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Mantra's for the particular Yantra

Sri Kanakadhara

|| Om Hreem Sahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaahaa ||
Daily worship of this mantra helps in attaining Siddhi:

श्रीम  हीम  श्रीम कमले  कमलालये  प्रसीद  प्रसीद, श्रीम हीम श्रीम महालक्ष्मी  नमाए 
Mantra 2: Om Vam Shreem Vam Ayeim Hreem Shreem Kleem Kanakdhaaraayei Namah.
वाम  श्रीम वाम अयेइम  हरीम  श्रीम कलीम  कनाक्धारायेई  नमः
Shree Riddhi-Siddhi Ganesh Yantra

Aum gam ganapataye namah
Aum sumukhaaya namah

On a Friday, Rishi Vashishtth placed a Lakshmi Yantra before himself and made it consecrated with Shreerodaya Mantra. Then he lit four lamps representing Riddhi (wealth), Siddhi (spiritual powers), Shubh (luck) and Laabh (gains). Then with a Sfatik rosary he started to chant the following Mantra. The Mantra given by Vashishtth is –

Om Hreem Kamal Vaasinyei Pratyaksham Hreem Phat.
हरीम कमल  वासिंयेई  प्रत्यक्षं  हरीम फट 
For this Sadhana he had a bath at night and sat on a yellow mat facing East. And as he completed 21 rounds of the Mantra, Goddess Lakshmi appeared and said - I am very much pleased with you. I shall forever bless your hermitage with wealth and prosperity. You shall never have to face any paucity, poverty or sorrow in your life again.
This proved the power and efficacy of the Mantra, Yantra and Sadhana devised by sage Vashishtth. Similarly there are other Mantras and Sadhanas devised by the sage which are very powerful and unfailing.

For reduction of rash temper: "Om shante parshante sarv karodh pashnon swaha"

To attract one or all: "Om chamunde tarutatu amukaye akarshaye akarshaye swaha"

For Riddance from tensions at home and for a happy married life
Any Tuesday morning bathe the Yantra with pure water and place it in your worship place at home. Then daily in the morning offer vermilion and rice grains on the Yantra and chant
|| Om Kleem Kleshnaashaay Kleem Phat ||
only five times. Do this regularly for three months. After that throw the Yantra in a river or pond.

To Banish poverty from your life
Are you heavily in debt, is your business failing, are you facing a severe financial crisis? If yes, then this Yantra is the answer to all your problems. Place it on a Wednesday in your worship place and having offered flowers and rice grains, light incense. Then chant
|| Om Hreem Sahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaahaa ||
only 21 times. Do this for 11 consecutive Wednesdays and then place the Yantra in your safe or where you keep your valuables or cash.


For Health and Longevity in life
Just wearing this amazing rosary can free you of all ailments. Today there is no person who is not troubled by some health problem or the other. For all such people this rosary is a divine boon. Wearing it fills the mind, soul and body with a new energy and enthusiasm. Early in the morning after having had a bath place the rosary in your place of worship at home and offer incense, ghee lamp, vermilion and rice grains. Then chant one round of the Mantra -
|| Om Joom Hroum Joom Sah ||
After that wear the rosary day long. At night put it back in the worship place. Do this daily for 30 days. After that drop it in a river or pond.

For Wealth and riches in life
Divine objects make their presence felt automatically. You don't have to tell; just the smell shall make others aware that you are wearing a perfume. For the best of Yantras there is no need to perform any Sadhana. Just placing these at home can bring about miraculous changes. Similar is this Yantra obtained from a secret Lama monastery which can banish poverty and make the Sadhak rich and prosperous. In the night of a Sunday wrap the Yantra in a red cloth and tie it with a Mouli (holy red thread) chanting
|| Om Mannipadame Dhanadaayei Hoom Phat ||
Then place it in your safe at home.

For Changing one's Luck
This Yantra is obtained when luck favours a person. It is seen that many times one is not able to attain to success in life, in business, in job, in studies and in Sadhanas in spite of the best of efforts. The reason could be the bad Karma of past lives. If the fortune favours a person then he can succeed even without making any efforts. This Yantra can make your fortune change for the better, for it has been prepared in Navratris and imbibed with divine energy. Any day place the Yantra early morning between 5 and 6 am in a plate. Then chant
|| Om Hreem Bhaagyodayam Hreem Om ||
108 times. Do this regularly for one month and then leave the Yantra in a temple.

