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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 5:37pm
There were two sisters in laws (Devrani-Jitani). The younger sister-in law (bahu) was very rich. She had everything large house, money, clothes, jewellery.

The elder sister in law was very poor. She did not, even had food for two square meals a day. To provide two meals a day to her husband and children, she with great difficulty could earn some money by working in the neighborhood houses.

Once, when the younger sister in law kept fasts in Navratre, she called the elder sister in law for helping her in house chores. Everyday she ate fruits and good food and gave only the left over to the elder sister in law. Which quitely she used to take home for her children.

She did not eat anything herself as she kept Deviji's fasts. On Ashtami the younger sister in law did Deviji's Chakura and next day fed young girls but didn't call her sister in laws children. Elder sister in law was very sad.

She finished all her chores and went to Deviji's temple and cried and prayed infront of Deviji. " Why they have to suffer so much?"Atleast she would be blessed by Deviji so that with her full devotion she be also be able to organize Deviji's bhandara.

On hearing her pleas a voice from the sky was heard. "O' priest put the garlants and flowers already offered to me by my daiety in this lady's lap ".

On hearing this she thought what a luck I have that even Deviji is giving me her discarded /offered flowers and garlants.

Poor lady kept quite and took with thanks,in her lap flowers and garlants from the priest .

The moment those flowers and garlants fell in her lap they converted into precious stones,Diamonds, Gold and silver.On seeing this she fell in Deviji's feet. Then she went home happily.

Next day she invited all her neighbours, relatives and friends for Deviji's Bhandara. She requested even her sister in law to come with family. On hearing about bhandara every body was surprised, one who was dying of hunger till yesterday is inviting everybody for Deviji's Bhandara. What could be the reason?

To see this, every body went to her house. They were all shocked to see the celebrations at her house. All the members of her family wearing good and clean clothes were busy in preparing the bhandara. After pooja everybody got prasad and food.

After eating prasad, the younger sister in law and her friends went straight to the King palace and complained that one who didn't have anything to eat or drink till yeaterday , how can have so much today that she is organising Deviji's excellent bhandara and is giving food to everybody. She must have stolen from some place.

On hearing their complaint's, King ordered his soldiers to bring the elder sister in law to his court.On kings order the soldiers brought the elder sister-in-law to Court.She kept on standing with folded hands.the younger Sister in law said-Look king, till yesterday she was in rags. Howcome she is acting proud wearing good clothes and ornaments today.

The King said-"O'lady how come your life has changed suddenly? From where did you get so much money that you celeberated devijis huge bhandara. Tell the truth. Have you been stealing?"

The elder bahu told the king about, what all happened ,that on her pleas as per devis gave order to priest to put in her lap ,garlands and flowers offered to deviji .and how they converted into precious stones, Diamonds, gold and silver. To express her gratitude for Devijis largeness, she organized Bhandara today.

On hearing her soft and truthfull words king started thinking how to find out who is lying.

Then the younger bahu shouted "Maharaj she is telling a lie. Till yesterday she used to earn her living by working in my house then Deviji did not give her anything then suddenly how come she got so much wealth in a single night. Please do justice and you snatch away all her money and ornaments."

To test the truth, King ordered that the jewellery of this lady should be taken off and be put in the lap of the lady who is complaining.

The moment the neclace was placed in the of younger sister in law, it converted into stale flower garland .On seeing this, the younger sister in law said "This is some magic tric, Maharaj".

On King's order the younger sister in law put it back into the lap of the elder sister in law, then they again became sparkling diamonds and precious stones.

Everybody was amazed.

On kings order, once again it was kept in the lap of younger sister in law and it again become a stale flower garland and again putting back in elder sister in laws lap become precious stones and jewellery.

After seeing this miracle everybody believed that it was due to the blessings of Deviji's.

Since then, on Kings orders the whole kingdom started worshipping of Deviji after every six months. 

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