Friday, 19 August 2011

Pushpak : Earliest airplane ; Floating Bridge - Ram Setu : Engineering Wonder....

DID ANCIENT INDIA GIVE THE WORLD ITS LANGUAGE ? English is the most spoken language in this world. Have a look at what Sanskrit (which evolved much earlier) has given to it -

Pitar = Father ; Matar = Mother; Sapta = Seven ; Dasan = Decimal or Ten ; Damas = Domicile ; Dwaar = Door ; Bhraata = Brother ; Tri Kona Miti = Trignometry; Trayas = Three; Nava = Nine ; Patha = Path ; Sarpa = Serpent ; Gow = Cow Mooshak = Mouse ; Danta = Dental ; Taru = Tree; Unapexishta = Unexpected; Hard-Hriday = Heart ; Nabh = navel ; Agni = Ignite ; Hantar (killer) = Hunter ; Naas,Nasika = Nose (nasal) ; Nisha = Night ; Vahan = Vehicle; Pratham = Proto (first) ; Hasta = Hand ; Anu = Atom ; Sant = Saint ; Kroora = Cruel ; Janan (generate) ; Loka (place) = Location
 ; Daman = Dominate ; Mia (Me) ; Mana = Mind ; Duhita = Daughter ; Swedia = Sweat ; Daughter ; Kedar = Cedar (tree) ; Widhur = Widow ; Nau = Boat , Navy; Vid=know, Vidya=knowledge; Veda=knowledge based scriptures !The list goes on !

Also : Interesting to note that Dashamlav is decimal and anu bumb is atom bomb : Dhanush was a launcher for fire dropping arrows like our missiles today. Much before the airplane was Pushpak Vimaan in which Ravaana abducted Sita. Probably earliest fighter plane fights known also as dog fights in air was Garuda and Raavana. Much before Satellite TV and Barkha Dutt's Kargil coverage Sanjay from Mahabharata reported live from battle field to Dhristrashtra and became the EYE (CALL IT TELECAST). Instances are replete in our scriptures where various body parts were restored by skilful surgery. Much before planned city of Le Corbessiur - Chandigarh was Mohan Jodaro. Did I hear some one say AAKASH VAANI in our scriptures ? Sounds like our wireless of today. WWF - Mall Yudh - some connection ? Some one said floating Cement for building Bridges ? Neel the great engineer from Ramayan pulled off an engineering coup of sorts in constructing the floating cement bridge to Lanka. Could Ravaana replicating himself many times despite being felled by Lord Rama be a case of cloning ?

One can go on and on about past glory of our is indeed so rich. We can keep reveling in it.However should we rest on past laurels ? While it is true that we brought in decimal for complicated and exact calculations but it is true as well that it was someone else who capitalized on it to calculate distance to celestic bodies and reach the moon first.

We all should pause and think - where and why did all the advancement in various fields including science and technology get lost to posterity. We should have grown from strength to strength but was it a case of PARADISE LOST ? If we agree then we all must pledge that we will all work towards ensuring a  - PARADISE REGAINED .

Proud to be an Indian

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