Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Story of Goddess Lakshmi and Daughter of Moneylender

Once there lived a moneylender in a village. Everyday his daughter used to offer water to a Peepal tree. Goddess Lakshmi used to reside on that tree. Once, Goddess Lakshmi said the girl to become her friend. Girl replied that she would first ask her father. When she told her father about this incident, moneylender gave her the permission. on the second day, girl agreed for the friendship.
Both of them became good friends and started sharing their talks. One day Goddess Lakshmi brought the daughter of moneylender to her home. The girl was welcome wholeheartedly. Different kinds of meal was offered to her.

When daughter of moneylender started leaving then Goddess Lakshmi asked her, “when will you call me to your house”. The girl called her to the house, but she felt upset by seeing the financial condition of her house. She was afraid that she won’t be able to welcome Goddess Lakshmi properly.

Seeing the girl upset, moneylender understood the feelings of his daughter. He said his daughter to make a seat of mud and do the complete cleaning. Light a lamp with four wicks and worship Goddess Lakshmi. At that moment, a kite dropped a necklace on queen near her. Girl sold the necklace and arranged a bed on gold, food etc.

After sometime, Goddess Lakshmi arrived to her house together with lord Ganesha. Girl served both of them very nicely. Pleased by the service, Mata Lakshmi made moneylender a rich person.

Lakshmi Pujan Story
Once upon a time, a king pleased by the a wood cutter gifted him a forest of sandal wood tree. But, a wood cutter did not knew the value of sandal wood tress. He used to cut the sandal wood trees and burn them for preparing food.

King came to knew about this event from his spies. He understood that only intelligent person can make use of money. That is why Goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha are worshipped together. So that, a person gets wealth and wisdom of using it.

Return of Lord Ram in Ayodhya
According to religious scripture Ramayan, lord Ram returned after 14 year of exile by killing Ravan who was the king of Lanka. Then people of Ayodhya welcomed him and expressed their happiness by lighting lamps. With the rejoice of returning of lord, city of Ayodhya was filled with light of numerous lamps.

According to one story, lord Krishna killed Narkasur on the day of Diwali. Narkasur was a demon. Lord Krishna rescued earth from the terror of Narkasur. Diwali is also celebrated as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

Story of King and Saint
Once, a sage wished to have the comforts and luxury as of king. So, he stated meditating to please Goddess Lakshmi. Pleased by the worship, Goddess fulfilled his wish. After getting the boon, saint reached the court of king and sat on the thrown. He threw the crown of king.

King saw a poisonous snake running out of the crown. King felt happy that the saint saved his life. Similarly, once the saint asked all the courtiers to run out of the palace and then the palace fell down to shambles. King again praised him and the sage became proud.

One day he removed the idol of lord Ganesha from a classroom. Some other day, saint asked kings to remove his Dhoti. King immediately followed order but, there was no snake found in this. So, the king became angry. He order the to get the saint imprisoned in the cell. Saint started worshipping Goddess Lakshmi in the cell. Goddess came in his dream and said him that h removed the idol of lord Ganesha who is the God of wisdom. “You made him angry so he took away your wisdom”

Saint realised his mistake and worshipped lord Ganesha. God was pleased and so he removed the anger of king. This way saint got back his position. Hence it is said that wisdom is very important for wealth. Therefore, intelligence and money is worshipped on Diwali in the form of Goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha.

Story of Indra and Bali
Once, scared by the Indra, Bali went somewhere and hidded himself. Devraj Indra reached an empty house in search of Bali. There Bali was hiding in form of a donkey. Both of them were having a talk, suddenly, a lady came out from the body of Bali. Devi said that she was Goddess Lakshmi. She asked Indra that why was he following her instead to the demons. She said that she never remains constant.

But, she stays at a place where there is truth, donations, fast, religion and courage. She reside in the house of a person who is honest, who is stoic, does welfare of Brahmans, observe the dignity of religion, performs fasting, one who wakes up everyday before sunrise and sleeps on time, who helps the poor, destitute, helpless, orphans and old aged.

A person who follows the order of his master. Who treat his friends with love and care. Person who does not have bad qualities like laziness, bitterness, dissatisfaction, lust and lack of wisdom. Hence, it is clear that Goddess Lakshmi reside basically at a place where all these qualities are present.

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