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Mokshagundam is a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Situated in the Giddalur Taluk of Prakasam Dist. Nestled between two small hillocks, Mokshagundam lies 12 miles away from the Giddalur Railway Station and foisted of its own mini canyon and also its own water falls.

Why this Quaint surrounding name, Mokshagundam there is a small interesting behind this name in this village here are five little ponds, and also a small temple dedicated to lord Mokshagundam. This temple is Shiva believed to have been built around 1770 A.D.

It was widely believed that if one bathed in these five ponds (called “Gundalu in Telugu) one can achieve the ultimate salvation of moksha.

Hence the name Mokshagundam.Mokshagundam was a settlement of a few brahmin families of the Mulkanadu street.

Some of these families moved over to the kolar dist. of the erstwhile Mysore state in the eighteenth century.

Vidweswaraya belonged to one such family. Mokshagundam is not a large village but is mentioned here as the seat of native astrologers who calculate the native Panchangams (Calendars) in this part of the country. About a mile to the east of Village there is a Shiva temple on a small hill called Muktaswaram, where the annual festival is attended two or three thousand people.

Moksha – salvation and gundam = pool, or of salvation the village takes its name from a sacred pool near it bathing in which is believed to procure salvation to the bathers.

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