Shreeyantra, the supreme of all yantra. This yantra bestows a person with unlimited wealth and fulfills all of his desire it should be used along with its seed mantra. Its wonderful effect is already known all over the world to devotees of Sri Balaji Tirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh and Jagannath Temple in Puri.      Beej Mantra For Shree Yantra:
                           "Om Shareeng Hareeng Kaleeng Hareeng Shrimahalakshmiaye Namah"

Mahamritunjaya Mantra frees the devotee from the fear of death, grave dangers, and fatal diseases and makes him courageous and healthy. The enchanting of Mahamritunjaya mantra along with yantra protects the person from all types of evils and health problems.

Bagalamukhi Yantra It is most effective in winning over your enemies, win the court cases and succeed in spiritual life. If someone owns this purified and empowered yantras, he or she definitely achieves his desired goals in life without any doubt. "Om Hleem Sarva Dusthaanaam Vaacham Mukham Paadam stambhaya jihvyamkilaya buddhim vinaashaya Hleem Om Swaha" 

Surya yantra Sun sustains the life on earth. If we desire to keep always healthy, we should worship the sun. With the help of surya yantra and its mantra, whereas the person keeps healthy, it also helps in the building up his energy and activeness.

A special Yantra made to give you an immediate success in Share market. It is made as per your date of birth and astrological sign. It is not like any other Yantra, but is specially made only for you, with your name or the name of your company printed on it. It is made only on moonless night and initiated with special Mantras by holy persons. It gives an immediate success to the person who keeps it with him or at the place of his work or office. It contains nine Yantras related to nine planets, influencing our life and business and a special Yantra in between to boost your luck immediately. A great gift for you or your friends. Experience the real wonder of ancient astrological science.

To attract someone you LOVE. Get the partner of your choice. A real mystical marvel of the ancient Indian science. It concentrates the energy of your mind waves to influence the woman or man of your dreams and within a period of 40 to 90 days attract her or him towards you. IF YOUR LOVE IS TRUE you will see the result from the first day itself.

Will remove all obstacles in the path of your business and solve your financial problems. A time tested and very effective device used by most of the businessmen to promote their business. A must for each and every successful businessman.

To solve your financial worries, experience its wonder within 90 days. Proved to be very effective. Bestows you with lot of money and wealth from unexpected source. It has been really tested and proved to be very powerful and effective. In one of the cases after its use only for 21 days a person found Rs 50,000/ within his house kept by his grandfather, which nobody knew.

For women, to keep their husbands under their control and solve your domestic problems and strife. A must for a peaceful and satisfied married life, specially for ladies whose life has become a hell by the misunderstanding and wrong attitude of their husbands or involvement of some other woman in the life of their husbands.

You can see your future in your dreams. When used with full faith and devotion, people have even seen the forthcoming examination paper in their dreams. Also we have actually met the people, who are able to see something happening, in their dreams, even hundreds of miles away. A great gift to possess.

Yantra - Akarshan Yantra

“Aakarshay mahadevi ram man priyam hey tripune devdeveshi                                              tubhyam daryami yanchitam"


(1) Vashi Karan Mantra(Use of  Supari)
Supari (Used in betel) should be infused 108 times with this mantra. Whosoever is offered this supari and eats it, will be under your control. It is best to take sweet supari packets duly infused and kept with you for use.
"Om Dev namo Hrarye tha tha Swaha"

(2) Use of  fruits
The mantra should be recited ten thousand times to attain siddhi. After than take any good fruit and infuse it with mantra 108 times. Whosoever will take the fruit will remain under your control.
"Om Hareeng Mohini Swaha"

(3) Use of water
Rise early in the morning and after your ablutions purify the water with 7 mantras and with the name of the person required to be brought under your control. Drink this water. Repeat for 21 days. The person concerned will be under your control.
"Om Chimi chimi Swaha"
This mantra too can be used to control the enemy. Procure 7 red chillies with branch. Light a fire. Recite the above mantra adding name of the enemy before the word "Swaha" and put one chilly in the fire. Repeat 7 times for 11 or 21 days. For enemy this should be started on Tuesday or Saturday.

(4)   Mohammadan mantra
"Eena etevena shetan meri shakal ban Amuk ke pas jana oose mere pass
lana rahi to turi Bahan, par teen san tee talag"
Stand naked on the wrong side of the cot, take Gur in your hand and recite 121 times. Keep Gur under the cot and sleep during the night. In the morning, the Gur should be distributed among the boys. Replace the name of the lady in place of word Amuk in the mantra. The lady will approach within 7 days.

