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Dhanteras 2010

This year, Dhanteras 2010 it is on 3rd November 2010, Wednesday

Dhanteras is celebrated on the thirteenth day of Kartik month’s Krishna Paksha. To celebrate this festive season, homes, shops and business places are being cleaned and then places are decorated with lights. Dhanteras is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Maha Laxmi so it is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti. On the day of Dhanteras Goddess Laxmi is also called upon. Ritual of buying metallic vassals is a custom. At the night of the Dhavantari Jayanti or Dhanteras Lord Dhanvantari should be worshipped. By taking a pinch of flour chauk (Rangoli) is prepared, keeping the kalash lord Dhanvantari is worshipped with flowers, sandal, incense sticks and deeps (lights). Panchamrit, Fruits and Sweets are also offered to the Lord Dhanvantari.

On this day Vaidya Dhanvantari (doctor of ayurveda) appeared with the kalasah (Pot) of nectar from ocean. In the memory of his appearance, this day is celebrated as Dhanvantari Jayanti or Dhanteras. Vaidyaraj Dhanvantari is the incarnation of lord Vishnu. He is the inventor of Ayurvedic medical science and adorable by the doctors of ayurveda (Vaidya). This is the prime festival of Vaidyas, ayurvedic production houses and ayurvedic medical institutions.

How Dhanvantari Jayanti / Dhanteras came into the existence
The Story of Dhanteras
One day in ancient times lord Vishnu along with Goddess Laxmi were roaming in Mrityu Lok (Earth). At one place after thinking something Lord Vishnu told Goddess Laxmiji, “You sit here till I come back. I am going somewhere for some work, remember that you should not see on the south direction.”

After saying this lord Vishnu moved towards south. Goddess Laxmi started thinking that lord Vishnu told me not to see towards the south however, he himself went to the same direction, there must be some mystery in it and due to this thought Goddess Laxmi started seeing at the south. She saw a yellow mustard field on that site; that scene fascinated her and she went to that feel and started beautifying herself.

Thereafter she moved ahead and found a sugar cane field; she plucked a sugar cane and started sucking it. At the same time Lord Vishnu came back and said angrily, “O Laxmij, you have made a blunder by plucking the sugar cane from this farmer’s field and to compensate this you have to serve this farmer for twelve years.”

  Goddess Laxmi became tensed and depressed by hearing this hard order from lord Vishnu, but she had no choice other than obey the order of Lord Vishnu. Afterwards, Lord Vishnu left Laxmi ji at that place and returned to the Ksheer Sagarb (residence of Lord Vishnu). Helpless Laxmiji obeyed Lord Vishnu’s order and went to the farmer’s house and started serving him. By the presence of Laxmiji in the house of farmer he started progressing leap and bounds; very soon he became rich and his house filled with wealth. Still Goddess Laxmi has to stay there and serve him for twelve years.

After completion of twelve years Lord Vishu came to the farmer’s house to take Laxmiji with him. Then the farmer stopped Lord Vishnu to take Laxmiji. By seeing this Lord Vishnu told to the farmer, “You go to the Ganges with family and bathe into it, after bathing drop these four clamshells (Kaudiyan) into the Ganges. By the time you will come back we will stay here and I promise you this.” On believing to the God, farmer went to the Ganges. After bathing when farmer dropped the four clamshells into the Ganges four hands appeared from the Ganges and took all clamshells. By seeing this miracle farmer asked to the Gangaji, please tell me from whom those four hands were come out. Ganges replied, “Those four hands were mine but you tell me that who gave you those four clamshells to gift me.” Farmer replied, “Two unknown people have come to my home. One lady servant is staying at my home since long and now the man who came to take her with him has given me those four clamshells.”

To hear this, Ganges said to the farmer, “The lady who came to your house herself is Goddess Laxmi and that man is Lord Vishnu, listen to my advice and never let her go from your house else you will become poor again.” To hear this farmer came back to the home and said to the Lord Vishu by pointing Godess Laxmi, “I’ll never let her go.”

To hear this Lord Vishu explained about the offence made by Godess Laxmi Ji to the farmer and told him that because of that offence I ordered her to stay with you and serve you for 12 years. Now, she has completed her twelve years of punishment, so she has to come with me.Farmer didn’t agree with lord Vishnu and became adamant on his decision. By hearing this, Lord Vishnu started laughing. Lord Vishnu said to the farmer with smile that Goddess Laxmi is very mischievous and she never stayed at one place. There is no time and limit for her stay and no one can force her not even a most powerful person.

Still, farmer was not convinced with Lord Vishnu and said to him that Ganges has already told him everything about them and I’ll never let Laxmiji go from my house. By seeing this Goddess Laxmi said to the farmer, “O farmer, if you want me to stay here at your place, listen to me carefully. Tomorrow is Dhanteras, so tomorrow you must clean and white wash your house; in the clean house keep lighting the deep (light) of shuddh ghee in midnight. I’ll come to your house at that time and worship me. You cannot see me but believe me that I’ll come to your house. By hearing Laxmi ji, farmer replied with folded hands, “I’ll do the same as you’ve ordered”. Laxmiji became colossal and spread in ten directions. Lord Vishnu was amazed to see this.Next day farmer did the same as Laxmiji told him and by doing so his house was filled with prosperity and wealth. Thereafter, farmer started worshipping Goddess Laxmi every year in a same manner. He never failed to do so and with the blessings of Laxmiji his house was always filled with wealth and prosperity.

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By hearing this farmer’s story many people started worshipping Goddess Laxmi on Dhanteras and they all were blessed with the blessing of Goddess Laxmi and they also become rich and wealthy. Since then this custom of worshipping Goddess Laxmi on Dhanteras started.

Prayer: O Goddess Laxmi, please bless me as you’ve blessed that poor farmer and shower your blessing on all your devotees.

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