Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Story of Vrikasura and Lord Vishnu

The wicked asura (demon) Vrika, once happened to meet Sage Narada on the wayand enquired “O! Maharishi! Which of the trinity (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord
Brahma) is most easily pleased? Smart Narada knew his motive. He quickly replied,
“Lord Shiva is very kind and easy to please. Once he is pleased, he grants any boon.”

Highly pleased Vrikasura immediately rushed off to distant Kedara mountain
(Lord Shiva‛s place), lit a holy fire, cut off a little flesh from his body and offered it
as sacrifice to Shiva. He went on repeating this until on the seventh day, when no more
flesh was left. At last, he was about to cut off his head to be thrown in the fire, Lord
Shiva appeared and held his hand “Why all this gruesome sacrifice my friend? I would
have been pleased even by a handful of water offered with devotion. Ask what you
want”. With folded hands and apparent modesty Vrikasura said, “Lord! Let any one whom
I touch on the head, fall down dead.” Lord Shiva was aghast at this terrible request but
a word once given must be honoured; so rather unwillingly Lord Shiva said “Be it so!”
With the boon of Lord Shiva, Vrikasura became strong and invincible. He started
killing his enemies by just touching their head. Evil Vrikasura now wanted to attack Lord
Shiva too. Knowing his motive, Lord Shiva went to Lord Vishnu and requested him to
punish Vrikasura.

Lord Vishnu took the form of a brahmin. When HE came across the Vrikasura,
HE asked him, “Hey! Vrikasura! Where are you going? What is the matter?”. Vrikasura
expressed his desires of destroying Lord Shiva. The brahmin was incredulous “Haven‛t
you heard that Lord Shiva, as a result of Daksha‛s curse, has lost his powers? His
boon given to you is also not effective now!!”. Surprised Vrikasura said, “Hey Vishnu! I
dont believe you. You are fooling me!” Lord Vishnu replied, “Why don‛t you then test it
by trying it on yourself?” This was said in such a plausible disarming manner that the
foolish Vrikasura immediately put his hand on his own head which split in two. And he
fell down dead split in two halves.

This is how Lord Vishnu fooled Vrikasura and saved the world from his shackles.
Lord Vishnu and other Gods showered flowers and praised him for punishing Vrikasura.

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