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Legends Of Lord Ganesh

Legends Of Lord Ganesh

by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 5:58pm

We continue in our mission to provide various stories that has been forwarded to us through centuries by word of mouth and through numerous books. We hope that you have enjoyed reading six legends already posted in our blog last year. The following story is about Krodhasura and how Lord Ganesh teaches him a lesson that we will never forget.

Lord Ganesh’s Lambodara incarnation is Satya Swaroop (An embodiment of himself) representing Shakti Brahma (Cosmic Energy Personified) and His vehicle is the mouse. Lord Vishnu had taken the form of an attractive woman named Mohini (This form was taken during the churning of the ocean to procure ambrosia.) This enchanting appearance mesmerized Lord Shiva. When Lord Vishnu transformed to his usual self, giving up the form of the woman, the yearning mind was distressed. At that moment, these feelings of lust and desire took the form of a dark-skinned demon with copper-coloured eyes.

This demon went to Shukracharya and said, “O Master, please accept me as a disciple and kindly give me a name.”

The teacher contemplated for a while and decided to name his new promising student as Krodhasura. The mentor groomed him well, imbibing in him all the essential knowledge. Then he got Krodhasura married to Shambharasura’s beautiful daughter named Pritikay.

One day, Krodhasura went to his teacher with joined hands and said, “With your permission, I would like to conquer and rule the entire cosmos. Please initiate me with a mantra which will enhance my success.”

Shukrarcharya was proud of his disciple’s request and gave him the Surya Mantra. Krodhasura bowed before him and set off to the forest. There, he stood on one leg and reiterated the mantra. The devoted demon was untouched by the changes of the weather and continued his penance through the intense summer, heavy monsoon and freezing winter. He constantly chanted the mantra without flinching inspite of his bodily pain.Thousand years of hard-core penance, finally touched Surya Dev’s heart and he manifested before him. Krodhasura prostrated with sincere devotion.

Seeing the Sun god pleased, he said, “O God, I want to be immortal to conquer and control the entire universe. Please grant me this boon so that I am always victorious and remain undefeated in all my battles.”

“And so it shall be,” said Surya Dev and vanished.

Krodhasura returned home and visited his Guru to pay his respects. Shukracharya was proud of his disciple and coronated him as the ruler of Avashpuri. Few days later, he informed all the demons that he wanted to conquer the entire universe and Brahman (Cosmic system). All his subjects were very pleased and excited with their king’s plans and made preparations to set forth for this victorious journey.The demon king easily captured earth. Next, he proceeded to Amravati (Abode of Lord Indra). The gods fled and in this way he had heaven under his control. Next, he spread his dominance in Vaikuntha Lok (Abode of Lord Vishnu), Mount Kailash (Abode of Lord Shiva) and established his mighty kingdom. The power hungry Krodhasura also conquered the palace of Surya Dev, Surya Lok. The Sun god had no choice but to surrender as he was the one who had bestowed him with this boon.

The gods and the sages were deeply affected by this catastrophe. They felt helpless and prayed to Lord Ganesh. Our Lord was pleased with their collective prayers and manifested before them.

“Gods and sages do not despair. I will destroy his pride,” said Lord Lambodara.

There was an intense battle between Krodhasura and Lord Lambodara. The gods too joined in to destroy the demonic army. Slowly, one by one the valiant fighters of the demon king started collapsing on the battlefield. Witnessing this condition of his brave soldiers, Krodhasura fell at the feet of our Lord and asked for His forgiveness.Kind-hearted Lord Lambodara forgave him.

With His divine touch, the demon king turned into a sincere devotee and led a devotional and peaceful life in the nether world. The gods were ecstatic and sang the praises of Lord Lambodara.

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