Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Good Seek Divine Mother' S Help

 One day Bhudevi, the spirit of the Earth, met Indra and told him how harassed she felt because of anumber of evil elements dominating the earth. Those elements were Jarasandha, Sishupala, Kamsa, Rukmi,Naraka, Salva, Keshi, Dhenuka, and Vatasaka amongothers.
Bhudevi recollected how she had been troubled by Hiranyaksha when Vishnu, descending as the Varaha, hadcome to her rescue.

"Bhudevi, I've hardly any power to help you," said Indra. "Let's go to Brahma. He might be able to do something."

They met Brahma. "O Lord, it is time for the Era of Darkness, Kaliyuga, to begin. That is why the rulers have forgotten their compassion and duty. They are possessed by the demons," said Bhudevi.

"Bhudevi, if anyone can help in eradicating this evil, it is only Vishnu. Let's go to him," said Brahma.

Bhudevi and Indra followed Brahma.

Brahma narrated the plight of Bhudevi to Lord Vishnu. He reminded Vishnu that it would be proper for him to take birth on the earth once again.

"It's necessary to have the sanction of Yoga maya if Iam to incarnate on the earth. To incarnate in a human form is not a happy experience for me. You know well how much I had to suffer as Rama.Pray to the Divine Mother. If she were to consent, I shall take birth on the earth and destroy those evil elements," agreed Vishnu.

The gods, as advised by Vishnu, prayed to the Divine Mother: "The earth is tormented by many a wicked being, including Kamsa. The spirit of the earth, Bhudevi, is feeling much harassed. In the past you have vanquished such evil powers before whom even Vishnu and Siva had felt shy. O Mother, be kind to the earth and lighten its burden."

Indra, the king of gods, pleaded: "O Mother, hardly anything can be achieved without your support. You've protected us through the ages. Be compassionate and respond to our prayers once again."

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