Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Durga Saptashati

28. For the attainment of learning and eliminating flaws in the speech - When this above given mantra is chanted in combination with each mantra of Durgasaptashati, then a man becomes a great scholar. It also helps to eliminate the flaws in speech.
27. For debt clearance-
26. For the quick accomplishment of all kinds of task- Study of Durgashapti from beginning to end (Anulom), then followed by a reversed study (Vilom) again following it with a beginning to end study, helps in the quick accomplishment of any work.
25. For regaining lost authority and wealth
24. For the prevention of epidemic.
23. For the prevention of untimely death (another mantra)
22. For the prevention of untimely death - Chanting the mantra of Durgasaptashati trayambak helps in the prevention of untimely death and for the attaining a long life.
21. For the attainment of salvation and attaining to heaven.
20. For the elimination of sins and for the attainment of devotion.
19. For the elimination of sins and for the attainment of devotion.
18. For the acquirement of wealth.
17. For the destruction of all kinds of inauspiciousness and for the fulfillment of all desires.
16. For the attainment of all kinds of learning and knowledge.
15. For the protection from all kinds of dangers.
14. For the removal of poverty and other kinds of sorrow
13. For achieving success in business matters, economical matters etc.
12. For all kinds of enjoyment, pleasure and for attaining salvation.
11. For the acquirement of progenies after being free from all hurdles and obstacles.
10. For the prevention of various turbulence.
9. For the elimination of all kinds of sorrows and for the attainment of happiness.
8. For having a handsome husband
7. For the clearance of all kinds of hurdles, obstacles and for the destruction of the enemies.
6. For a beautiful wife.
5. For the achievement of fame, health and good fortune.
4. To get cured from all kinds of diseases.
3. For the elimination of ill effects of the sins
2. For the elimination of distress and catastrophe and for the acquirement of all kinds of auspiciousness. For the elimination of all kinds of fears
1. For the destruction of all kinds of calamities and misfortunes.
Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
12. To prevent all kinds of calamities and distress - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
11. For the welfare of the family - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga) and a long life.
10. For liberation from bondages - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
9. For becoming free from debts - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
8. For defeating the opposition - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
7. For removal 0f 'State-fears' - Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
6. For acquiring comforts, happiness and wealth -Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
5. For the accomplishment of tasks - Nav Chandi.
4. To get favours from an authority and administrative officers - Nav Chandi.
3. For attainment of peace - Nav Chandi.
2. For the removal of great fears - Nav Chandi.
1. For the pacification of the planets and for neutralization of their ill effects - Nav Chandi.



  1. nice post! Maa Durga always blesses her devotees in need. Every day atleast once I chant durga mantra so as to seek her blessings.