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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 5:39pm
 It is said that once there was a poor Brahmin, because of his poor health he could not even collect alms. He used to lie in a small broken hut. His hut was behind Deviji's temple.

He prayed lying on his cot, to Deviji but to no avail. He could not get anything to eat or drink.

Once after fasts of Navratre with great effort he tried his best to bring prasad from Deviji's temple but he fell behind the temple. In his feeble voice he called for Deviji help.

At that time a voice came from Deviji's statue "devotees look behind my back some poor devotee is calling me ,bring him here".

Every body ran and from the back of temple brought the Brahmin and gave him prasad. After eating prasad he felt better.

He said "Deviji, Help me. I am very poor .I want to worshipping you and want to organise your Bhandara.

Deviji was pleased and said, "Take this tobadi. Whatever will be your wish this tobadi will grant you. Brahaman was delighted. Since then he started getting full meal

On Ashtami he invited all his neighbours and King's soldiers for Deviji bhandara. Every body was surprised that how can a poor man like him can organise a Bhandara. Next day to see this every body reached there.

The Brahmin kept the tobadi on a clean place and said - "Deviji ki tobadi laavan laddoo paan mithai" the moment he said this, everybodies plate was filled with food and delicious sweets.

People enjoyed the food but perplexed they went straight to the King and complained that by performing some magic trick he has fed all the people.

The King called the Brahmin and asked him to tell the truth. He told the king that Deviji has given him this tobadi and because of her blessings everybody got the food. Nobody believed him. King confiscated the tobadi from him and kept it with him.

Brahmin became very sad and prayed to Deviji and told her everything. This time Deviji gave him a stick and said that"This stick will help you also and will also bring back his sister tobadi." You again invite people for my Bhandara and feed them.

As per Deviji instruction he again invited everybody for bhandra. When everybody arrived, like earlier times with folded hands he said. "Deviji ki chari laavan laddoo paan mithai" said this, On hearing this the stick stood up and started beating everybody.

They all started shouting and starting running hither-dhither. Some people went to the King and complained.

On hearing all the commotion and complaint the King called for the Brahmin and asked him the reason for this.

Brahmin said, "Maharaj, this also is Deviji stick. She has given it to me. It recognises the liers, people who are jealous by nature and are bad it takes revenge from them. If you return his sister tobadi to me, then it will stop beating people."

On hearing this, the King immediately called for tobadi and gave it back to the Brahmin. The same moment stick stopped beating people.

Now the king believed the Brahmin. On seeing the result of devijis blessings king was delighted .He made an announced in his kingdom that with true heart all his subjects should pray deviji so that everybodies wish is fullfilled and they get happiness. From that day the tradition of worshipping every sixth month is being followed.

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