Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Legends Of Lord Ganesh Part 4

Enjoy the wonderful legends of Lord Ganesh which teaches us many lessons and how we can become His ardent devotees.

Lord Mahodara Strikes Mohasura: 

The teacher of the demons, Shukracharya had a student named Mohasura. Under his guidance, Mohasura did Aradhana (Worship) of Surya Dev (Sun god). His severe austerities pleased him and he blessed Mohasura with the boon that he will always be victorious in every battle.

The euphoric and satisfied Mohasura returned home. Shukracharya coronated him as Daitya Raja (King Of Demons). Soon, he demonstrated the intensity of the blessing by conquering the three worlds. Fearing his rule, the gods and sages hid in the mountains and ocean.  Mohasura along with his wife Madira ruled fearlessly without anyone’s interference. Dharma (Right Conduct), pious deeds, sacrificial worship and all religious practices languished. The unhappy, helpless gods and Rishis (Saints) decided to seek help from Surya Dev. They hoped that he would be able to solve this unstoppable and disastrous situation.

Surya Dev gave them a monosyllable mantra and encouraged them to reiterate this to please Lord Ganesh. The gods and humans together began calling out to Lord Mahodara with great reverence. Their unwavering appeal pleased Lord Mahodara and He appeared before them. The devotees were ecstatic with the manifestation of their Lord and sang glories in His praise.“Do not lament. Mohasura will be killed.”
Consoling His devotees, our Lord rode on His mouse and went to fight the tyrant demon king. Meanwhile, Sage Narada approached Mohasura to inform him about the powers of divine Lord Mahodara. Shukrarcharya advised his disciple to seek refuge at the feet of this Avatar. At that same instant, Lord Vishnu appeared as the Lord’s messenger.

“You will attain boundless power if you befriend Lord Mahodara. It will be in your best interest if you take refuge in the Lord and allow the humans and the gods to lead a pious life. You must promise never to create any problems again. The almighty Lord will forgive you if you keep your word. But if you defy Him and continue with your atrocities then saving you in the battlefield will be impossible,” said Lord Vishnu.These words crumbled Mohasura’s ego.

“O Lord Vishnu, please invite the omnipotent Lord to my city and grant me the opportunity to be graced by His presence.” Lord Mahodara visited the demon’s city and graced the place with His divine feet. Young demon girls showered Him with petals and Mohasura welcomed Him amidst elegance and grandeur. The demon king humbly offered his prayers with great devotion and chanting His praises said, “O Lord, unknowingly and without thinking of the consequences I have committed endless mistakes. Please forgive those sins. I promise to obey all your commands. Henceforth, I will never come near any humans or gods and will never create any obstacles in the path of righteousness.”       

The ever-forgiving Lord was extremely pleased with the demon king’s humbleness and blessed him. With Mohasura’s powers subdued, the humans, sages, gods and the entire cosmos rejoiced. They all bowed and sang the glories of this gallant Avatar of Lord Ganesh.

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