(5) To control husband
Ladies can use this mantra to control their husbands who have gone astray, those who do not cooperate and are our of control. This mantra too can be used to control enemies, opponents, superiors and others.
"Om namo maharyakshaya Mam Pati me Vashya kuru kuru Swaha"
Recite the mantra 108 times duly performing Homa. The articels used in such mantra must be infused with recitation 7 times with above mantra and given to the husband to eat to control him.

(6) Kam Gayatri Mantra
This Kam gayatri mantra is most effective.
"Om Manohhavay Vidahe Kandpye demahi Tantra Kama Parchodyat"
Recite this mantra 1.25 lacs times to attain siddhi and to appease Kam Devta. After that use this mantra for any lady who will be infatuated and remain satisfied under your control.

(7) Kamakhya Vashi Karan Mantra
A most effective mantra. This mantra is be recited one lakh times for siddhi. Replace the name of the lady or person instead of word Amuk in mantra.
"Om Namo Kamakshi Devi Aamuki me Vansham Kuru Kuru Swaha"
After attaining siddhi of this mantra use any of the following methods and articels etc., which can be exorcised 108 times by the above mantra and the desired results are obtained.
(a) Take out dust from all nails of the hands, feet and nose on sunday. Exorcise and then give to lady or any person to eat in bettel leaf.
(b) Make a powder of Kakjanga, Kesar, Mausli and Tagar. Exorcise 108 times with above mantra. Preserve the powder and put on the forehead of the the lady or any person who will become in infatuated with you.
(c) Procure on sunday flowers leaves root, trunk and branch of black datura tree or plant. Mix in them kesar, Camphor and Gorochan. Make a powder of all. Exorcise the same 108 times. Put Tilak on the forehead and go before the lady or any person, who will be subjected to Vashi Karan.

Yantra For Attraction - Vashikaran Yantra

Yantra to attract someone you love, to bring your beloved under your

To attract someone you LOVE. Get the partner of your choice. A real mystical marvel of the ancient Indian science. It concentrates the energy of your mind waves to influence the woman or man of your dreams and within a period of 40 to 90 days attract her or him towards you. IF YOUR LOVE IS TRUE you will see the result from the first day itself.

Yantra Guidelines:-
A Yantra is an instrument, or a talisman or a mystical diagram usually in copper. It is a technique or path, considered the simplest and shortest, through which one can attain one's desires, and fulfill one's wishes. It is said that the 'Deities' reside in the Yantras and by performing 'Puja' or worship of Yantras, one can appease them, remove the malefic effects of planets, and increase the flow of positive influences. Procedures to be followed by you to place this energized Yantra.
First purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame
Find a place on the floor facing east, where you will be undisturbed.
Light the incense or diya. (It does not matter how many you light).
Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar.
Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of the deity of yantra and your isht God.
Take the water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra.
Then purify your soul and surrender yourself completely in devotion to God and chant 21 times the following :

"Om Lakeen "
Close your eyes and concentrate on the deity to bless you with wishes. Now with all sincerity, ask God to grant you the desire of your life that you wanted to be fulfilled in your own language.
Vedic Yantras are Energised (Pran pratishta) by learned purohits, by reciting the vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva.

Durga Bisa Yantra
Durga Bisa Yantra is of Shri Durga Ambe Maa. Durga Bisa Yantra is a powerful yantra for attaining desires, to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies are the special effects of this yantra. Durga Bisa Yantra bestows wealth and property and protects the person from all sorts of dangers. Worship of this yantra as per Adhayaya 4 sloka 17 of Durga Saptashati (Most powerful and potent collection of mantras dedicated to Goddess Durga created from Markandeya Puran) this yantra removes poverty. Durga Bisa yantra is considered to be very lucky for businessmen as it brings in property and removes all the problems in their way to suceess. It also indicates result when used in neck, arm or on body. Durga Bisa Yantra is most famous yantra in different forms and is very effective, provided it is prepared and puja is performed with kinds of flowers and put in the smoke of lamp lighted with black agar with rituals and full faith. It is also called "Yantra Raj Beesa".
It is commonly said, that:
Represents: Goddess Durga
Purpose: Luck in Business, wealth, prosperity and to protect the person from all sorts of dangers.

