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by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 5:46pm
Broadly, the dreams have been divided into 3 categories.
  1. Strange dreams.
  2. Premonition dreams.
  3. Dreams those reflect real life.
  1. Strange dreams :
  2. As is apparent from the name, these dreams are strange in nature and produce strange feelings in the dreamer. The sequences that are played in such kind of dreams have no connection with reality such as one can see in a dream, a person with four heads, sixteen hands or with huge mountain-like body. One might even see elephants flying in his dream. Such sequences have no connection with reality but still people experience them. Sequences can be even stranger than one might expect.

  1. Premonition dreams:
  2. This category of dream can have two types- dreams that augur well, and dreams that augur ill. These are the most important kinds of dreams, which have long-lasting effect on our daily life. Sequences seen in these dreams like visiting temples and places of pilgrimage, sighting holy people and having their blessings and many such things, which are pleasant to us. Contrary to such sequences, one might see a woman clad in red or black sari taking someone towards the south. This type of sequences always augurs ill. Similarly, sighting of shooting stars and breaking shoes also indicate some mishap.

  1. Dreams that show real thing :
  2. This type of dream also does not have much importance and materialise only rarely. These dreams however fulfil our incomplete desires. Such as for example, one might be desirous of becoming a king, so in his dream, he becomes a king. Similarly, a pretty girl might want to marry an extremely handsome man. So in her dreams, she sees herself becoming a queen. Effect of such dreams lasts as long as we are dreaming. Once the sleep is disturbed, these dreams and their effects also vanish altogether.

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