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he festival of Teej is celebrates the onset of the monsoon in the month of Shravana - month of August. The day commemorates the event of Parvati leaving the home of her parents as a bride and Shiva coming to fetch her.

The word 'Teej' denotes the tritiya tithi. Three kinds of Teej are celebrated. These are the Haryali Teej, the Kajari Teej and the Hardtalika Teej. What distinguishes one Teej from another differs from area to area, but broadly, on Haryali Teej, the moon is prayed to, while on Kajri Teej there is a community pooja of neem and women gather to sing songs. The pooja is done with milk, curd and flowers. A three-day fast is kept for the Hartalika Teej, the more stringent fast being on the second day, when even water is not drunk.

The next day after Sindhaare is the festival of Teej,

On this happy festival, there is also tradition for ladies to give up three vices:Telling lies and bad behaviorIll mouthing somebody.Cheating their husband

Married women come to their parents' home to celebrate this festival. It is an occasion for them to sing, dance and make merry. Songs in praise of Parvati, whose devotion to her husband is exemplary, are popularly sung. Special swings are hung on tree branches, and the women, revelling in the transformed, verdant countryside, swing on them. They dress up as befits a married woman, adorning all the solashringara and apply mehndi on their hands , alta (red color) is put on their feet. They wear beautiful clothes, glass bangles and jewellary for Baya Mansena .This Baya is celebrated by married daughters in their parents house only

Baya is send by the parents of the girl to her in-laws or to her house which consist of :
              8 meethi(sweet) Madhari              8 Pooya              faini              Ghevar              Appropriate cash normally it is Rs.21/-

The Mansa wa Baya is taken by these married girls to their in-laws house along with one Teeyal of Udyapan
This they give to their mother in law. And all these things are in turn send by mother in law to her parents house.Technically the Nania Saas (husbands maternal grandma) gets the baya. The unmarried girls give their baya to any of the elders.

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