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Kayastha Sanskar - Marriage Sanskar

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 3:27pm
Marriage Sanskar
Marriage is considered as one of the most important sanskars and is itself considered as a ‘yagna’ without which a person cannot get fulfillment in ‘dharma’ or right conduct ; ‘Artha’ or financial condition ; ‘Karma’ or sexual fulfillment and ‘Moksha’ or final salvation. Marriage is only means through which one can pay one’s ‘Pitri-rina ( debts of parents) by giving birth of children and bringing them up. Marriage is considered not only for sexual satisfaction but more importantly for progeny, for promoting higher human values of self control and self sacrifice, for proper development of personality and for preventing corruption in personal life.

Our ‘Dharma-shastras’ also prescribe various qualifications and disqualifications for bride and bridegroom as given below-

Qualifications of bride :

Good looking, balanced body, soft speech, freedom from physical defects, sweet and sober name, virginity, competent to be mother, should be younger then the bridge groom & should belong to be good family.

Disqualification of bride :

A girl having brown hair, excessive body parts excessive hair on the body, yellow eyes & suffering from diseases is not considered auspicious. A female having hard voice , speaking in insulting tone, with disproportionate or defective limbs, excessively tall or short should be avoided.

According to many “A female having her name similar to a tree, mountain, river, constellation, bird, snake or servant or having a ferocious name should not be chosen for marriage”.


The relevance & importance of above feature have changed with time. Moreover the considerations of ‘Desha’ (country) ‘Kaala’ (time) and ‘Patra (the individual) will also decide what is good or bad at a particular time & place.

Qualifications of bridegroom :

Bachelor, has completed educations with Upnayana & Samavarthana sanskar performed of marriageable age, intelligent, wealthy, handsome & of good character. He should be potent belong to a good family.


A boy belonging to same gotra, to a different caste should be avoided. One who is weak, impotent, suffering from epilepsy, paringsis, leprosy, weak eyesight, impaired hearing is not considered good. According to ‘Vashistha’ A person living very near or very far excessively weak or excessively strong, mentally retarded, very old, ugly looking, with a big belly and not having any source of income should not be chosen for marriage.

Muhurta for marriage :

The choice of proper time for marriage is complex process. Here it is discussed in five stages-

Stage1: Ten malefic combinations to be avoided in marriage.

Stage2: Other ‘Doshas’ or malefic combinations which should be avoided as for as possible.

Stage3: Months, Days, Nakshatras, Tithes, Lagnas and Lagnasuddhi for marriage.

Stage4: Tribala Suddhi or ensuring the transit stregth of Sun, Arun & Jupiter.

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