Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Once upon a time on earth...


Once upon a time.... The world was overburdened by the unwanted defense force of too many different kings, who were actually demons but were posing themselves as the royal order. At that time, the whole world became distraught, and the predominating deity of this earth, known as "Bhumi" (The Earth), went to see Lord Brahma to tell of her calamities due to the demoniac kings. Bhumi took the shape of a cow and presented herself In front of Lord Brahma with painful tears in her eyes.
Lord Brahma

Goddess Bhumi assumed the shape of a cow She was bereaved and was weeping just to invoke the lord’s compassion. She related the calamitous position of the earth, and after hearing this, Lord Brahma became much aggrieved, and he at once started for the ocean of milk, where Lord Vishnu resides. Lord Brahma was accompanied by all the demigods headed by Lord Shiva, and Bhumi also followed. Arriving on the shore of the milk ocean, Lord Brahma began to pacify Lord Vishnu, who formerly saved the earthly planet by assuming the transcendental form of a boar.

Lord Vishnu In the Vedic mantras, there is a particular type of prayer called Purusa-sukta. Generally, the demigods offer their obeisances unto Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by chanting the Purusa-sukta.It is understood herein that the predominating deity of every planet can see the supreme lord of this universe, Brahma, whenever there is some disturbance on his planet.

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