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Lord Ganesh’s Atharvashirsha Prayer

The Atharvashirsha prayer was written by Rishi Atharvan. He was a privileged soul as the Lord appeared to him. This divine experience led to this prayer.

|| Om Namaste Ganpataye || Tvameva Pratyaksham Tatvamasi || Tvamev Kevalam Kartasi || Tvamev Kevalam Dhartasi || Tvamev Kevlam Hartasi || Tvamev Sarvam Khalvidam Bramhasi || Tvam Sakshad Atmasi Nityam || 1 ||

(O Lord Ganesh, I pay my deep homage to you, the Lord of the Ganas || You are the first facet of the Brahma Tatva to arise || You have created this entire universe ||You can maintain this universe || You are indeed the all conquering supreme Lord || Indeed you are the “Atma” the soul of this cosmos || 1 ||


(Speak the noble fact || Speak the complete truth) || 2 ||
|| Ava tvam Mam || Ava Vaktaram || Ava Shrotaram || Ava Dataram || Ava Dhataram || Avanuchanavamv Shishyam || Ava Paschatat || Ava Purastat || Avo Uttaratat || Ava Dakshinatat || Ava chordhvatat || Ava Dharatat || Sarvatomam Pahi Pahi Samantat  || 3 ||
( Protect me || Protect the one who describes you || Protect all who hear about your characteristics || Protect me and the disciples who are under tutelage || Protect me from the obstacles (which arise during rituals) From the east, protect me from the west, north and south || Protect me from above and below || Protect me from all directions)  || 3 ||
|| Tvam Vangmayastvam Chinmaya || Tvam Anandmayastvam Bramhamaya || Tvam SachitanandaDvitiyosi ||Tvam Pratyaksham Bramhasi ||Tvam Jnanmayo Vijnanamayosi || 4 ||

(You are the constituent of speech || You are the joy and the immortal consciousness || You are the truth, mind and bliss|| You are none other than divinity ||  You are the knowledge of all gross & subtle forms) || 4 ||
|| Sarvam Jagadidam Tatvo Jayate || Sarvam Jagadidam Tatvastishthati || Sarvam Jagadidam Tvay Layameshyati || Sarvam Jagadidam Tvayi Pratyeti || Tvam Bhumi Rapo Nalo Nilo Nabha || Tvam Chatvarim Vak Padaini || 5 ||

(The entire universe manifests because of you || You sustain all the universes || All the universes get destroyed in you || All the universes finally get merged into you || You are the earth, water, fire, air and ether || You are the four types of speech and the root source of sound) || 5 ||
|| Tvam Guna Traya Atitaha: Tvam Avasthatreya Atitaha || Tvam Deha Treya Atitaha || Tvam Kala Treya Atitaha || Tvam Muladhar Stiti Yosi Nityam || Tvam Yogino Dhayayanti Nityam || Tvam Bramha, Tvam Vishnustvam, Rudrastvam, Indrastvam Agnistvam, Vayustvam Suryastvam, Chndramastvam Bramha Bhur Bhuva Svorom || 6 ||

(You are beyond the three gunas, (Sattva-Pure, Rajas-Activity ,Tamas-Dullness) You are beyond three states of being; (awake, dream and deep slumber) || You are beyond the three bodies; (gross, subtle and casual) You are beyond the past, present and future || You are the Lord of the Muladhara Chakra (This is the first chakra which awakens the Kundalini|| Sages always meditate on you || You are the Lord of the three worlds including the elements. You are the all pervading force) || 6 || 

|| Ganadim Purvamuccharaya Varnadim Tada Nantaram || Anusvara Paratarah || Ardhendu Lasitam || Taren Hridam || Etatva Manu Svarupam || Gakarah Purva Rupam || Akaro Madhyam Rupam || Anu Svaraschantya Rupam || Bindu Ruta Rupam || Nadah Sandhanam || Sa Hita Sandhih || Sesha Ganeshvidhya || Ganak Rishi: Nichrud Gayatri chandah || Ganpatir devata ||
||Om ‘GUNG’ Ganpataye Namah || 7 ||

After describing the characteristics and attributes Of Lord Ganesh, Atharvan Rishi gives us the sacred “Ganesh Vidya” i.e. the mantra that reveals the sacred form of Lord Ganesh.    

The letter “GA” is to be enunciated, following by “NA” This one word mantra is then potentiated with the “Pranava” “Om”. This is sacred mantra.

“Ga” is the first part, “Na” is the middle and the end “Um” formed by the bindu is conjoined with the foregoing and all of them form the sacred word. This mantra if pronounced properly has the power of revealing the Lord. The sage who received the mantra is Ganaka and the verse is “Nichrat Gayatri.”

|| Om Gung Ganapati || 7 ||

By repeating this mantra, the devotees should bow and surrender to the Lord.

|| Ek Dantaya Vid Mahe vakra Tundaya Dhimahi || Tanno Danti Prachodayat || 8 ||

(Mediate on the single tusked Lord, with the curved trunk || May He grant knowledge and inspire me || This is the Lord Ganesh’s Gayatri.)|| Ek Dantam Chatur Hastam Pashmam Kusha Dharinam || Radamch Vardam Hastair Bhi Bhranum Mushaka Dhvajam || Raktam Gandhanu Liptangam Rakta Pushpaihi saupujitam || Bhaktanu Kampinam Devam Jagat Karnam Achutam || Avir Bhutam Cha Shrasta Yadao, Prakruthe Purushat Param || Evam Dhayayati Yo Nityam, Sa Yogi Yoginam Varah || 9 ||

(The “saguna” form of Lord Ganesh is presented in the above Shloka.  I salute the Lord with one tusk (right side) who has four hands. The upper right one carries a binding rope, the upper left one holds the goad, the lower left one holds a broken tusk and the lower right blesses us.  The mouse is His mount or vehicle || His complexion is crimson, He is pot-bellied, His ears are elephant like and He is adorned in red garments || He is smeared with red sandalwood and decorated with red flowers usually hibiscus || He eternally blesses his devotees and has been around long before the existence of the cosmos|| The one who meditates on him constantly is eternally blessed || 9 ||

|| Namo Vrat Pataye, Namo Ganapataye || Namo Pratham patye, Namste Stu Lambodaraya Ekdantaya, Vighna Nashine Shiv Sutaya, Sri Varad Murtiye Namo Namah || 10 ||

(Salutations to you the Lord of all deities, Ganas and all beings ||(Salutations To) the pot-bellied one, single tusked who destroys all obstacles, He is the son of Lord Shiva-The Divine Lord who grants boons. We all bow down to you chanting your name. || 10 ||

 We have tried to explain these verses as correctly as possible. An in-depth accurate understanding of Atharvashirsha can be gained precisely from a learned sage or Guru. So we ask Lord Ganesh to forgive us if we have in some way tainted and distorted the original works because of our ignorance.

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