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Rudram & Chamakam - 4


Om Agnaavishhnuu sajoshhasemaa vardhantu vaam girah
Vaajashcha me prasavashcha me prayatishcha me
prasitishcha me dhiitishcha me kratushcha me
svarashcha me shlokashcha me shraavashcha me
shrutishcha me jyotishcha me suvashcha me
praanashcha me apaanashcha me vyaanashcha me
asushcha me chittam cha ma aadhiitam cha me
vaakcha me manashcha me chakshushcha me
shrotram cha me dakshashcha me balam cha ma ojashcha me
sahashcha ma aayushcha me jaraa cha ma aatmaa cha me
tanuushcha me sharma cha me varma cha me

angaani cha me asthaani cha me paruushhi cha me shariiraani cha me
Let God grant me food, permit me to eat the food, ensure purity of food and keen desire to
relish, digest and caust it to obtain.
Let me recite, chant Vedic mantras wth Specific intonation with pleasing and absorbing
voice with proper hearing, mental alacrity and bless me to reach the abode of Gods.
Cause the proper functioning of the three airs prana, Apana and Vyana and the mukhya
prana circulation and the secondary airs of udana and samana mental knowledge,
powerful speech and a perfect and harmonious mind, Keen vision and hearing,

healthy and active functioning of sense organs, highest intelligence (ojas) and the strength
and virility and vigour to crush the enemies, assured longevity and honourable old age;
and a sustainable egotism and a sound and well built body with full happiness ensuring
protection to all the limbs and well built body with full happiness ensuring protection
to all the limbs and well arranged bones and joints.

Ensure birth in esteemed and noble bodies for ever and in future.
These thirty six items are prayed in this Anuvaka for the body which is the cornerstone for
upholding Dharma.

Jyaishhthyam cha ma aadhipathyam cha me manyushcha me
bhaamashcha meamashcha meambhashcha me
jemaa cha me mahimaa cha me varimaa cha me
prathimaa cha me varshhmaa cha me draaghuyaa cha me
vriddham cha me vriddhishcha me satyam cha me
shraddhaa cha me jagachcha me dhanam cha me
vashashcha me tvishhishcha me kriidaa cha me
modashcha me jaatam cha me janishhyamaanam cha me
suuktam cha me sukritam cha me vittam cha me
vedyam cha me bhuutam cha me bhavishhyachcha me
sugam cha me supatham cha ma riddham cha ma riddhishcha me
kliptam cha me kliptishcha me matishcha me sumatishcha me

I implove for granting of these to me. Recognition as the most cherished senior and

eminent person overriding among men; combat resentment and control internal anger, and
the out ward manifestation of anger; and the indepth mind and general character, and
obtaining sweet waters; commanding and victory over enemies.
The wealth and fame derived by me, from these successes, longed and valued by others;
Increase of my worldly possessions, and my offsprings and perennial progeny to posterity

and superiority born out of knowledge and personality, conscious of truth always,
discipline and staunch belief in Vedas and scriptures in the days ahead
and enhancement in both movable and immovable assets and treasure in Gold and Silver

and in the special attractiveness and personal charm,
Feeling pride of body; and in the diversion towards sports and other games
and the pleasures accrued by such avocations all that I inherited through heritage
and for future acquisitions and proficiency in vedic mantras
and the auspiciousness derived due to the conduct of such sacred rites and rituals.
The wealth of past and future prosperity with great advanced strides
with excellent and harmonious resorts for my stay and recreation as diversion,
secured and well guarded path ways for my movements of coming and going,
assured increased spiritual benefits and merits during and after life
and all befitting sumptuous requirements to make my life journey most pleasing and

and the will and ability to put them for efficient use,
a perfect and balanced intellect
and wisdom and the dexterity to tackle difficult situation gloriously with tremendrous
These thirty eight things are requested in this Anuvaka

Shancha me mayashcha me priyam cha menukaamashcha me
kaamashcha me saumanasashcha me bhadram cha me
shreyashcha me vasyashcha me yashashcha me
bhagashcha me dravinam cha me yantaa cha me
dhartaa cha me kshemashcha me dhritishcha me
vishvam cha me mahashcha me samvichcha me
gyaatram cha me suushcha me prasuushcha me
siiram cha me layashcha ma ritam cha me
amritam cha meayakshmam cha meanaamayachcha me
jiivaatushcha me diirghaayutvam cha meanamitram cha me
abhayam cha me sugam cha me shayanam cha me
suushhaa cha me sudinam cha me

Let Lord Shiva grant us happiness in both worlds on (earth and heaven).

