Friday, 19 August 2011

Sankata Chaturthi

Man gets his life through his Mother's umbilical chord and hence that area is considered to be the life provider for human beings. According to Siddhas, the merger of true light and knowledge resulting from the Union of the lowest chakra or Muladhara chakra and the highest Sahasrara chakra manifests a child of true knowledge and divine intelligence near the umbilical area. This is Lord Ganesha and He is present in every human being.

Lord Ganesha is also referred to as 'Mudar Kadavul'. This literally means he is the 'First God' and given to understand that He is the one who gives a promising start to all ventures be it a new business, buying or selling residence or even opening a bank account. It is an unspoken truth in India that without Ganesha it is difficult to have a smooth start to ventures. He is worshipped widely across many religions and is the only God to have that status.

Lord Ganesha has special days every month where he destroys obstacles for his devotees and ensures their well being. This day is called 'Sankata Chaturthi' or 'Obstacle removing 4th waxing moon'. The energies on that day are conducive for elimination of evil eye and delays to ventures. As per vedic mythology, even the churning of the milky ocean by Devas and Asuras produced only a deadly poison as they forgot to worship Ganesha before they started to churn the ocean. It is said that without his blessings even Siva gets delayed.

According to our Astrologers, this Nov 16 is a special obstacle removing day as it falls on a 'Kari Naal' or 'Black day'. The 'Black Day' is a day for solemn thinking about accumulated karmas and their neutralization. These are karmas resulting from wrong deeds that were committed knowingly. Again this falling on a Sunday which is traditionally considered to be a great day for remedies makes it doubly special.

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