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Message for the Construction of Samadhi Mandir

by Jai Sai Ram on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 2:50pm
Accepting dakshina by Baba commenced in the year 1907, with few pice (coppers). In the years 1912 - 1916, Baba used to get Rs.500 per day as dakshina. But Baba used to distribute this amount by evening to the needy and those who were dependent on him. Sathe established a society,"Dakshina Biksha Sanstha", in 1915, for the propagation of Sai leelas and miracles. This Sanstha gathered several matters relating to Baba and published them.

Baba’s Pilgrimage to Gaya
Kaka Saheb decided to perform the thread ceremony of his son at Nagpur. At the same time Nana Chandorkar’s eldest son’s marriage was fixed to be celebrated at Gwalior. Both came to Shirdi and invited Baba to attend the functions. Baba asked them to take Shama as his representative. But they insisted that Baba should come personally. He asked them to take Shama along with them and he would reach Gaya, before Shama finished his pilgrimage of Kashi and Prayag and reached Gaya.

Shama went to Nagpur as Baba’s representative for the thread ceremony of Kaka Saheb’s son. From there he went to Gwalior for the marriage of Nana Chandorkar’s eldest son. Afterwards he went on pilgrimage to Kashi and Ayodhya and from there reached Gaya in the third month. Having come to know that there was plague in Gaya, he feared. He stayed with a panda at Gaya. On seeing a big photo of Sai Baba in the panda’s house, he was surprised. He remembered Baba’s words that he would reach Gaya even before he reached the place and he shed tears out of joy on seeing Baba’s photo there. The panda told him that when he had gone to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan 12 years’ back a Sai devotee named Shama had given him the photo of Sai Baba. Shama recollected this and told the panda that he was the same Shama who had given him the photo. The panda was very much pleased to have him as his guest.

Sapatnekar and His Wife
Sapatnekar was a resident of Akalkot. When he was studying law, a co-student of his by name Shevade used to get low marks. Shevade told him that though he got low marks then, now he would get good marks and pass in the final examination with the blessings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. On hearing this, Sapatnekar made fun of Shevade as well as Sai Baba.

After 15 years, Sapatnekar’s only son died. He became disheartened and visited several holy places but could not get peace of mind. He finally came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. Baba did not allow him inside the mosque. He tried twice or thrice but every time Baba asked him to get out. He became helpless and went back home. After some time, Baba appeared in the dream of Sapatnekar’s wife . In the dream Sapatnekar’s wife was going with a pot on her head to fetch water. A fakir met her on the way and told her that he would fill the pot with water. Considering this as a good omen, Sapatnekar and his wife went to Shirdi immediately. After seeing Baba she told her husband that was the same fakir who had appeared in her dream. Because of her good behaviour and devotion, Baba called her and told her following in his usual style: "My stomach, waist, hands and legs are paining since several days. In spite of using several medicines, there is no relief. After coming here the pains have subsided." Even though Baba did not reveal the name, the story was about her she realised. Thinking this was the approporiate time,Sapatnekar worshipped Baba’s feet with folded hands. This time also Baba asked him to go out. Sapatnekar realised that this was the result of his insulting his friend Shevade and Baba. With repentance in him, he again fell at Baba’s feet. This time Baba blessed him with his hand put on his head and stroked it.

While Sapatnekar was pressing Baba’s feet, Baba narrated a story about a person and his sufferings - it was Sapatnekar’s story. Baba told the devotees who were by his side: "This man is blaming me for his son’s death. Will I kill other’s children? He is sitting on the lap of this mosque mother and weeping. I will put the boy who died, again in his wife’s womb." The he told Sapatnekar, "These feet of mine are very holy. They are also old. Your difficulties are over. You be calm and without any worry." Next day Baba took two rupees as dakshina from Sapatnekar.He gave a coconut to him and asked him to put it in the lap of his wife. He told him to be fearless and go back home. After a year , they were blessed with a son.