Let me be granted food, good reception, hospitality, milk, tasty sweet bountiful juices,
ghee, honey and blessed with participating at food, drinking with others company,

abundant agricultural activities, Sumptuous rains, Virgin cultivable fertile lands;
with lushy tall sky high green trees and foliage, flower beds, gold,
and costly and rare navaratna stones; blessed with great grand children
with a pleasant feeling of possession and oneness and complete security and protection,
with a well built and nourished and maintained body,

with teaming cereals, pillets, pulses profusely available and proliferating, ever on the
increase, devoid of hunger by consuming them perpetually with complete satisfaction,

always with growing paddy, barley black gram, gingilly seeds, green gram castor oil seeds, wheat and White
Bengal gram, with elongated bushy millets (small paddy) and fine Superior paddy and
excellent roots and all readily available grains in the Jungles.

All the above thirty eight desires are prayed for to be fulfilled in this Anuvaka.

Ashmaa cha me mrittikaa cha me girayashcha me
parvataashcha me sikataashcha me vanaspatayashcha me
hiranyam cha me ayashcha me siisam cha me
trapushcha me shyaamam cha me loham cha me
agnishcha ma aapashcha me viirudhashcha ma oshhadhayashcha me
krishhtapachyam cha me akrishhtapachyam cha me graamyaashcha me pashava
aaranyaashcha yagyena kalpantaam
vittam cha me vittishcha me bhuutam cha me bhuutishcha me
vasu cha me vasatishcha me karma cha me
shaktishcha me arthashcha ma emashcha ma itishcha me gatishcha me

Let Lord grant me stone, earth spectrum of mountain ranges, basins of river
waters,hillocks, sands, Medicinal herbs, tall and fruit bearing trees, gold, silver, lead, tin,
steel, bronze and copper.

e blessed with fire, water, creepers, fine foliage ever lasting green vegetation, cultivable

products, and stray growth millets, and sacrificial animals wild and domestic,
wealth ancestral and acquired, progeny and property under acquisition,
all worldly benefits, and accompanying advantages, hard earned income and valued
belongings minor and major, cosy and comfortable dwellings and abodes to my progeny
and the capability to perform sacred rituals and sacrificial rites such as yajnas perfectly

and very successfully and enjoying the fruits thereof,
assuring harmony, happiness and prosperity achieving my desired objects
and finally attaining the goal of liberation.

Thirty one specific desires are prayed to be fulfilled in this fifth Anuvaka.

Agnishcha ma indrashcha me somashcha ma indrashcha me
savitaa cha ma indrashcha me sarasvatii cha ma indrashcha me
puushhaa cha ma indrashcha me brihaspatishcha ma indrashcha me mitrashcha ma
indrashcha me varunashcha ma indrashcha me
tvashhtaa cha ma indrashcha me dhaataa cha ma indrashcha me
vishhnushcha ma indrashcha meashvinau cha ma indrashcha me
marutashcha ma indrashcha me vishve cha me devaa indrashcha me
prithivii cha ma indrashcha meantariiksham cha ma indrashcha me
dyaushcha ma indrashcha me dishashcha ma indrashcha me
muurdhaa cha ma indrashcha me prajaapatishcha ma indrashcha me

This Anuvaka is titled as ‘Arthendram’ because all Gods are clubbed with Indra.
Indra is the God of Gods, and he gets a share of all sacrificial offerings along with every

Thus a bigger share is offered to Indra, the Antaryami.
Thus twenty five Gods are invoked along with Indra to grant us benevolence:

Agni, Indra, Soma and Indra; Sivata and Indra; Saraswati and Indra; Pusa and Indra;
Bruhaspati and Indra; Mitra and Indra; Varuna and Indra; Tvasta and Indra; Vishnu and
Indra; The two Aswins and Indra; The Maruts and Indra; The Visve devas and Indra; the
earth and Indra; the intervening space in between celestial earth and Indra; the four sides
(Disas) and the space above Indra and prajapati and Indra.

