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Naarad Jee Visits Vaalmeeki Jee

Once Naarad Jee visited Rishi Vaalmeeki Jee. Vaalmeeki Jee asked Naarad Jee - "Who is the most virtuous, brave, follower of Dharm and obliged feeling person today? Who is the good-looking, courageous, brilliant and non-jealous person? Who is that who keeps his promises and does not seek fault in others, and even Devtaa are scared of him?" (see Vaalmeeki's Hero) Naarad Jee got very happy to hear these words, he said affectionately - "Hey Vaalmeeki Jee, Although all these qualities are very difficult to get in one person, let alone human being, they are not even in one Devtaa, still there is a man who has these qualities. He is known as Raam in Ikshwaaky Vansh in this world. He has all the qualities which you can think of. He protects people like Brahmaa, He is brave like Vishnu, He is beautiful like Moon, His anger is like Pralaya fire, He sacrifices like Kuber, He is expert in Dhanur Ved. He knows all the scriptures. In valor Raam is comparable to Lord Vishnu. Raam is the eldest and the dearest son of the King Dasharath and that is why Dasharath has decided to coronate Him as a Crown Prince for the welfare of he country.
But seeing this one of Dasharath's queens Kaikeyee asks her two boons, once accorded to her, from Dasharath - one is to exile Raam, and second to give kingdom to her own son Bharat. Thus Raam goes to forest to honor His father words. Seetaa, the daughter of Raajaa Janak and the daughter-in-law of Dasharath, and Lakshman follow Him. Even people of Ayodhyaa and Dasharath also follow Him for some distance.
He reaches Shringverpur, Guh Nishaad receives Him, Raam leaves His chariot, and crosses Gangaa River in Nishaad's boat. They come to Bharadwaaj Muni, then they come to Chitrakoot and live there for some time. Dasharath dies in grief of his son. Vashishth Jee tries to crown Bharat the King, but Bharat goes to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa, but fails. He comes back with Raam's shoes only. He stays outside the capital Ayodhyaa, in Nandee Graam and takes care of the kingdom from there.
Raam moves to Dandak Van. He kills Viraadh Raakshas, meets Sharbhang Rishi, Muni Suteekshn, Muni Agastya and his brother. Agastya Muni gives Raam a bow of Indra given to him by Indra,  sword and two quivers which were ever replenishing. Sharbhang and other Rishi ask Him to eliminate Asur (Raakshas), and Raam vows to eliminate them. While living in Janasthaan, Lakshman disfigures Shoorpankhaa who lived in Janasthaan. After that Raam eliminates 14 Raakshas who were sent by Shoorpankhaa. Then He kills Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa named Raakshas with their 14,000 Raakshas army. Raavan asks Maareech's help but he repeatedly says - "He is invincible, because He could not be defeated even by your 14,000 Raakshas." But Raavan doesn't listen to him, and takes him near the hut of Raam. Maareech distracts Raam and Lakshman, and Raavan steals Seetaa, almost killing Jataayu who came to rescue Seetaa.
Raam is very sad, He cremates Jataayu the eagle after hearing the news of Seetaa, that She has been stolen. Raam meets Kabandh, he sends Him to see Shabaree. Raam cremates Kabandh also and come to Shabaree. Then He meets Hanumaan and extends friendship with Sugreev. Sugreev tells Him his story and Raam promises him to kill Baali, regain his kingdom and wife. Sugreev is doubtful of Raam's prowess so he shows Him the remains of Dundubhi, which is like small mountain, and Raam throws it 10 Yojan far only with the tip of His big toe. Raam goes to Kishkindhaa with Sugreev, Sugreev comes out after pacifying Taaraa who tried to stop him to fight with Sugreev; He kills Baali, Sugreev's brother, regains Sugreev's kingdom.
Sugreev gathers all monkeys to search for Seetaa. Hanumaan goes to South. While sitting on the seashore they meet Sampaati and upon his guidance Hanumaan leaps to Lankaa. He finds Seetaa in Lankaa sitting in Ashok Van, kills five army chiefs and seven sons of ministers and one Raakshas Akshaya Kumaar but is caught by Indrajit. Although he knew to come out of the weapon of Indrajit [Brahmaastra] but he respects Brahmaa Jee that is why he allows himself to be caught]. After an audience with Raavan, he burns Lankaa and comes back to Raam.
Raam dries the sea with His arrow that Sea comes to Him and suggests Him to ask Nal to build a bridge on the sea. Raam goes to Lankaa, kills Raavan, and brings back Seetaa with Him. He says some harsh words to Seetaa and unbearable to hear them Seetaa enters Agni to prove Herself clean and pure. He coronates Vibheeshan as the King of Lankaa and comes back to Ayodhyaa in Pushpak Vimaan. He sends Hanumaan to Bharat to inform him about His coming. When Raam will be enthroned as the king of Ayodhyaa, this world will highly rejoice. After performing hundreds of Ashwamedh Yagya, He will proceed to His aboe. He will rule for 11,000 years and then will go to Brahm Lok." Thus Naarad Jee gave a gist of Raam's life to Vaalmeeki Jee.
Whoever willead or listen to this holy Kathaa will enjoy life with his sons, grandsons and servants as long as he is in this mortal world and then will live in Heaven.

Sarg 2-Vaalmeeki Jee Creates First Poetry, Brahmaa Jee Visits Vaalmeeki Jee

After telling this to Vaalmeeki Jee Naarad Jee went away. One day Vaalmeeki Jee went to the banks of Tamasaa River, which was not far from Gangaa River, with his disciples. Seeing a clean place there, he expressed his desire to take bath. His disciple Muni Bharadwaaj brought his clothes. Vaalmeeki Jee was just looking around, that he saw a Kraunch bird couple which was singing happily and was engaged in love act.

The then a bird-hunter shot an arrow at one of them, and the male bird fell down dead. The female bird started crying in separation of her husband. Muni got moved to see this and a couplet came out of his mouth -

Maanishaad Pratishthaan Twamgamah Shaashwateeh Samaah
Yatkonch Mithunaat ek Mavadheeh Kaam Mohitaam

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