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Ashta Lakshmi

Lakshmi is commonly known as Goddess of wealth. Wealth is not only the money. Tradition and values of life is also wealth. Our family and progress is also wealth.

Our belongings such as land, properties, animals, grains, etc as well as virtues like patience, persistence, purity etc in the form of a character are nothing but our wealth and so also glory or victory. Thus this eightfold Sri Lakshmi is known as Sri Ashta Lakshmi.
Astha Lakshmi
Mother Lakshmi is the source and provider of the following enumerated well-known sixteen types of wealth and many more. (1) Fame
(2) Knowledge
(3) Courage and Strength
(4) Victory
(5) Good Children
(6) Valour
(7) Gold and other gross properties
(8) Grains in abundance
(9) Happiness
(10) Bliss
(11) Intelligence
(12) Beauty
(13) Higher Aim, High Thinking and Higher Meditation too
(14) Morality and Ethics
(15) Good Health
(16) Long Life. Let us glance upon the glory of mother Ashta Lakshmi’s individual nature and forms.

According to Vedic mythology, Adilakshmi is one among the Ashtalakshmis. She is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu.

Mother Lakshmi resides with Lord Narayana in the Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Narayana. She is known as Ramaa, means bringing happiness to the mankind.

She is also known as Indira (who holds lotus or purity in the hands or heart.) Divine Mother’s this form is normally seen serving Sri Narayana. Lord Narayana is omnipresent. Adi Lakshmi or Ram Lakshmi serves Sri Narayana is symbolic of her serving the whole creation.

Though Sri Narayana is attended by innumerable devotees, still she personally loves to serve the Lord. Actually mother Adi Lakshmi and Narayana are not two different entities but one only. Many a place we see her form sitting in the lap of Sri Narayana.

Adilakshmi goddess of happinessAdilakshmi is depicted as residing in Vaikunta, the abode of Vishnu, and serving the Lord. She is called Rama Lakshmi, meaning the Lakshmi who brings happiness to the mankind.

She is also called Indira which means one who holds the lotus or purity in the hands or heart.

In Hinduism, Adi Lakshmi, or Adilakshmi, is one of the manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the supreme mother goddess and therefore she is also known as Adi Shakti and she existed before everything else.

She is beyond description and understanding. She is the womb that contains all life. Adi Lakshmi is an attempt by the human mind to give a form to the formless and which is popularly referred to as Brahman – the Supreme Being – in Hindu religion.
The concept of Adi Lakshmi tries to solve the puzzle of creation. It is one among the numerous attempts made by ancient seers to get the concept of Brahman to common man through symbolism. Adi Lakshmi is the womb in which birth and death takes place but she remains above it. She is unfathomable and beyond imagination of human mind.

There are numerous references to Adi Lakshmi in the Puranas. It is stated that the three gunas – sattva, rajas and tamas – emerged from her. Sattva (harmony) was represented as Goddess Saraswati, Rajas (Agitation) as Maha Lakshmi and Tamas (inertia) as Maha Kali.

Adi Lakshmi is also part of the eight Lakshmis (Ashtalakshmi).

In Brahmanda Purana there is a further development of the womb concept associated with Adi Lakshmi. It is suggested that three eggs (life symbol) emerged from her.

The first egg gave rise to Vishnu and Ambika, the second to Brahma and Lakshmi and the third to Shiva and Saraswathi.

Adi Lakshmi then gave Ambika in marriage to Shiva, Saraswathi to Brahma and Lakshmi to Vishnu. Creation started with these three couples.

Adi Lakshmi is represented with several arms in some miniature painting. Her form depends on the understanding that the artist has of the concept. Sometimes she is depicted as sitting on a lotus and has four arms. It must be noted here that human mind is trying to give a form to that which is beyond his/her perception.

AdiLakshami Powerful Mantra
Sumanasa vandhitha, madhavi
Chandra sahodhari hemamaye,
Munigana manditha, moksha pradhayini ,
manjula bhashini, veda nuthe,
Pankaja vasini deva supoojitha
sadguna varshani, santhiyuthe,
Jaya jaya hey madhusoodhana kamini
Adhilakshmi sada palaya maam.

Dhan Lakshmi, or Dhanalakshmi, is one of the manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi and in this form she symbolizes material wealth.

Although Goddess Lakshmi has numerous forms, other attributes and symbolisms but this is most popular form of Goddess Lakshmi for majority of people in today’s world.

