Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ashta Saraswati Sadhna

In order to continue the good work initiated by Ashish till hee takes
over, I am giving the Ashta Saraswati Sadhana.

The bestower of wisdom, Saraswati is appeased even before Ganapati.
The reason is until she who is the creator of Sanskrit language sits
on your tongue, you cannot chant mantras of any other GOD. I myself
tried this. Those days I was fooling with Bagla mukhi and was
chanting jihvaam as jihvyaam keelaaya in the classic mantra without
checking very sure and conceited about my pronunciation. But after
chanting a few malas of ma saraswati I realized my mistake. And for
the very little I have done even on chanting 5 malas, my head was
filled with so much heat that it was unbearable. THis had never
happened before.-just a sign of success in the 5 mala I chanted that

Saraswati is the giver of all arts, all knowledge and the one who
will aid you in correct decision making, saraswati literally means sa
ras wati-the one who is filled with ras. And what is more precious in
life than ras? She is alos the bestower of mrital bliss.

Mahurat: Thursday or shukla paksha pnchami]
Time: early morning is preferable
Samagri: 8 laghu naariyal, maha saraswati yantra, sfatik mala
Clothes aasan and the cloth spread under the yantra—yellow
Direction: not mentioned—east or north
Ghee lamp to be lit during all sadhana period.

The worship place should be clean. Draw the swastik on a copper
plate. Establish the maha saraswati yantra on it after keeping some
rice on the plate. And surround it with 8 laghu naariyal worship the
8 naatiyals with white sandal, white flowers, dhoop, deep etc. if
anything is not available simply offer rice while visualizing you are
offereing the required samagi. There 8 naariyals are the 8 forms of

Lakshmi, megha, vara, shisti, gouri, tushti, prabha and mati.
Though it is not mentioned there I chant aum ayeim lashmyei namah etc
with the offering.

As is clear from the names lakshmi is the wealth, megha is well what
is megha in English? It is more like capability to perform, a
combination of a positive hypnotic power to impress and intelligence.

Vara is the bestower of boons, shishti is the the mangal mayta- the
all pervading auspiciousness-shisht-ta is dignity . gouiri—the
feminine power, prabha-brilliance tej, oj. Mati—the ability to
distinguish right from wrong. Pray for all 8 powers to be be
assimilated in your life. And chant the good old

Aum ayeim saraswatyei namah
5 mala if done as a day sadhana. But can be continued on a daily
basis with no loss. Leave the worship place with a prayer—kshamasva
parmeshwari-forgiveness for the mistakes committed.

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