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The Birth Story of Lord Krishna

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 3:23pm

Once upon a time there was a king named Ugrasena in Mathura. Prince Kansha was his eldest son. Devaki was the cousin of Kansha. Kansha was the ambitious, sinner and proudy from his childhood, but he loved his cousin very much. In the marriage ceremony of Devaki and Vasudeva, Kansha was very happy. At the departure, suddenly, an incorporeal voice said, "O foolish Kansha!.. the eighth son of this girl Devaki will slay you. Told thus, that wicked and sinful fellow caught his cousin by hair, sword in hand, and proceeded to kill her.

The highly blessed Vasudeva pleaded with that hard hearted and shameless fellow of detestable deeds, trying to appease him, How can you slay your cousin, a women, on festive occasion of her wedding? This younger cousin of yours is a helpless girl and is like a daughter to you. Please leave this girl alive. After request of all family members he decided to send both Devaki and and Vasudeva to prison, and thought to kill their all children. Then he killed seven children of the couple as and when they were born. Now he was waiting for his real enemy.

But just the midnight when the eighth child was born, all the security guards in the prison got fainted and doors opened automatically.

 Then the Lord Vishnu appeared into the jail and advised Vasudeva to take the child across the river Yamuna to the other village Gokul and exchange with the daughter of Yashoda in Gokul, who was born on the same day and come back. Vasudeva decided to obey Lord Vishnu.

He picked up the newly born Krishna, the darkness of the night disappeared. At the same time there was a thunder in the sky and severe rainfall. While Vasudeva was carrying his son Krishna in the falling rain, Lord Sesa in the shape of serpent spread His hood over the head of Vasudeva so that he would not be hampered by the rainfall. Vasudeva came onto the bank of the Yamuna was roaring with waves and that the whole span was full of foam. still, in that furious feature, the river gave passage to Vasudeva to cross. In this way Vasudeva crossed the river Yamuna. He went to the house of Nanda in Gokula, where he saw that the cowherd men were fast asleep. He took this opportunity to silently enter his house, he exchanged his son with the newly born baby girl. After picking up the girl, he silently returned to the jail.

When he returned to the jail all the gates got closed which were open earlier. Then, on hearing the crying of a baby, the guards of the jail got wide awake. Hastily approaching Kansa, they now reported to Kansa of that particular child birth of Devaki, which he anxiously awaited. Kansa went to jail and snatched the baby girl from Devaki's hands and as he lifted her in the air, the baby girl slipped from his grip and flying off and the girl baby was seen in the form of a goddess with eight mighty arms equipped with weapons. She uttered the following words, "O foolish one; your destroyer has been born at some place or other, do not kill helpless children in vain." Having warned him the almighty disappeared. Highly amazed to hear the words uttered by Goddess, Kansa ordered to his soldiers to kill all the babies who were born during the last ten or fifteen days.

Kansa despatched, the teriable demoness Putana to kill babies who were born between ten or fifteen days. Putana was capable of coursing through the air and could go anywhere she pleased and could take any form she wanted. Reached to Gokul in the form of lovely women.

She disguised herself as a Gopika, a cowherdess, and entered Krishna's house and pray to Yasoda to see the baby once and wants to take the baby in her lap. Taking Sri krishna in her lap there that cruel women put into the Baby's mouth her dreadful breast be smeared with deadly poison. Squeezing it hard with both his hands, the Lord full of indignation forthwith sacked the poison alongwith her life.

After the death of Putana Kansa had understood, the son of Nanda in Gokul is not a normal baby. He continued his effort to kill the krishna and sent many demon but without success.

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