Ashushcha me rashmishcha meadaabhyashcha me
adhipatishcha ma upaashushcha me
antaryaamashcha ma aindravaayashcha me
maitraavarunashcha ma aashvinashcha me
pratipasthaanashcha me shukrashcha me
manthii cha ma aagrayanashcha me
vaishvadevashcha me dhruvashcha me
vaishvaanarashcha ma ritugraahaashcha me
atigraahyaashcha ma aindraagnashcha me
vaishvadevaashcha me marutvatiiyaashcha me
maahendrashcha ma aadityashcha me
saavitrashcha me saarasvatashcha me
paushhnashcha me paatniivatashcha me haariyojanashcha me

Let the vessels used in the sacred soma sacrifice be granted to us

They are the Amsu, the Rasmi, the Adhabya; Adhipati (for curds), the Upamsu (for Soma
Juice) the Antaryama, the vessels for Mitra, Varuna, the twin Aswins, the pratiprastana,
the Sukra, the Manthi, the Agramana, the Vaisvadeva, the Dhruva, the Vaisvanara, the
Rtugrahas, the Atigrahas, Indra and Agni, for the Visvedas, for Maruts, the supreme Indra,

Aditya, Savita, Saraswati, Pusa, Patnivata and the Hariyojanas.

Idhmashcha me barhishcha me vedishcha me
dhishhniyaashcha me sruchashcha me chamasaashcha me
graavaanashcha me svaravashcha ma uparavaashcha me
Adhishhavane cha me dronakalashashcha me vaayavyaani cha me puutabhrichcha
me aadhavaniiyashcha ma aagniidhram cha me
havirdhaanam cha me grihaashcha me
sadashcha me purodaashaashcha me
pachataashcha me avabhrithashcha me svagaakaarashcha me

May God blesses me with all the external Sacrificial practices to perform the sacrifices.

Such as sacred samidhaas (holy sticks), darbha (dried grass on the river banks), the
vedica the flat form (Homa Kunda) to perform the Yagna, the money (Dakshina) and the
raised seat for the Hotha, the vessels for Homams, the wooden vessel for keeping the soma
juice an dthe instrument to prepare the juice, wooden knives and the four Homa gundams
(the pits for offering the Homa) dravya, wood from fig trees, the vessel made of banyan
tree in which the crushed juice is stored, and the mud pots, and the lighting place of fires;
the raised elevated place for keeping the Havis and the wives of the priests and the high raised seating place for the udhghata who chants the mantras and to keep the rice and cooked offering in the sacrificial Homa fire and for the auspicious bath at the end of the Homa ritual and for invoking Gods in the Sacrificial fire by mantras.

Agnishcha me dharmashcha mearkashcha me
suuryashcha me praanashcha meashvamedhashcha me
prithivii cha meditishcha me ditishcha me
dyaushcha me shakkvariirangulayo dishashcha me
yagyena kalpantaam rikcha me saama cha me stomashcha me
yajushcha me diikshaa cha me tapashcha ma ritushcha me
vratam cha me ahoraatrayorvrishhtyaa brihadrathantare cha me
yagyena kalpetaamh

Let Lord grant me the sacrificial fire, the pravarga for performing soma yaga, the Arka,
Suurya and praana Homa and the horse Sacrifice and the deities earth Aditi, Dhiti,
heaven, the pointing finger of the holy sacrifices, and all the requisite necessities for the
performance of the holy sacrifices, and the powerful mantras in the veda i.e, Rig veda,
Sama Veda, Stoma Mantras in Adharvana veda and yajur veda, the Diiksha to perform the
ritual and the necessary time to conduct the Homa, the vrata, the oaths, the disciplines
codified and sumptuous constant rains day in and day out with the two i.e, Bruhat and
Ritantara hymns for the successful efficacious sacrifices.

