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Ahoi Ashtami

by Chitragupt Pariwar (Hum Kayasth) on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 4:05pm

[Ahoi Ashtami / Aanthe is on 30th October 2010, Saturday]
Ahoi Ashtami is also called as Hoi Aanthe
Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated on the eighth day in the month of Kartik. The mothers of the sons are fasting for whole day on Ahoi Ashtami. At the evening when stars are visible in the sky, paint the image of Ahoi in an octagon on the wall and worship with devotion. Mothers who are fasting on this day should also hear its Vrat Katha (Story).
Process of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha
At the time of listening the vrat katha, keep one small round metallic pot (lota) on the wooden stool, with full of water. Take one silver Ahoi and put silver grains into it. (It should be like pendant in the necklace). Thereafter, it should be worshipped with the roli (red powder), rice and milk. Make a swastika on the small round metallic pot by red powder; keep Seeda (raw food) and Vayna (cooked food) into a bowl, take 7 wheat grains in your hand and listen Ahoi’s vrat katha with concentration. Wear the Ahoi in your neck while hearing the vrat katha. Ahoi Ashtami’s vrat is only for the mothers of the sons.

After hearing the story give the Vayana to your mother in-law by touching her feet. Afterwards, offer water (arghya) to the God of Moon and then have food.After Dipawali, find out any shubh mahurat, take out the Ahoi from your neck and worship it by jaggery (Gud), splatter the water on it, touch it to your forehead and then keep it in a safe place very carefully.

Always add two silver grains into your Ahoi when you deliver other son and also on the marriage of each son. It is a belief that Goddess Ahoi becomes happy by doing so and showering her blessing on the sons. Ash guard should donate on this day.

Vrat Katha of Ahoi Ashtami / Hoi Aanthe
In ancient time there was a moneylender named Chandrabhan living in a village called Datiya (in India). His wife’s name was Chandrika and she was very beautiful, intelligent, urbane and faithful. She delivered many babies but they died in early age. Because of this both husband and wife were feeling very dejected. They often think with sorrow and grief about their fame and property which they have earned in this life-time; because there was no successor.

Once, both husband-wives decided to go to the jungle to leave their property. So, they went to the jungle and left their property. After walking for long time when they both get tired, they stopped for taking rest and again moving forward. After sometimes, they found a pond of cold water, near to the Badrikashram. When couple reached to the pond, they decided to die and left water and food. They spend seven days like that and on seventh day one Heavenly voice addressed them, “You are sufferings because you’ve made some offences in your past life. In order to get rid of this suffering, your wife should fast on the day on Ahoi Ashtami. Goddess Ahoi will be visible by doing this fast and then you must ask her for long life of your child. At the night of fasting you must bath in the ‘Radhakund’ (pond).” After saying so, Heavenly voice went off. Afterwards, the wife of Chandrabhan did this fast and worshipped the Goddess Ahoi with full of devotion and discipline. At the night of the fast both husband and wife abluted in the pond and at the time of returning home Goddess Ahoi appeared in front of them and said that she is happy with their worshipping and she wants to give them a boon. By hearing this, moneylender Chandrabhan said to Goddess Ahoi, “O Lord! My children are dying in early age; please give me the boon for long life and good health of my child.” Goddess Ahoi fulfilled their wish and disappeared. After some time, moneylender’s wife delivered a healthy child who had a long life with intelligence, courage and power.

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