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Universe In Human Body

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 5:36pm

Triloka ( World In Human Body

Recognizing the supreme state of the body only, can the sages and yogis achieve perfection and ultimately find an abode in Brahma Loka. Wherever Sat-Karmas (pious deeds) and Dharma (religion) are discussed necessarily this sutra is "YATA PINDE TAT BRAHMANDE, or YAT BRAHMANDE TAT PINDE". Both of them have similar and same meaning, that is what is known as Universe is our Body and what is known as body is universe. The description of this universe like body is thus
Beneath the feet   - Tala Loka
Above the feet   - Vitala Loka
 In the knee - Sutala Loka

In the godin, at genital suture

Mahatala Loka
At the base of the groin
Tatatala Loka
At the anal region

In the waist

Patal Loka

Thus, Starting from the feet these seven Lokas (worlds) exist upto the waist. Above the waist line in the body exist following seven lokas

Bhuloka In the navel
Bhuvah Loka In the abdomen
Swarloka In the heart
Maharloka In the throat
Jana Loka In the mouth
Tapa Loka In the brain
Satyen Loka In Brahma Randhra (Apicalpore)

Thus from the top of the skull to the bottom of the feet, this seven lokas (worlds) exist in the supreme state of the body.

In the triangular heart (Lotus) Meru Parvata
In the triangle below it Mandaranchal parvat
In the southern angle (right side of the body) Kailash Parvata
In the left angle (left side of body) Himachal Parvat
In the transverse line Nishadha Parvat
In this line savth right to it Gandhamedan Parvata
Thus, these seven Parvatas (or Mount) exist in this body.


In the bones Jambu Dweepa
In the marrow Shaka Dweepa
In the flesh Kusha Dweepa
In the nerves Kraunch Dweepa
In the skin Shalmali Dweepa
In the body hair Pluksha Dweepa
In the nails Pushkara Dweepa

In the urinary region Kara Sagar (Saline Sea)
In the milk Ksheer Sagar (Milk Sea)
In the mucus Sura Sagar (Wine Sea)
In the marrow Ghrita Sagar (Ghee Sea)
In the Semen Rusa Sagar (Semetic Sea)
In the Blood Dahi Sagar (Curd Sea)
In the throat Delicious Jala Sagar (Water Sea)

Thus the seven seas also exist in the body.

At just one finger below Bramharandhra - abode of the Sun. One more finger below it, in the Bindu Chakra - abode of the moon

In the eyes Abode of the mars
In the heart Abode of the mercury
In the navel Abode of the Jupiter
In the navel ball Abode of the Saturn
In the mouth Abode of Ketu

Thus, the eight planets exist in the human body. Hence it is mandatory that at the time of prayers or offering oblation etc. and performing other religious rites one must conjure up or imagine about this supreme appearance of the body. Those who recite mantras like Gayatri regularly while conjuring up this same supreme appearance of the body surely achieve salvation and find and abode in the Parama Vishnu Dama. Thus our body is a true replica of the vast, limitless Universe.
Our body is formed by the five elements. In the body, made up of five elements, floats the soul, very much like a lotus floating in Bramha Jala.Fragmenting into the constituent elements, visible body can be described thus:Five great elements: the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the ether (sky) constitute the body and cause it to exist. These five great elements take position in the body in the following way.

  • The earth composes the skin, the bones, nerves, body hair etc.
  • Saliva, Urine, Semen, Marrow and the Blood, These five are the properties of the water.
  • Contraction, running, biolation, expansion and motion are the five properties of the air.
  • Thirst, hunger, laziness, sleep and glow are the five properties of the fire.
  • Sound, worry, vacuum, attachment and doubt are the five properties of the ether (sky).
  • The mind, the intelligence, the knowledge and the ego are the various names given to the inner self. These are all cultured by the deeds of the previous birth.
  • The ear, the skin, the eyes, the tongue and the nose are the sense organs. The throat (Vocal cords), the limbs, the arms and the sex organs (penis & vagina) are the motor organs meant for performing specific work.
  • The directions, the air, the sun, Pracheta, AshwiniKUmar, Kahmi, Indra Upendra and Mitra are the gods who govern the sense and motor organs.
  • Ten nerves - Ira, Pingla and Sushumna, Gandhari, Gajajviha, Pusha, Yashaswini, Alambusha, Kuhu and Shankhimi are also present in the body.
  • Similarly Prana, Awana, Samana, Udana, Vyana, Naga, Kurma, Krikala, Devadatta and Dhananjaya are the ten airs.

PLACE OF THE AIR: In the heart exist Prana, in arms is Awana, in the navel is Samana, in the throat is Udana and spread all over the body exists Vyana air

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES CAUSED BY THE AIRThe Naga air causes vomiting, Kurma air causes opening of the eyes, Krikala air causes sneezing, Devadatta air causes yawning, while Dhananjaya air is Omni present i.e. present everywhere in the body. It stays put in body for some period even after the death.


The cereals eaten as food give strength to whole of the body. Vyana air carries the extract of the food in to the arteries. The air separates the eaten the food into two parts. When this food reaches the rectum, the eater and cereal present in it are separated. The water rises up in the digestive system. The freshly eaten food once again falls on this water. The Prana air (stimulates the digestive enzymes) This fire (enzymes) digests the food and converts it in to extract. Vyana air circulates this food extract all over the body, whereas the undigested Solid matter separates from the extract and in excreted.
There are twelve opening in the body through which the undigested part of the food can be excreted. These are : the ears, the nose, the eyes, and the tongue. The teeth, the navel, the nails, the anus, the private parts, the brain, the body and the body air.As in the reign of the sun all the life forms or organisms are busy in their respective tasks, Similarly in the reign of the soul all the air (Vayu) are busy in their respective jobs. There are about three and a half crore (thirty-five million) hair on the body. Number of the hand hair is seven lakhs. Apart from these there are twenty nails and thirty-two teeth in the body also.

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