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Lord Ganesh Unites Lord Karthikeyan And Valli

Lord Ganesh Unites Lord Karthikeyan And Valli

by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 5:53pm

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had two sons- Lord Ganesh and Lord Skanda. Lord Skanda has many forms. In one of them, he is depicted with six faces and is known as Lord Shanmukha. His other popular names are Kartik, Karthikeyan/Kartikeyan, Murugan and Subrahmanya, the one who bestows his devotees with the knowledge of Brahman.

The king of Kuravas (The Hill Tribes) Nambirajan ruled the ghat (Terrain) of Tamilnadu (Located in the southern part of India). King Nambirajan desired to have a daughter and prayed earnestly to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with his sincerity and said that he would find his baby in the forest. As predicted, the king found his daughter and named her Vallinayaki.

Vallinayaki or Valli blossomed into beautiful woman. Lord Karthikeyan was fascinated with her beauty and approached her, disguised as a bangle seller. She was delighted with the wide array of bangles and bought some from him. He didn’t take any money but instead exchanged the bangles for a local delicacy–corn flour soaked in honey. They were busy in a conversation when they were interrupted by Valli’s brothers.

Brothers are known to be possessive of their sisters and they too shared the same instinct. Lord Karthikeyan did not want to fight so he quickly changed his form into a Vengai Maram (A stump. This form is depicted in the Velimalai temple situated in southern part of Tamilnadu.)

Few days later, the Lord again disguised as a tribal king asked for Valli’s hand in marriage. But her brothers appeared again. He had no choice but to change his form. This time he decided to be an old ascetic from the Himalayas. Seeing an old man, the brothers left.
Lord Karthikeya was disturbed with these constant interruptions and went to his brother Lord Vinayaka for guidance. Lord Ganesh assured him that the next time he met Valli, there would not be any problems and he would be united with his soul mate.

When Valli and Lord Karthikeyan met again, Lord Vinayaka appeared as a wild elephant. Valli was petrified and embraced him. Frightened, she said that she would offer him anything if he protected her from this wild creature. The Lord asked her hand in marriage. She willingly agreed. Later, she found out that her husband was none other than Lord Subramanya whom she and her tribe members prayed and had a high regard.

Legends like this form the bases of many folk and classical dances in Tamilnadu. Lord Ganesh as the loving brother made sure that there were no difficulties in his brother’s marriage. Thus Vighnaharta proved that he removes all the obstacles in the path of those who revere him with their pure heart and soul.

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