and how much to be given.

in this age of kaliyuga, every one wants immediate results. and lakshmi narashimhan is the only way for this. but u should be ready to face the consequnces,if u proceed praying to him for favours on one hand, and doing things without conscience on the other hand. you will get immediate results if u worship him with real devotion. i am a example for that since i have received so many favours from him,immediately.

so get the 'runa vimoshana sthothram' for financial stability, and 'mantra rajapatha sthothram' for general purposeslike health, peaceful life, from book shops and start praying.

in fact adisankara was saved from dangers by narashimhan.hence adisankara has written a sloka called 'karavalambha sthothra' on narashimhan. this sloka is extremely powerful in times of danger to life,health problems.

normally all thse slokas will be availble in a single book with price range of rs. 15 to 20.

always buy a book with translation so u can understand the meaning of the slogams.normally every lakshminarashimhan slokas books will contain these mantras.

Aarogyam pradhadhaathu no dhinakaraha chandroyashov nirmalam Bhoothim bhoomisuthaha sudhaamshuthanayaha pragnyaam gururgairavam Kaanyaha komalavaagvilaasamathulam mandho mudham sarvadhaa Raahurbhaagubalam virodhashamanam kethuhu kulasyonnathim.

The sloka which is given above is "Navagraha Slokam." This has to be told 9 times and it will ward off any evil placement in your horoscope.

2.Salutations to the respected Shri Raghavendra Swamy,who treads always in the path of truth and righteousness, who is like the divine wish-full-filling tree(kalpavruksha) for one who worships him, who is like the divine wish-full-filling cow(kamadhenu) for one who bows to him.

puujyaaya raaghavendraaya satya dharma rataaya cha | bhajataam kalpa vrukshaaya namataaM kaama dhenave ||

3. namastulasi kalyaaNi namo vishhnupriye shubhe| namo moksha pradaayike devii namaH sarva sampatpradaayike||

I bow to auspicious Tulasi who is dear to Lord Vishnu, who brings good luck to devotees, who guides one to attain salvation, who showers all the wealth to the devotees.

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