Somadeva Swamy
Somadeva Swamy from Haridwar was coming to Shirdi in the year 1912. From a distance he saw the flags on the mosque. A yogi (saint) who shows interest in the flags is interested only in name and fame and there is no need to visit such a yogi, so thought Somadeva Swamy and wanted to turn back without meeting Baba. But his co-passengers in the tonga persuaded him to visit Baba, having come all the way. They also told him that actually Baba was not interested in the exhibition of flags etc. Somadeva Swamy changed his mind and went for a darshan of Baba. As soon as he had darshan from a distance, all his prejudices vanished, his heart melt and eyes filled with tears of joy. His throat dried up. He was eager to dedicate his life to the service of Sai Baba. When Somadeva Swamy went into the mosque and tried to touch Baba’s feet, Baba said to him, "Let our pomp and show be with us. You go home. Do not come to the mosque. Why should you have the darshan of a yogi who is fond of flying flags on the mosque ? Don’t stay even for a minute." Somadeva Swamy understood that Baba was reflecting the thoughts he had at the beginning. He took the words of Baba as his blessings. Afterwards, he became a great Sai devotee.

Message for the Construction of Samadhi Mandir
Sreeman Baba Saheb Butty, a millionaire from Nagpur, was living in Shirdi along with his family in August 1913. He wanted to build a ‘Wada’ like Sathe and Dixit Wadas. Baba never talked about things he intended to do. But when the time and opportunity came he used to get things done tactfully.

One night when Butty and Shama were sleeping in Dixit Wada, Baba told them in their dream, to build a Wada for Sri Krishna temple. Shama unable to control his joy, wept. Butty, being a wealthy and competent person and above all this a faithful devotee of Baba, commenced the arrangements for building the temple. A plan was prepared by Shama with a big hall in the centre and rooms on all sides, with Lord Krishna’s idol to be placed in the hall. This model plan was shown to Baba and his approval obtained. Arrangements were made for the commencement of the temple construction, starting with the foundation ceremony.

Tendulkar’s Family
The Tendulkars lived in Bandra and all the members of the family were Sai devotees. Tendulkar’s son was studying hard to appear for medicine. But he was unable to concentrate on his studies and was fearing that he might not be able to get through in the examinations. The astrologers who examined his horoscope expressed their opinion that the planets were in adverse position in that year and it would be very difficult to pass the examinations. In such circumstances, Savithri Bai, wife of Tendulkar went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. She raised her son’s topic with Baba. He told her, "Ask him to keep faith in me and study carefully and not to get disheartened. Let me put aside the horoscopes and palmistry and keeping faith in me write the examinations. He will definitely pass the examinations." Tendulakar’s son kept complete faith in mother-like Baba and got through in the examinations. Baba’s words proved correct while astrology failed. From this we learn that Baba’s words are above all shastras. Any word coming from his mouth will happen without fail. There is no question of Baba’s words failing.

The above-mentioned boy’s father was Raghunath Rao Tendulkar. He was working in Bombay for a foreign company. Due to old age, he could not discharge his duties properly and thought of resigning. He was getting a salary of Rs.150 p.m. So, he would get a pension of Rs.75 p.m. He was fearing that with his meagre pension he would not be able to maintain his family. Baba appeared in Savitri Bai’s dream, asked whether a pension of Rs.100 would be sufficient. The management of the company decided to give him a pension of Rs.110 p.m. This happened because of Sai’s grace only.

Captain Hatey
Captain Hatey was a resident of Bikaner and a Sai devotee. One day Baba appeared in his dream and asked him whether he had forgotten him. Captain Hatey asked how a mother could forget her child, and how she could live forgetting the child. So saying he brought a bottlegourd from the garden, prepared curry with it and offered to Baba. Suddenly he woke up. After a few days, he gave Rs.12 to a friend who was going to Shirdi and requested him to get the curry prepared with the bottlegourd for Rs.2 and give Rs.10 to Baba as dakshina . His friend did as requested by Hatey. When he took the curry to Baba, he ate only the curry and forsook his meals that day. Knowing this, Captain Hatey, felt extremely happy.

On another occasion, Captain Hatey, desirous of worshipping the coin touched by Baba, sent one rupee through his friend to Shirdi. The friend gave the rupee coin to Baba without mentioning anything. Baba examined the coin turning it this side and that side. With the thumb of the right hand he played for some time by sending the coin up. Afterwards, he gave back the coin to Hatey’s friend with instructions to give it back to the owner along with udi , and also to inform him that Baba did not require anything from him. He further told him to inform the owner to keep cool and be happy. Captain Hatey started worshipping the coin daily.

Baba used to say to devotees that if their heart was like a mirror, he was the image in the mirror. He said several times that he depended on sincere and pious devotees only. What he required was the devotees’ love and affection and not wealth. Therefore, the devotees should sincerely repose their faith in Baba and not spend huge amounts of money in fulfilling their vows. They should offer their mind, intellect and thoughts to Baba and dedicate their life to him.

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