Friday, 19 August 2011

Lord Krishna

Radha waiting for lord Krishna

Radha, daughter of Vrishabhanu, was Krishna 's lover during that period of his life when he lived among the cowherds of Vrindavan. Since childhood they were close to each other - they played, they danced, they fought, they grew up together and wanted to be together forever, but the world pulled them apart.

Radha, the milkmaid, was given in marriage to Rayana. But her heart belonged to Krishna , the divine cowherd of Gokul. On moonlit nights, beckoned by the music of his flute, she would leave her house, risk infamy, ignore danger, and go to the banks of Yamuna to be by Krishna 's side. Together they would dance and sing in the flowery meadows of Madhuvana.

But alas, a time came when Krishna had to leave Madhuvana and go to Mathura to fulfil his destiny as guardian of earth. As he rode away, Krishna gave up his flute, for without Radha his music lacked the flavour of love.Krishna,it is said, conceived the cosmos inspired by Radha's beauty. Though united in heaven, Krishna and Radha were forever apart on earth, their longing transforming into man's insatiable desire. The constant desire to become one with the Divine.

He departed to safeguard the virtues of truth, and she waited for him. He vanquished his enemies, became the king, and came to be worshipped as a lord of the universe. She waited for him.

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