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" Shradha - Saburi pooja " in simple steps

by Jai Sai Ram on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 12:30pm
1. Light two lamps

Light 2 lamps infront of Shirdi saibaba statue in your house of photo. Lighting lamps ( diya or atleast 2 candles ) remembering shirdi sai is a great blessing.Please keep a big tray to light lamps so that you can be sure the lamps will glow without any danger even if you are busy with other works in house. The longer the lamps glow the better it is .Any day you wish to do holy bath for your shirdi saibaba statue with milk, water etc, you can do it before or after lighting lamps.Doing sacred holy bath for sai is required only for sai devotees who has this habit .For others just lighting 2 lamps itself is a blessing.

You can let the lamp glow atleast for 20 minutes everyday.Either in morning and evening or both the times. My request please don't put off the lamp on your own with flowers etc. Let the lamp be put off naturally after the ghee or oil gets over.sometimes even the wicks will burn which is good because in Sai's ways, i have learnt its like burning your past sins.Some shirdi sai devotees living abroad worry to light lamp and go to office.Dont worry, its ok even if the lamp glows just for 20 minutes when you are home either in morning or evening or you can do it even late night. Our shirdi sai accepts pure devotion without any rules...You can light any lamp like silver,bronze or the beautiful lamps made of mud.Please learn about value of lighting lamps at

2. Read the book Sai SatCharita - Life of shirdi sai baba

Reading shirdi sai's stories and leela will help us understand sai's affectionate heart and increases our faith. Its good if you read any One chapter you wish , if not atleast read one paragraph in any chapter .Click Sai satcharita to read online .The original Sai satcharita is written by Hamadpant in marathi and is translated in english by Zarine in the name "Sai Samartha Satcharita "

If you still don't have interest in reading sai satcharita everyday, you can read Ramayan or Bhagavat Gita or try to assimilate the stories and leela you remember which happened during shirdi sai babas life time. Even if thats not possible try to say 108 names of Shirdi Sai baba

3.Chanting shirdi sai's name

Chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai for 10 to 20 minutes

or any of your favourite chanting given below or mantra,sloka you like of any God or Goddess
"Aum Sai naathaaya namaha",
"Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai"

4.Offer Water to Sai

You can offer milk, fruits or any food to sai but this pooja has no strict conditions.Just offer water with love to sai. Water is considered as "Living being " .Hence in hinduisim the priest sprinks sacred water on our face to get Gods blessings.

5.Speak to shirdi sai baba in your mind

After finishing above prayers in about 20 minutes or longer based on your time availability, Speak to Baba from bottom of your heart about your needs and problems.Shirdi Saibaba resides in your heart .so in your mind express baba about your wishes, desires and problems. Ask him to bless you with what he thinks is good for you. If sai thinks your needs or desires will do good to you in future,you will surely get hints from him to take proper decision..

6. Two lamps you lit are two eyes of shirdi sai - Faith and patience :

Finally, lets remember the Two lamps you lit signifies the only 2 things sai expects from us....
Shradha ( faith ) and Saburi ( Patience )

Look at the first lamp and think in your own words the following thought as a way of expressing your " Faith "
Shirdi saibaba , please bless me with whole hearted devotion on you all life .I have whole hearted Faith on you and will hold on to your feets all life irrespective of any happenings.

Look at the  Second lamp and think in your own words the following thought as a way of expressing your " Patience
Shirdi Saibaba , please bless me to face life with total surrender in your feet and help me have patience untill you shower your rewards for my devotion. Say baba that "you know baba is blessing you everytime you do this pooja but baba acts as per the rules of your karma and Nature.So it will take sometime for shirdi sai to bless you with rewards.Pray sai whole heartedly to give you patience and hold on to Shirdi sai's feet .

Express that you are totally surrendering to him with body, mind and soul to Shirdi Sai and you are confident that someday surely sai will reward you with all peace and happiness in life protecting you and your family like a mother.
Thats it friends.... Your daily simple Pooja for Shirdi saibaba is over...Along with this pooja , do the regular pooja you used to do for God everyday.

This is a very simple pooja .Infact all you need is a shirdi sai photo or sai statue ,lamps ,wicks,water and whole hearted love and affection on shirdi saibaba.Please have a look at the photography i did this evening a beautiful full moon day and also a thursday on 25 :10:2007 to inspire all of you to light 2 lamps in front of shirdi saibaba statue or photo in your house, read few paragraph of sai satcharita , chant Sai's name for 10 minutes and whole heartedly expres sai that you have Shradha and Saburi on him.......Some day sai will bless you with peace and happiness in your .life friends.

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