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Why do we wear marks (tilak, chandan, kumkum and the like) on the forehead?

Why do we wear marks (tilak, chandan, kumkum and the like) on the forehead?
The mark on forehead invokes a feeling of sanctity in the wearer and others. It covers the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking. It is known as the Aajna Chakra in the language of Yoga.

The mark on forehead is a blessing of the Lord and a protection against wrong tendencies and forces. The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves - the forehead and the subtle spot between the eyebrows called the brumadhya is the center that attracts various kinds of energies from the outside world.  Kumkum the turmeric-based powder prevents negative energies from entering inside.
Another reason is that the agneya chakra should be touched with the solar finger at least once in a day, so that the solar energy is activated into the agneya chakra, initiating the inner journey leading to one’s enlightenment.

It was recommended that people of both sexes should wear the kumkum on their foreheads.  However, with efflux of time, the wearing of kumkum became mandatory for women. 
The turmeric content in the kumum lends luster to the skin while acting as a powerful germicide.  Today most brands of kumkum are made to suit aesthetic needs.  However, the beneficial effects of scientifically prepared kumkum transcend cosmetic needs.  Even today, there are dedicated people preparing kumkum the traditional way, with high quality turmeric as the base.

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