Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lord Ganesh- Ganapati (The Leader Of The Celestial Troops)

This legend explains why Lord Ganesh is called Lord Ganapati. “Gana” are celestial beings. “Pati” is the leader, commander, chief.

There was a competition among the Devas (Gods) to determine who would be the leader of the Gana. The winner would be the one who could circle the world as quickly as possible and return to Shiva’s feet. There was great enthusiasm amongst the participants as they embarked on their respective vehicles to win this prestigious title. When the race began, all moved in full speed and the only God who lagged was Lord Ganesh. His large physique on the tiny mouse affected His agility.

Suddenly, the son of Brahma, Sage Narada appeared.

“Where are you going?” asked Narada.

Lord Ganesh was annoyed as it is believed that meeting a solitary Brahmin at the onset of a journey is considered to be a bad omen. Apart from this Narada also inquired where He was headed. This again is considered as an unlucky sign when someone calls out and interrupts one’s path to ask the end of his destination.

Sage Narada understood the cause of His displeasure and pacified Lord Ganesh. Our Lord then explained the nature of this journey and His intension to win this competition. But somehow He wasn’t sure of His victory.

“Just as a great tree emerges from a small, single seed, so is the name of Rama (One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu) from whom the great tree called Universe has evolved. Write Rama on the ground and circle around it once. Then go to your father and you will receive your prize.”

Lord Ganesh followed the advice of the Sage and hurried to meet Lord Shiva.

“How did you manage to finish this task so quickly?” asked Lord Shiva, surprised.

Our Lord explained His meeting with Sage Narada and the events that ensued from it. Lord Shiva was immensely impressed and declared Lord Ganesh as the winner. He conferred on Him the titles of Ganapati, the lord of the celestial armies and Vinayaka / Vinayak, the Lord of all beings.

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