      Beej Mantra: Aaeng Hareeng Kaleeng Chamundaye Vichche

  General Mantra: Sarva Mangala Mangalyei Shive Sarvartha Sadikei, Sharanyei Tryambakei Gauri Narayani        Namostute

Karya Siddhi Yantra

This is a very powerful and auspicious yantra for attaining worldly desires and to fulfilling all wishes of someone's life. A highly effective Yantra, which ensures the individual's well being & success in almost every aspect of life. This yantra is useful for successful completion of any work or project such as journey to foreign lands, politics, married life, employment etc. The yantra is energized by the powerful mantra that is helpful to fulfill all wishes and desires of someone's life. The Yantra can be placed at a prominent place of the house.
Vahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra
Used to protect one from accident or any other mishaps on the road. Everyone must use this yantra in their vehicles.
This Energized Yantra protects one from injury or other mis-happenings, misfortune, accidents especially those related to vehicles and it insures safety during journeys. The Mantra's mystical energy (that is what this yantra has) will create the environment around user and acts as a shield to protect and save the user from any such mis-fortunes, and ensures his own, his family's and his belonging's safety during journeys.
You can establish the yantra in your vehicles or You can wear the yantra locket or you can keep it in your pocket, when you are driving or alternatively, you can use the yantra locket in the key-ring of your vehicle. 

Santan Gopal Yantra:
This Yantra is very useful for getting a child and a safe progeny. This Yantra also prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. The Yantra blessed the couple with a beautiful and intelligent child and increase love between them. This is a very useful yantra for the childless couples. Some persons are devoid of children and try hard to have an issue. For this purpose Santan Gopal Yantra is miraculous. All your prayers for progeny would be answered through this Energized Yantra. This yantra gives a desired child who is meritorious and long living.

Shri Kuber Lakshmi Samruddhi Maha Yantra

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed! Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmayee  Namaha!!

Manokamna Prapti Yantra
Manokamna yantra is a numerical Yantra that combines the power of the Magic Square with the powers of the ‘seed’ or bija-mantra. The Yantra works on the principle of invoking the sacred numeral three in multiple combinations. It is basically a 3x3 square with the numbers within so placed that added up along any axis they always total the sacred number 30. This number when reduced to 3+0 = 3 which is the most important number when it comes to the manifestation of one’s desires. Around the outer squares of the magic grid are lotus petals within which are inscribed the Bija mantra ‘Hrim’. In the mantra system this syllable is regarded as extremely potent, if practiced intently it causes the falling away of all illusions. The mantra Hrim is also called the Flame of Narayana or Vishnu, he who pervades and preserves the universe. This Flame is fueled by devotion and is the prima material used by Vishnu to bring the cosmos into being and is thus the energy par excellence for manifesting desired objectives, but especially material things and spiritual insights. Combining the Power of Three in a 3x3 grid along with 12 [2+1=3] Hrim mantras makes this one of the most powerful Yantras known
It is an exclusively energised yantra drawn on Bhojapatra with Astha Gandha (a composition of 8 holy things) namely: Golochan, Kapoor, Kapoor (Bras), Haldi, Kesar, Kapoor Kachli, Itra (Muske Ambar) & Naag Kesar. It is exclusively energized (pranprathistha) using materials: Swarna Sindoor & Kamakshya Sindoor.
This Yantra is an ideal gift for someone you love and wish to see prosper. It changes one’s luck for the better, brings about desirable outcomes and makes manifest one’s deepest desires. Such a Yantra is rare.

It is traditionally regarded as an extremely lucky and auspicious gift as well as a lucky talisman to possess for oneself. It also kick-starts spiritual practices in many people as an agreeable side-effect. This Yantra has been specially energised to radiate its beneficial powers. It can be placed in your temple at home, on your worktable, in your cash box.
 Mantra: Shreem

Manokamna Siddhi Laxmi Yantra
   Description: Manokamna siddhi laxmi yantra changes one’s luck for the better, brings about desirable outcomes and                                                        increases flow of money
Mantra: -Om Aim kleem Saum ! Brahmashakti Sarva Siddhi Prada Brahmapraaptyu Paaymutaamu ! Devi Sharanamaham Papdhaye !!

Description :
This yantra acts as Ramban and is a rare and most effective yantra for gaining wealth. Shri Adya Shankarayacharya used this yantra for arranging rain of gold balls. This yantra bestows Ashat Ridhi and Nav Sidhi. This is kept in temples, Cash Box and Almirahs.
Its very powerful yantra to win unexpected wealth like gambling, horse racing ,speculation etc.
. Place it on a Wednesday in your worship place and having offered flowers and rice grains, light incense.
only 21 times. Do this for 11 consecutive Wednesdays and then place the Yantra in your safe or where you keep your valuables or cash.

Beej Mantra for this Yantra  :-   
"Om Hreem Sahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghra Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaahaa"


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