The story of Dhana Lakshmi and the power of material wealth is closely associated with the story of Goddess Padmavati and Lord Balaji.

Legend has it that once Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu had some quarrel and in anger Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikunta and came and resided on earth as Goddess Padmavati.

Soon Lord Vishnu came in search of her and resided on earth as a forest dweller. Goddess Padmavati was now the daughter of a rich king. Soon Vishnu and Goddess Padmavati met. He wanted to marry her but a poor forest dweller did not have the wealth to make the daughter of a king his wife.
Dhana Lakshami and her online pujaFinally, it is said that Lord Vishnu took loan from Kubera, the treasurer of Gods. Kubera agreed to help under the condition that Lord Vishnu cannot leave the earth without repaying the debt.

The amount that Lord Vishnu borrowed and the interest on it was too high that Vishnu could never return to Vaikunta. Finally, Lord Vishnu had to acknowledge the power of wealth and Dhana Lakshmi blessed him.

Since this incident, Lord Vishnu is also known as Daridra Narayana as he is indebted to Dhana Lakshmi. It is also said that the offerings that devotees make to Lord Balaji is used repay the debt of Kubera.

Symbolically, Dhana Lakshmi teaches the importance of material wealth in modern society. Dhana Lakshmi is only an aspect of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

But unfortunately many people are immersed in this one aspect – making material wealth. This is dangerous as it causes an imbalance. Wealth is like water, it is essential for survival but it can also drown.

Dhairya Lakshmi form of mother Lakshmi grants the boon of infinite courage and strength.
For health, courage and power Veeralakshmi pooja is performed.

Those, who are in tune with infinite inner power, are always bound to have victory.

Those who worship mother Dhairya Lakshmi they live and lead a life with tremendous patience and inner stability.

Dhairaya means passion. To do successful work you need a lot of passion towards your work.

Dhairaya Lakshmi is also known as Veera Lakshmi. Veera Lakshmi means courage and power. Sometimes even after doing a lot of hard work you do not get success. On such situation if you do online pooja of Dhairya or Veera Lakshmi then it may be great helpful.

Dhairya( Vijay ) Lakshmi and her Online Puja
People who seek victory on their work do o pooja and Homam of Veer Lakshami.

If you are seeking victory on some thing then Dhairaya( Veera) Laksami online pooja may be greatly helpful to you.Because she is goddess of Victory.

Dhairaya Lakshmi / Veera Lakshami Mantra

Jaya kamalasini, sadgathi dayini,
jnana vikasini ganamaye,
Anudina marchitha kumkuma dhoosara
bhooshitha vaasitha vadhyanuthe,
Kanakadhara sthuthi vaibhava
vanditha shankara desika manyapathe,
Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini
Vijayalakshmi sada palaya maam.

Gajalakshmi, that is Lakshmi with elephants, is one of the most significant aspects of goddess Lakshmi.

In this aspect, the goddess is depicted seated on a lotus, flanked on both side by an elephant (gaja). Gajalakshmi is shown as seated in Padmasana yogic posture, and has four arms.

In each of her upper pair of arms, she carries a lotus, and the lower hands are generally shown in abhya and varadamudra. Gajalakshami online puja for prosperity, fame etcThe elephants flanking her are shown as pouring water from their trunk over the goddess.

In the holy book of Srimad Bhagavata the story of the churning of the ocean by Gods and demons is explained in detail. Author, the Sage Vyasa writes that Lakshmi came out of the ocean during the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan).

So she is known as a daughter of the ocean. She came out of the ocean sitting on a full-bloomed lotus and also having lotus flowers in both hands with two elephants by her sides, holding a beautiful vessel filled with milk and pouring it over Sri Lakshmi. Many a time we see Sri Lakshmi standing in the lotus and elephants are pouring nectar over her.
During the festival of the lamps or the Deepavali along with Sri Lakshmi the Ganapathi or the Elephant God also gets worshipped; that signifies the protection from evils as well as abundant grace and blessings for additional prosperities!

This aspect like most other aspects of Lakshmi is representative of prosperity, good luck, and abundance. Gajalakshmi motifs are very common in Vedic and Buddhist iconography.Most of Goddess Laxmi photos are on Gaja Laxmi form.