Garbhaashcha me vatsaashcha me travishcha me
travii cha me dityavaath cha me dityauhii cha me
pajnchaavishcha me pajnchaavii cha me trivatsashcha me
trivatsaa cha me turyavaath cha me turyauhii cha me
pashhthavaath cha me pashhthauhii cha ma ukshaa cha me

vashaa cha ma rishhabhashcha me vehashcha me anadvaajncha me
dhenushcha ma aayuryagyena kalpataam praano yagyena kalpataamapaano yagyena
kalpataam vyaano yagyena kalpataam chakshuryagyena kalpataam shrotram
yagyena kalpataam mano yagyena kalpataam vaagyagyena kalpataam aatmaa
yagyena kalpataam yagyo yagyena kalpataamh

Let me be granted the protection of calves in the wombs of the cows new born and one half
year old male and female off springs, and two year male and female calves, two and half
year old male and female calves and also three years calves males and females and four
years calves male and female and five years calves male and female, the majestic breeding
bulls, the virgin cows and the non conceived cows, the newly delivered ones the luggage
pullers and all these are made efficious to be very useful for multipurpose and be granted
long life full of sacrifices with praana, Apaana, Vyaana airs, the eye and ear with

sacrifices of the ming, speech, the Ego ‘I’ along with sacrifices with perfection in the
truest term.
This tenth Anuvaka consists of thirty one specific desires to be granted as ultimate ones.

Ekaa cha me tisrashcha me pajncha cha me
sapta cha me nava cha ma ekadasha cha me
trayodasha cha me pamchadasha cha me saptadasha cha me
navadasha cha ma eka vishatishcha me trayovishatishcha me
pamchavishatishcha me saptavishatishcha me navavishatishcha ma
ekatrishachcha me trayastrishachcha me chatasrashcha me
ashhtau cha me dvaadasha cha me shhodasha cha me

vishatishcha me chaturvishatishcha meashhtaavishatishcha me
vaatrishachcha me shhattrishachcha me chatvarishachcha me
chatushchatvaarishachcha meashhtaachatvaarishachcha me
vaajashcha prasavashchaapijashcha kratushcha suvashcha muurdhaa cha
vyashniyashcha antyaayanashcha antyashcha bhauvanashcha

Let me be granted the uneven number one, three, five, seven, Nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, Nineteen, twentyo ne, twenty three, twenty five, twenty seven, twenty Nine, and thirty one, thirty three, and even numbers four, eight, twelve, and sixteen, twenty, and twenty four, twenty eight,

thirty two thirty six, and forty and forty four, forty eight
to ensure food and its production, its continuity,
and the urge to enjoy, the origin of all productions, the sun, the heaven, the head of all, the
the all-pervading like the sky, time and the like present at the end of total consummation
exists at the end of it on the earth as universal form,
the Antaryami the immortal, the inner ruler of every thing, the omni present and omni

Chamakam Shanti patha

Idaa devahuurmanuryagyaniirbrihaspatirukthaamadaani shasishhadvishvedevaah
suuktavaachah prithiviimaatarmaa maa hisiirmadhu manishhye madhu janishhye

vakshyaami madhu vadishhyaami madhumatiim devebhyo vaachamudyaasa
shushruushhenyaam manushhyebhyastam maa devaa avantu shobhaayai

The Divine Gods are imploved through the mantras of Kamadhenu.
Manu does the Sacrifices, Bruhaspati recites the pleasant mantras.
Let these praises of Visva devas and mother earth save me from sufferance.
Let my pleasant thoughts bring forth pleasant actions and the resultant enjoyable fruits.
Let my Joyous offerings bear fine and worthy speech and my words pleaseth the divinity,
make men lend their ears to gladden and Gods enlighten me and invoke my speech very
powerful and my fore fathers feel excellently glad over it and bless me to perpetuate it.
Om shaantih shaantih shaantih

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