Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dashavatara Sangraha

Dashavatara Sangraha  comprises of 10 Shaligram Silas representing each of the incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu. This auspicious collection gives a very positive Aura to the place promoting peace, harmony, protection, auspiciousness and abundance in all spheres. Lord Vishnu incarnated in 10 different forms for great benefit of Mankind, to free humans from the various troubles, worries, harassments, corruption and sorrows and to show and teach the whole world the beautiful life to live and enjoy.
The various 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are:
1) Matsya Avatar: in which he incarnated himself as a fish to get back the VEDA book from the 2 powerful demons, Madhu and Katan. Later he handed the VEDA to Lord Brahma and after killing of 2 demons, he created UNIVERSE from their powerful bodies.
2) Kurma Avatar: Lord Vishnu helped the people to win over all the Asuras, by churning the ocean, with the help of Madranchal mountain.
3) Buddha Avatar: Buddha though born in the rich and kings family left his family for the search of truth and wisdom. He attained Enlightenment at a very young age.
4) Varaha Avatar: King Kashyap's son, Hiranyaksha, angry of staying in Pataallok and jealous of the people on Earth, worshipping Lord Vishnu, takes back the Earth to PATAAL LOK, i.e OCEAN. Seeing this, Lord Vishnu incarnates himself as a WILD BOAR, WARAHA and fights with Hiranyaksha and kills him and saves the Mother Earth and gets back the Mother Earth in the Universe.
5) Narshima Avatar: Being angry that his brother was killed, Hiranyakashyapua gets all powers granted to him by Lord Brahma. But misuses them to harass people on Earth. Prahlad, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu also was harassed. So Lord Vishnu incarnates himself as Narsimha ---Half Human body and Half Lion form to kill Asura and protects his devotee Prahlad.
6) Vaman Avatar: To protect God Mother, Aditi, Lord Vishnu became Vaman, Brahman Pandit, having all powers of Brahmaji and defeated all the Asuras. Lord Vishnu hands over PATAAL LOK to the Asura and takes the entire Universe from Asura Bali.
7) Parshuram Avatar: To save the society from the wickedness of the cruel King Arjun, Lord Vishnu incarnates as King Parshuram and kills him.
8) Shree Ram Avatar: Ravan, son of sage Rishab, was blessed by boon from Brahma that he can neither be defeated by man or any Demon. So Lord Vishnu incarnates as Shree Ram, kills Ravan, who kidnaps his wife, SITA, thus bringing an end to cruelty, wickedness, violence etc.
9) Krishna Avatar: Various powerful and huge demons were killed by Shree Krishna, to free mankind from cruelty. Later on, "Dwarkakund", was constructed, a beautiful city under the sea and handed to Vajkund. Krishna played Arjun's charioteer, prayed GITA and so Kauravs were defeated by Pandavas and got back the Kingdom of Hastinapur.
10) Kalki Avatar: A Time will come when people will be cruel, lose faith in religion, have diseases, law and order situation will be bad. That time, Devtas will go to Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu will incarnate himself as King Kalki, son of Vishnuyasaha in Sambhar village, with white horse in hand. For non believers of religions, he will perform Bahukanchan Yagya, will recreate golden age and then heaven.
Placement: North west corner of your house/business at a height of atleast 3 feet or above.

ashavatara Sangraha

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