Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mayurdhwaj – A Great Daanveer

 During the Ashwameg Yagna, Arjun with an army has followed the scared horse to Trambavati ( Copper ) Nagari ( city ). The King of Trambavati nagari is Mayurdhwaj ( Peacock flag ) . Mayurdhwaj is a great Satya man along with his son Tambradhwaj. Just like the Pandavs, Mayurdhwaj has also started Ashwameg Yagna and has released a scared horse with Tambradhwaj following it.

Outside the Nagari, both horses met and started to fight with one another. Tambradhwaj arrived and stopped both horses from fighting.

Tambradhwaj also read the copper board placed on the Pandav horse’s head. The board read ” Accept Maharaj Yudhisteer as the Emperor or if you are a great Kshtria, give us a battle “. Tambradhwaj thought that I am a Kshtria warrior and it is my duty to fight and protect my Nagari so he captured Pandav horse.

All of a sudden Pandav army came following the horse and saw Tambradhwaj capturing the horse. Pandav army asked Tambradhwaj to release the horse.

Tambradhwaj - I am not going to give the horse back. I am ready for battle so fight and defeat me in order to take the horse.

All the Pandav warriors became angry at Tambradhwaj and started to fight against him. In Pandav army there are warriors such as Arjun, Babruvahan, Vrisketu, Hansdhwaj, Nildhwaj, Megvarna, Yamunaswa and Suveth. Baghwan Krishna himself is driving the chariot of Arjun.

All the Pandav warriors together attacked Tambradhwaj but none of them can defeat him. Any weapons that Pandav warriors shoot, Tambradhwaj is countering it. Even the agnito mantra arrows shot by Pandav warriors are all broken by Tambradhwaj’s arrows. After battling for a while, Tambradhwaj took an arrow and placed Mohestra mantra on it along with agnito mantra and shot it on the Pandav army. The arrow multiplied into many arrows and collapsed every single person along with animals.

Baghwan Krishna, on purpose became unconscious. Tambradhwaj took both horses and went back to Tambavati nagari.

Tambradhwaj gave both horses to his father Mayurdhwaj.

Tambradhwaj - Father, I have defeated the Pandav warriors along with Krishna.

Mayurdhwaj - Son, what have you done? We are performing this Yagna to receive Lord’s blessings and you have harmed him.

Mayurdhwaj is very upset because of this incident. On the battlefield, Pandav army has now just waken from unconsciousness.

Arjun – Krishna, what can we do? Tambradhwaj is too powerful for us to defeat.

Krishna – If you fight him, you cannot defeat him. But, I have another idea of how you can make him your ally. Come with me.

Krishna changed his form into an older Brahmin and made Arjun a disciple. They made Babruvahan in charge of the army and went to Tambavati Nagari, all the way to the Royal Palace. Mayurdhwaj saw both of them and got up to greet them properly. Mayurdhwaj made them sit on a great ashan and gave them food.

Mayurdhwaj – Welcome to my Kingdom, great one. What can I do for you?

Krishna – I have come to you seeking help. I had one son. We were going on a yatra, where we came up on a jungle. There an Agori captured my son and said that bring right half part of Mayurdhwaj’s body in order to get your son back. This is the reason I have come to you, please do not disappoint me and save my son.

Mayurdhwaj – Great one, my body is very lucky to perform such a wonderful task. How would you like my right side of the body.

Krishna – The Agori has said that your wife and your son should cut the body. While both of them are cutting your body, you should not scream or no tear should come out of your eye.

Mayurdhwaj called his wife and his son to explain all the situations.

Mayurdhwaj – Do not worry about me. The brahmin needs help so I must help him.

Mayurdhwaj had a table brought and lay on it. His wife and son started to cut him from bottom to up with a great saw. Even though, Mayurdhwaj felt great pain, he kept on praying to the Lord and does not scream. The saw went up to the belly button, and out of Mayurdhwaj’s left eye, tears started to come out.

Baghwan Krishna got up and started to walk away seeing the tears.

Krishna – Now, your half of the body is useless.

Mayurdhwaj ( while dying ) – Wait great one, hear why the left side is crying. The left side is thinking that I will be wasted, while the right side will perform a great deed by being donated for a great cause. This is the reason, why the left side is crying.

Baghwan Krishna was glad and turned into his original form. Krishna showed Mayurdhwaj the Virat Swaroop and healed him.

Mayurdhwaj invited the Pandav army and made them stay at his Nagari for five days. After five days, Mayurdhwaj accepted Yudhisteer as the Emperor and handed his own horse to the Pandavs. Mayurdhwaj made Tambradhwaj the King of Tambavati and joined with the Pandavs on their quest for Ashwemeg Yagna.

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