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God is light ! Sai is light ! Lighting lamps will bring you the blessings of God - Venkat Raman

by Jai Sai Ram on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 1:52pm
Value of Lighting lamps :

Lighting lamps has always been shirdi saibabas most important activity while he lived. Baba used to light lamps in Dwarakamai and my Guru has said Laxmibhai has helped sai to light these lamp somedays. When few shop keepers of shirdi gave problems to sai and din't gave him oil to light lamps, Baba used water in the tin pot and poured in the lamps. To the surprise of everyone , the lamps glow beautifully .By grace of sai the lamps were lit just by using water.
We must understand a beautiful thing about this incident. Sai is a saint with Astama siddhi. Siddhi is a holy power to gain anything and everything one needs.A saint who gained Astama siddhi can alone command nature but these days people get cheated by false saints who just act as if they have powers.

Any pure saint who has gained the state of "Astama siddhi " will never misuse it .I mean, they won't use it unnecessarily . They follow the law of God and Nature. The 18 sidhars also sometimes has used their astama siddhi beyond the law of nature but its for the welfare of human race. Simililarly our shirdi saibaba with his powers made the lamps to glow just with the water.

Why should baba do this little miracle :

We all praise sai only when he uses his powers to bless us with materialistic benefits like curing diseases, getting us a job , blessing us for a good relationship and earning money. But we forget to understand why baba did this miracle of "Lighting lamps with water".

Is it to prove shirdi people that he has such powers and surprise them for one single days pleasure ?
Is it because he wants to teach a lesson to the shop keepers who denied to sell oil to him ?
Is it because he wants to do such magic and convince devotees that this shirdi sai is capable of everything ? Not at all.

Theres a reason in every single incident in the life of shirdi saibaba :

Sai has lived every single second in his life time to teach something indirectly to his millions of future devotees. Sai never gave direct upadesh.Sometimes he used to say tales to correct a devotee, sometimes he create incidents purposely to convey a good message for welfare of his devotees. Sai never directly said "You all go and light lamps." .He lived and showed others how much he loves to light lamps. Its for us to understand from his stories and life.

Light lamps to bring peace and prosperity :

Saibaba lit lamps beautifully in dwarakamai for the welfare of his devotees. My Guru used to say that shirdi saibaba lit lamps to wash away past bad karma of his devotees, drive away the evil spirits and bring us Gods blessings  Now that sai is in samadhi state it is our responsibility to light lamps ourselves for the welfare of our friends and family .

I have requested hundreds of girls, aunts and few guys i met in Saibaba temple in my town from 2005 till date to light lamps regularly.Some listen to me and few don't .some atleast light a candle. I love spreading the message of lighting lamps. I hope you take this website offered as a gift under sais feet especially to spread the message of lighting lamps as an inspiration and a request from our sweet shirdi saibaba himself to start to light lamps regularly at home and when ever you visit a temple.

Please don't light lamps just because i wrote all this.I could be wrong in my interpretation about shirdi sais life but all i know is "Lighting lamps" will surely be a blessing in itself and it does has power to solve your problem if you have patience and bring peace in your life.Light lamps if you feel baba wants you do it and do it with faith and trust on sais words.

Ligting lamps is divine :

When ever i give photo of baba or ask sai devotees to light lamps there are few who come after few days and say "i did what ever you said but don't see any benefits ". I feel really embarrassed when someone tells this to me. Remember, am only helping you learn a beautiful, spiritual, divine deed of lighting lamps regularly and making it as your habit. Somehow sai through his visions and few experiences made me request all devotees who tells me about their problems in career and personal life to light lamps.

My intention is that your life must be good with shirdi saibabas blessings in your studies, career and personal life. One of the way to help sai wash away our past births bad karma is by lighting lamps. Only sai knows when to bring you peace and prosperity and that totally depends on your own karma and the good deeds you did in this birth apart from your honesty and hardwork.

Lights lamps as an expression of your love on shirdi saibaba :

This being a website which many different shirdi saibaba devotees with differet attitudes might visit , i kindly request please please please ...light lamps as one of the way you express your love on shirdi sai. Like we are offering flowers to God with love, Like we are singing in prise of God ,Like we are chanting Gods name by heart......... Lighting lamps must also be an expression of your love and affection on God and shirdi saibaba. Do it only if you feel sai has hooked you to this site and read this message. Don't do it just because someone as ordinary as me has wrote all this. There might be some other good aspects and value of lighting lamps which i may not know. I have just tried to spread the message of lighting lamps to the knowledge i have got so far.

Please do anything to sai with out always expecting materialistic benefits. Infact , i din't gain much lighting thousands of lamps in many many temples.I light lamps because i know there are benefits which i cant see with my eyes or my life would have been worser had i not lit lamps or may be my time has not come for sai to bless me with rewards.....The reason i mention this is that i dont want anyone to light lamps for the sake of it. Its ok if you do it in hurry but make sure you light lamps keeping sais name in mind.

I hardly miss to light lamps in a temple for the past 3 years. Some of you might not get chance to visit temple. Some sai devotees living abroad are too busy with their work .They also fear saying its wooden house and reasons one can't imagine. so i keep it as my habit to request all shirdi sai devotees living abroad to take utmost care. Have a big tray, and light lamps in the center of it. Take care that your kids wont play around with lamps. Am sure sai will surely guard you and your family when you do something with total faith and love on sai.

