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'Chakras in the Human Body' by My Guru Sreekant Gopi (Jyothi nadam ji)

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 12:34pm
 Our Gratitude to Jyothi Nadam ji for sharing this message.

The importance of Oneness temple and about the Chakras in the human body.

In all the other 21 lokas any desire can be fulfilled just by a mere thought. Any thing you think will happen thus. For example: if you think of eating a masala dosa ....... A masala dosa would manifest in front of you. Such is the power of the desire.
There are 2 kinds of problems

* Actual problem* Created problem

Actual problem can be solved where as the created problem can never be solved. These problems carry some charge with them (positive charge or negative charge). The charge is the main criteria through which the problem can affect an individual.

If the charge of the problem is taken off then the problem can be solved. This discharging can be done in the Oneness Temple in front of the Golden ball. It will take only 3-7 minutes to discharge a problem. This discharging is the specialty of the golden ball and it is done automatically when you come in front of the golden ball.

Problem arises only due to the individual perception. For example: consider a situation which is a boon to person A and bane to person B. how can the same situation be a boon to one and bane to other. It is just because of the perception of the individual. And an individual perceives the situation that way because of the traumas and fundamental childhood decisions. If your perceptions can change the problems can be solved automatically. Once you step into the oneness temple the right way of perceiving the things will naturally come to you.

You just have to know the actual problem. The problem arises due to the way your chakras are functioning.


Within the spinal chord, lies the psychic energy centers called the chakras. A chakra is a psychic energy centre that controls all of our physical and mental functioning. Each chakra can also give us access to the spiritual dimensions of our being.

There are 7 main chakras that are located between the base of the spine and the top of the head.

Bottom 6 chakras regulate all of our human functions and experiences and the top seventh chakra, Sahasrara- lies at the crown of the head. It regulates our experience of the transcendental realms beyond normal human experience.

The following is the explanation of each chakra location, importance, consequences if a particular chakra vibrates fast and slow. The chakras must neither vibrate fast nor slow but there must be a balanced vibration for a human to be successful and happy.


Mooladhara is located in the pelvic region. When this chakra is slow then you will be a kind of stationary being, Non motivative, you just depend on you. When this chakra is fast then you will never believe in others, and will never try to listen to what the other person wants to say.


Swadhisthana is located at the tip of the spine. When this chakra is slow then you cannot experience anything though you have all the luxury. When this chakra is fast then always you will be in enjoyment. You will not have any goal.


Manipura is located behind the naval. When this chakra is slow then you will be fearful and, timid. When this chakra is fast then you will not fear for anyone, dominative type of character and you will give lot of pain to the other person.


Anahata is located in the centre of the chest. When this chakra is slow then though everyone around you will love you but you cannot take that love nor give the love. When this chakra is fast then you will have tremendous uncontrollable love which is not good. For example: consider a husband whose Anahata chakra is fast then out of tremendous love on his wife he will put her in the house and lock her with the fear of loosing her.


Vishudhi is located behind the throat pit. When this chakra is slow then you will be living a life without any question inside just like animals. That is you will eat well, work well and sleep and no other question. When this chakra is fast then you will get fundamental questions which do not have any meaning. You will be messed up in the questions like this throughout the life. And ultimately you will spoil your life.


Ajna chakra is located in the place where the two eye brows meet. When this chakra is slow then the person will be very confusing and untidy. When this chakra is fast then this kind of persons will lead a very very systematic life. And will not leave this systematic behavior even at the cost of the life.
All the six chakras must be in the balanced state for a human to be successful and happy. And this balancing of the six chakras can activate the seventh chakra, Sahasrara.


Sahasrara is the seat of enlightenment. It regulates our experience of the transcendental realms beyond normal human experience.
All these chakras will be balanced automatically the moment you step in the Oneness Temple. A neurobiological surgery will be done for your brain in Oneness temple.
For all the humans there are three fundamental things to be done in life.
* Earn a lot of wealth so that the poverty can be fought back.* Fulfill all your desires. Enjoy with what you have earned.* Contribute to the society. You have to help the fellow-being in any form.


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