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Beliefs and Observations of Sharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima: Full of LifeSharad purnima marks the beginning of Sharad ritu (season) of the year. It is the full moon day. It is said that on the day of Sharad purnima the moon showers amrit of life on all living entities of the earth. The moon appears very bright as the monsoon ends just before this day. The moon seems to shower special joy, merriment and tranquility on sharad purnima.

Legends and Significance of Sharad PurnimaSharad purnima is associated with ‘Rasa leela’ of Lord Krishna. Thus the day is also referred as Raas Leela Diwas or Raas Lila day. The gopis of Vrindavan wanted to dance with their beloved Krishna. As Krishna fulfills all the desires of His devotees, He arranged such that on this day all the gopis could dance with Lord Krishna. On this night maximum devotion or love between Gopis and Lord Krishna was manifested.

The significance of Sharad poornima is mentioned in the tenth chapter of Srimad Bhagavatam. It is also said that on this day, the moon is closest to the earth. The rays of the moon have special curative properties which are so nourishing. Sharad purnima is a significant day especially in places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Braja and Nathawara.

Beliefs and Observations of Sharad Purnima
  • Sharad purnima has a great religious significance. It is said that anyone who observes fasting on this day will be bestowed of ever virtuous life of health, wealth and happiness.
  • Some believe Lakshmi devi, the goddess of fortune, was born on this day. Anyone who worships Lakshmi devi on this day and remains vigilant whole night will be blessed with everlasting money even though he does not have Lakshmi yoga in his/her horoscope.
  • It is believed that one should drink cold milk during the fast on this day. This is verified scientifically as follows: During this weather the days are hot and nights are cold. The body gets more ‘pitta’ due to this environment. By consuming milk and rice flakes one can decrease ‘pitta’ in the body.
  • Many people observe fast on this day. Anyone who observes this fast should avoid solid foods. If the person likes to fast completely during the day, he should take a mixture of rice flakes and cold milk in the night.
  • In the states of Gujarat and West Bengal, sharad purnima is celebrated as a grand festival.
  • In Orissa, this day is celebrated as Kumar purnima. Kumar is handsome son of Lord Shiva who was born on this day. Unmarried girls who wish a nice, handsome husband worship Kumara on this day.
  • In some parts of India the sun god and moon god are worshipped on sharad purnima.

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