God is light : Experiencing the divine light of shirdi saibaba :

Many saints has preached the philosophy that God itself is in the form of light. In chapter 22 of sai satcharita - the life of shirdi saibaba its expressed very beautifully " if you want to see My Light, be egoless and most humble and meditate on My toe through the opening between the two branches-index and middle fingers-and then you will be able to see My Light. This is the easiest means of attaining devotion." .Many shirdi sai devotees can meditate remembering sai in the form of "Jyothi- Light".Some will say they did saw baba as light .Trust me, i wish to say this very humbly.

Even i imagined every thursday in 2005 when i used to close eyes during arathi that i saw baba as light. Its only when sai himself showed me his light in the first week of september 2007 , i realized our meditaions,visions and imaginations are nothing compared to the real light of sai. Its not as what i imagined . It was not like millions of sun put togather. Thats how spiritual people told me .The truth is"Light of sai" is a very small source of light that will filled my heart with love and love alone.

As many of my sai friends knew, i am depressed for years and only sais presence is helping me lead some strange life.The ten days before i saw sais light, i occupied myself writing about baba , his ways and did only sais work...I was not meditating for it to be a vision..I was not sleeping for it to be a dream. That day, i was always remembering sai... sai.... sai... and laid down hugging sai satcharita and speaking to baba as no one was in my house. Suddenly i felt baba saying "Venkat, i will show you my light" and it happened. I don't really have words to express it. The light of sai if once seen can be seen anytime of our life when ever we request to sai. The Light of sai is every glowing untill our atma reaches shirdi sais holy feets.

After this incident, many times i cried to sai asking him what big thing did i do for him to show me his light. I don't wake up early in morning like spiritual people would do, I am not desireless .Only thing i have done is like a fool i came around sai sai sai for years togather. To me sai is a friend, a lover, a saint and a part of my family and myself.

Can you understand why i wrote the incident of shirdi sai showing me his light. I want you to know shirdi saibabas ways are so easy.All he expects is.....we must love him innocently like a child.Thats the love i have on my shirdi sai and this moment when i write this too my heart is filled with a warm feeling ,i feel baba is touching me and holding my hands. I feel baba calling me affectionately.Even when i forget him, his eyes are always on me. There is no other person so loving, so caring and so affectionate. Baba , people who read this might think i am blabbering .May be the fact that i saw our light might be wrong but our love for each other is true.  I know that you love me so much and i promise that you will always remain in my heart forever.

This "love" alone is true. My visions, dreams , experiences and what ever i did for you all these years is subject to comments but our love for each other is something we alone know.

God Vision has become commercial :

Meanwhile, i want to give an important warning to innocent shirdi saibaba devotees. see...don't think people who have visions dreams etc are Big. Visions are a part of day to day life. Even some lay man sleeping a in village would have got vision of a natural disaster yet to happen.He just dont have chance to express it to anyone and he will be least bothered about it. Now a days, i heared lots of stories where innocent devotees seek guidance of these so called Gurus who say "i have Gods vision...this and that"...Let me confirm you one thing. Every time i get a vision, i only consider it as a message from God. Now a days i don't even look for visions etc because it only distracts me from main path of loving sai .Infact, what ever i expessed in about my visions are just to share my experiences and not at all to confuse anyone .I don't even expect all to trust my visions becausewhats more important in life is to be good, do good and lead a simple life caring for others.

Please don't take anyone as Guru just because they seem to be spiritual. First see if they are humble,polite and egoless. Even if a person is powerful , try to observe if he is friendly and not expecting anything from you other than affection. Our shirdi sai is such a sweet Guru who gives us everything and expects only pure love from us.

When ever someone mails me asking for help the first thing i wish to tell them is "am as ordinary as you, i also live with desires, am neither a guru nor i deseve to be called as servant of saibaba. Am using that word to make myself remember that i must always serve sai .The real servants of sai have worked more harder for years togather and i am nothing compared to them.One satisfaction is as many of my sai friends say, for this age, what i do seems to be Good.I am just doing all this because may be the pains life gave me in my career and personal life made me get interested in helping other innocent souls to hold shirdi saibabas feet faithfully by spreading the teachings of sai.

Coming back to our sites goal, Please try to read Sai satcharita written by Hamedpant regularly. Understand how sai has worked for our welfare through small small incidents in his life. I liked his love for lighting lamps .Since i am also eager in lighting lamps, i choosed to spread this message to all shirdi saibaba devotees and spiritual people.I certainly believe lighting lamps will bring peace and prosperity in your life someday but please do it with out much expectations as your offering to sai.

Light a little lamp everyday :

Lighting a little lamp everyday will surely help sai to wash away our previous births bad karma, ancestors bad karma and bless us with Gods Gift whole heartedly.You might be thinking how the little lamp you light in your house or temple is connected with the divine light of sai. Yes it does. It is connected. Thats why i felt it is really important to spread the message of lighting lamps.

The photogaphs and text in this site are too personal and copyrighted. Its a request , understand that i am doing all this because sai has given me some inspiration, blessing and also time to do it.Forgive me for any mistakes in the article.
Baba, i have done few things in your name for the past 3 years but this site is so close to my heart baba. I dedicated this site to my sweet sai himself.

For the love that exists between me and my sweet shirdi saibaba

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