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Chitragupta Puja 2011 – Chitragupt Pooja on Chaitra Purnima

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Monday, November 1, 2010 at 12:17pm
Chitragupta Puja is observed on Chaitra Purnima, the Full Moon day in Chaitra month. It is one of the big festivals for Kayasta sect of people. In 2011, Chaitra Purnima Chitragupta Puja date is April 18. Chaitragupt is believed to be the accountant or record keeper of Lord Yamas register Agra-Sandhaani. On Chaitra Purnima day, Chaitragupta is worshipped with shodashopachar puja.

Chaitra Poornima Chaitragupta pooja is celebrated in a grand manner in Tamil Nadu. At Kanchipuam, and some temples in Chennai, the image of Chaitragupta is taken out in a procession. On this day devotees take holy dip in the river Chitra. Literally, Chitragupta means the hidden picture but he records our every pap and punya (sin and good deed). Chitragupta Puja is also celebrated during Diwali as Chitragupta Jayanti or Dawat Puja on Bhai Dhooj.

Chitragupta Jayanthi Pooja during Diwali

Chitragupta Puja, also known as Dawat Puja, is a ritual observed during Diwali festival. Chitragupta Puja 2010 date is November 7. It is celebrated on Bhai Dooj, two days after Diwali, in North India. Chitragupta Pooja marks the birthday or Jayanthi of Chitragupta and it is mainly celebrated by Katyastha caste.

Chitragupta is the son of Lord Brahma. He was emerged from Brahmas body as his 17th son. The legend or story says that to assist Yamaraj, the Lord of death, Chitragupta was created by Brahma. On Chitragupta Jayanthi or Chitragupta Pooja, Chitragupta is worshipped with shodashopachar puja by Kayastha people. This puja is also known as Dawat Puja which is the biggest festival for Kayastha caste.

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