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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 5:41pm
 Once some people were crossing a dense forest. They got tired of walking and some of them sat down to rest and some slept. When they woke up it was time for sunset. Everybody got up hurriedly and during this commotion left behind a sleeping girl child. The child kept on sleeping for the whole night.

When she woke up in the morning there was nobody. She loiter around here and there and then sat down under the dense shade of Badh's tree. From here and there she plucked some fruits and flowers, ate them and then slept again. She was not scared there.

She played on the branches of the Badh's tree and took rest on its Stem. She considered that tree to be her friend. Like this, many years went by and she blossomed into a beautiful young girl.

One day a King came for hunting in the same Jungle. While he was loitering about he saw that girl. He was surprised to see a girl alone in the jungle and asked her "O'girl what are you doing alone in this jungle! Where are your parents? I want to talk to them and marry you and make you my queen." The girl said "If this is your wish then you can come back after seven day with marriage procession, my parent will marry me off." The King was happy.

The girl worshipped Durga Bhavaani with full trust and faith and prayed "that with her blessings she has grown up in this jungle, the same way she solicited her help and blessings for protecting her honour and make her wed to the King."

On the seventh day when the King reached with the marriage procession, he was delighted to see the arrangements. There was a huge palace with many servants who were busy in the marriage arrangements. The subjects of that kingdom, girls friends and servants, all dressed up were moving from here to there. With love and affection the King and Queen of the jungle married off their daughter to the king and send them off with love and respect. King was delighted. He loved his new queen very much.

After few days King told his new wife, that "he is missing his father and mother in law. I want to meet them". O'Queen lets go there. On hearing this the Queen got worried Once again like earlier times with true heart she worshipped Devi Bhavaani"O'Goddess Bhawani my honour is in your hands again. Please bless me and help me"

With this prayer she went to the same forest with the King. There was same hustel and bustel, pom & show and palace was there.

The Queen's parents were very happy to see them and took care of them with love and affection.

After two days the queen told the King "Now we should go back. It doesn't suit son in law to stay in his in laws house for long" The King agreed with his queen half-heartedly and next day he ventured towards his kingdom. Througout his journey he kept on praising and bragging about his in-laws.

Next day morning when the King was going to take bath, then he remembered that he left his towel at in-laws place. Immediately he rushed his two soldiers to fetch the towel. When they reached the forest they saw that it deserted they were astounded. The King's towel was hanging on the branch of Badh's tree. They took the towel to the king and told him everything.

The King was shocked and annoyed to hear all this, he took his sword and went to the queen's room and asked her "Tell me the truth are you a magician? By magic twice you cheated us by creating palace, kingdom, King and Queen servants. I will kill you." I will kill you now."

The queen with folded hands said " O king, I do not know any magic I am a badh girl because I always lived under badh's tree. When you expressed your desire to marry me, I with true heart prayed to Goddess Bhawani that she is my only family and she should keep my honours. With her powers everything was created in the forest. "I don't have any parent nor brother or sister. The only family I know of is Goddess Bhawani .The second time you expressed your desire to go back there again I worshipped Godess Bhawani and she kept my honours. Please believe me I am telling the truth.

On hearing this King was very happy that goddess has fulfilled all the wishes of queen .He issued a decree in his Kingdom that every body should worship Devi Bhavaani twice a year. Their desires will be fulfilled.

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