Gaja Lakshmi Powerful mantra
Jaya jaya durgathi nasini kamini,
Sarva phala pradha sastra maye,
Rathha gaja thuraga padathi samavrutha,
Parijana manditha lokanuthe,
Harihara brahma supoojitha sevitha ,
Thapa nivarini pada yuthe,
Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini
Gajalakshmi sada palaya maam.

In the family life, the children are the greatest treasure sourse of happiness, joy and your hope.

Child is greatest gift given by god to mankind . Santan Lakshmi is goddess of pregnancy.

Those who worship this particular form of Sri Lakshmi, known as a Santan Lakshmi, are bestowed with the grace of mother Lakshmi and have wealth in the form of desirable children with good health & long life.

Marriage life without children is like a garden with out flowers. People try different methods to get child and because of it they go through a lot of sufffering and mental pains. With the grace of Mother Santana Lakshmi one may blessed with children. Santana Lakshmi is ruler of children. If your child became sick, ill or misbehaving on his manners or if they doesn't obey you then Sanatan Lakshami online pooja may be helpful.

if your child doesn't bring good marks in School that is also very big tension. By doing Sanatan Lakshami online pooja.One can perform

Sanatan Lakshami online puja is to get child or for the well being of their children.
We perform your online pooja from both Vedic and Tantric ways.
Sanatan Lakshami Mantra
Ayi kagha vahini, mohini, chakrini,
raga vivrdhni, jnanamaye,
Gunagana varidhi, loka hithaishini ,
Swara saptha bhooshitha gana nuthe,
Sakala surasura deva muneeswara ,
Manhava vandhitha padayuthe,
Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini
Santhanaalakshmi sada palaya maam.

Contact Us for Vijay Lakshami online pooja Vijaya Lakshmi represents victory. So people who seek victory in any field should do Vijaya Lakshmi online pooja.

Vijay is victory.  Vijay is to get success in all undertakings and all different facets of life.
Some are strong physically but weak mentally while others are economically rich but poor in their attitude and cannot exert any influence.

Vijay is to have all encompassing victory. Vijay is to rejoice glory of our real nature – Vijay is to conquer the lower nature.

Vijay is the victory in external and internal wars and of course eternal wars! Hence those, with grace of mother Vijay Lakshmi, have victory everywhere, at all time, in all conditions. So to get victory everywhere Vijaya Lakshami online pooja may be helpful.

Vijaya Lakshmi Powerful Mantra

Jaya kamalasini, sadgathi dayini,
jnana vikasini ganamaye,
Anudina marchitha kumkuma dhoosara
bhooshitha vaasitha vadhyanuthe,
Kanakadhara sthuthi vaibhava
vanditha shankara desika manyapathe,
Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini
Vijayalakshmi sada palaya maam.
Contact Us for Vidya Lakshmi online pooja Vidhaya Lakshmi  represents knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is what we get from school, college etc and wisdom meaning goes inward.

Wisdom means understanding   cosmic secrets, opening of seven Chakras of our body, nirvana etc. Goddess Vidhaya Lakshmi rules also those elements.

In exams besides study luck is also major fact to gain good marks. By doing Vidhaya Lakshmi online pooja it may be easy for you in exam. If your child doesn't study and obey you then Vidhaya Lakshmi online puja may be helpful.
Vidhaya Lakshmi online pooja is helpful to students, researchers, writers etc. It is also helpful to people who practicing the Seven Chakras awaking Sadhana.

Vidya is education. Education is not mere studies to receive the degrees and diplomas certificates from the educational institutes or universities but it is to make you more human.
Education, which cannot give peace to the soul or cannot give the knowledge of the Self and the inner satisfaction, is not education.

Education, which cannot wipe the tears of others, known or unknown, is not education. Education is the understanding the situation and silence or art of living and leading the life that can make the life, the Life Divine, where the ultimate Goal of the life is the God-Realisation.
Such Education can come only through discrimination and dispassion. One can have abundant amount of money, but if he does not know how to make good use of it, it will work to his disadvantage. If an alcoholic or a drug addict gets a big sum of money, it will only hasten his downward journey to destruction.

Vidya Lakshmi is the understanding and the knowledge to mold the ordinary life into the Divine Life. A life of Service, a life of feeling for a fellow being, a life of charity and generosity, a life of purity, a life for seeking a soul within the soul and a life with an ultimate aim of the realisation of the is the only real education, which can come only with the grace of Vidya Lakshmi.

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