Thursday, 14 July 2011

Use of Sex Worker's Courtyard Soil For Maa Durga's Murti

Maa Durga; Mother of the Universe. who cares, love, sacrifice and forgive all. But have anyone ever thought why a puja of Maa Durga is not treated worthy, till the time some soil from the courtyard of sex workers is brought, WHY.

 Fortunately I was there in Kolkata & visited where these Maa Durga’s murtis were made and asked the same question to the people busy in the making.

They told me that a person entering into the area of sex workers is cautious and somewhere afraid/aware also of the sin he is going to make. Because he knows that act he is going to indulge, is not good, the goodness of that persons falls at the courtyard - while entering into the room with Sex Worker. With thousands and thousands of people visiting with the same senses, leaving the same goodness outside in the courtyard makes the soil so poise/clean.

Imagine, how clean and broadminded was out society eve 100 of years back and believed in giving respect to all parts of the society.

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