Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"What is Life after Death?" - Sri Bhagavan

See when you die, the most funny part happens, is,  you do not know yourself that you are no more. The moment you realizes this, is when you start touching things and your hands could not feel it. There You come to know that “Yes, I am gone’. Then the process starts.

For the first 3 days you stay in your house seeing all the rituals are been carried properly, which in other words is your “Clearance Certificate” for further processes. Then after 3 days your Journey starts towards Space., where you are taken to the Astral world.

Once you are landed properly in Astral world, first ones to welcome you, would be your ancestors or your parents (if they have died) or if no one, then your GURU or GOD (whom u used to worship). They will tell you about an overview of Astral world. They will hang around with you for some time. It seems like amusement park experience. You are fulfilled with your desires of eating NON VEG/ DRINKS or seeing female dancing (everything is available) as per your desire.    Then the times when your outstanding performance is reviewed. So you are made to sit in front of a Screen where in your entire LIFE CYCLE is rotated. The time is 3 MINUTES as per the ASTRAL CLOCK = your entire LIFE TIME as per EARTH’s CLOCK. Things you did, will be shown and the reel of the picture will be very very fast in all the GOOD DEEDS / KARMA you did. The REEL stops at your BAD DEEDS / KARMA.

Then you will be made to put your steps in the other person’s shoes, with whom you did BAD DEEDS or said BAD WORDS or hurted – so that you should feel that hurt. Likewise for every bad Karma you are made to Experience it. Say for eg : If you have slap somebody with bad words, you are made to feel that SLAP with the same BAD WORD, to make you realize how it actually feels, in practical terms.

After this game is over, you are been asked with 2 options a) REBIRTH - with undergoing LOTS OF MORE PAIN OR b) MOKSHA – Free from all Janamas. If Moksha it seems ok (which Less number of people say), but because you are the better JUDGE……Many say Rebirth – so that whatever we did BAD during this JANAMA (birth) we will Suffer it in Next Birth.

Then you are been taken to various PAIN CENTRES like for HINDU - you will be constantly thrown like you wash clothes. So your various BODY PARTS gets smashed and gets joined again automatically, then again the same thing. For MUSLIM – you are been thrown on a LONG BLADE where your entire BODY parts gets CUT into Parts. Gets Joint automatically, then again the same thing. For CHRISTIAN- Body is made into HOT ROAST. Then the same process. So all are equally bad. After all this process (depending on your religion)…. You are been made to show your next Birth body with its various characteristics and qualities along with its fate and destiny. That’s how it goes
Bhagavan what a long journey you are putting us into....Please forgive us and take us all into your arms AmmaBhagavan..

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