Friday, 19 August 2011

Dawat Puja

Chitragupt Samaj - Dawat PujaAccording to Hinduism, Brahma is the creator of the universe. He has created plants,animals, sea, mountains and the human being. Mythology states that humans created from the 'mouth' portion of Brahma were Brahmins, those from arms were 'Kshatriyas', those from the thighs were 'Vaishyas' and those from the feet were 'Shudras'. He asked 'Surya' to take care and protect the universe and himself went into deep meditation for ten thousand of years.

Thereafter when he opened his eyes he saw an illustrious man with broad shoulders, eyes like a lotus, long neck and carrying a pen and inkpot in the hands. Brahma asked that man who he was. The man replied that he was born out of Brahma and asked to give him a name and allocate duties. Brahma told him that as he was born out of his body (kaya) he would be classed as 'Kayastha' and he would be called by the name of 'Chitragupt' on the earth. He was asked by Brahma to perform his duties of keeping an account of every person good and bad deeds in the offices of Dharma Raj, supposed to be situated in 'Yampuri'.

Chitragupta was also blessed to produce his progency.

He had twelve sons and named as follows:-

Srivastava, Surajdwaj, Nigam, Kulshreshth, Mathur, Karna, Saxena, Gaud, Asthana. Ambasht, Bhatnagar and Bulmik.

Thus as the story goes 'Chitragupta' was the progenitor of us, the Kayasthas, and it is therefore our duty to worship him and offer our Prayers.

Puja Process
Place of worship is first cleaned. Seep chalk & Swastika is drawn on the ground or on some wooden board. A satia is drawn and is decorate by drawing lines on all the four sides. On this the god or goddess to be worshipped is placed. Vermilion is applied on the foreheads of god or goddess idols or photograph.

Earthen lamp or any other type of lamp is lit. In the pooja Vermilion paste, rice, aepen & water in small vessel is kept. These preparation are done little ahead of conducting pooja.
For performing pooja the ring finger is used for dipping and sprinkling water, vermilion, aepen. First the pooja is performed with water then aepen and roli (vermilion) then little rice is touched to the eyes and offered to the god or goddess.
The pooja offerings are done three time each (Sprinkle water ,aepen, roli and chawal )three time

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