Tuesday, 26 July 2011


12) पावके जलशायिनं, Paavake Jalashaayinam
When amidst the scorching fires, remember Jalashaayin

It is basic knowledge that ‘Jalaa’ means water and ‘Shayana’ means to lie down. Hence Jalashaayin essentially translates to He who lies on the water. Since Vishnu, reclines on the great waters of the Ksheerasaagara, He is called so.

Now, it is once again basic science that the best remedy for fire is water. Therefore, what could be more prudent than thinking of the Water-Dweller when in the danger of fire? However, what is this fire? Not taking it in the literal sense, Paavaka could also represent the fires that scorch us in this Saamsaaric life in the form of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. By surrendering these evils to He, who dwells on the Kaarana Jala, we remain assured that He will destroy the very sources of these fires and bless us with a cool and peaceful life. Also, in Hinduism, we always consider water to be sacred and as having purifying properties. We call upon that water to wash our sins and dirt, both mental and physical, before we begin our worship. If water by itself is so pure, how much purer would be its creator? Therefore, He who is more pure than the purest of waters, cooler than the coolest of waters and who rests on the flowing waters will be the most appropriate form to propitiate for the eradication of all the fires that burn us in this material life.

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