Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vishnu Worships Shiva

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 12:16pm
There was a battle between Devas (Demigods )  and Danavas. Danavas had become very strong. Devas faced problems in battles with Danavas. They understood that they will have to grow stronger if they want to defeat Danavas. So they decided to seek the shelter of Bhagavan Shri Vishnu.

All the Devas went Vaikuntha the divine abode of Bhagavan Shri Vishnu – The Protector of all. They prayed Bhagavan Vishnu for help and protection. Danavas were great devotees of Bhagavan Shivji, so Bhagavan Vishnu decided that he must take blessings from Bhagavan Shivji. So he went to the mount Kailash, the divine abode of Bhagavan Shri Shivji. He created a Shiv Lingam from fire – Jyotirliga, and started worshipping it. This Shiv Linga is known as Harishwara ( God Of Shri Hari – Vishnu )  a He started to do tapasya and upasana for blessings of Bhagavan Shivji. He started worshipping this Shiv Linga with Shri Shiv Sahasra Naam ( One Thousand names of Bhagavan Shri Shivji). And with each name of Shivji he offered one lotus. Thus Bhagavan Vishnu offered one thousand lotuses every day with utter devotion.

Bhagavan Shivji was very happy with such great devotion, One day he decided to test Bhagavan Vishnu and one of the lotuses disappeared. When Bhagavan Vishnu offered 999 lotuses he found one lotus was less. Shri Vishnu was so much involved in his Puja that at once he offered  took out one of his eyes and offered Netra Kamal – lotus of his eye (Netra – eye, Kamal  - lotus). Shivji was very much touched by his this action. He appeared at once and gifted Sudarshan Chakra to Bhagavan Vishnu. He told him that this Chakra ( Discus Weapon ) will always be effective on all. After that Bhagavan Vishnu used Sudarshana-chakra for protection on all three Lokas (world) : Swarg (Heaven ), Prithvi ( Earth ) and Patal (beneath the ground ).

This event is described very well in great stotra created by Gandharva Pushpadant known as

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