Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dreams and their meaning

Air Dreams
Dreams of air represent freedom or escape from limitations.Clear air and blue sky denotes success and happiness.But if the air is misty,stormy,cold or hot,it is indication of unhappiness and troubles.
Animals Dreams
Dream of an animal shows a parallel mental and emotional state of the dreamer i.e. where dog represnts faithfulness;fox shows a cunning state of mind. According to the situation going in life,interpretations can be made depending on animals character.

Automobiles Dreams
Dream of an automobile suggests that some hasty news will be sent to you.Owniwng a car tells that one may recieve a gift.The dreams of different ways one travels in car suggests different thing in life as happiness when with children or scandal when with woman.

Baby Dreams
A baby in dream interprets new ideas.Usually baby indicates happiness but a baby taking first step may suggest difficulty in business or a helpless baby shows disappointment in love.

Being Beaten Dreams
Such a dream is a sign of discord in family.Seeing others being beaten predicts money loss.Seeing a animal being beaten have different interpretations for different animals.

Beating Dreams
Beating someone shows that you are not happy with the person whereas beating a animal suggests damage in one's own affairs.Beating of family members shows happiness and success in love.Different relatives can be interpreted differently.
Birds Dreams
Birds depict the exalted mental condition of the dreamer.Dreaming of dove or pegion is a sign of peace and happiness and that one is involved in philosphical or spiritual activities or some creative venture.

Clothes suggests how one wants to look in front of others.New clothes tell of prosperity,buying of clothes indicates success in love.But torn or soiled clothes foretell some deceitful actionthat may harm the dreamer ; specially woman dreamer should be careful from his associates.

Earth Dreams
Dreaming of earth is indication of sorrows,humiliation,illness ;different states of earth being predicted differently. But dreaming of earth full of grains or oneself being worried brings prosperity and green pastures suggests good children.

Fire Dreams
Fire in dreams is a good sign if one does not see oneself being burnt.Setting of office on fire indicates advancement in business and house on fire tells good companions and faithful servants.Kindling of fire suggests many good surprises in store for you.But if you see no flames and only smoke,it is a sign of diappointment.

House Dreams
A new house with many rooms in dream foretell newer levels of learning ,leading to gradual enlightenment.A tall building suggests success,a small building failure,a big building change in present situation and a magnificent building suggests long life and travel.
Killing Dreams
There are different situations and different interpretation regarding killing.Killing defenseless-sorrow,in self defence-victory,someone attempts to kill you-long life,killing a friend-good health,a businessman-security,a bird-damage and so on.

Love Dreams
Loving someone indicates satisfaction,joy and good fortune.Being loved suggests success,but unwanted love shows heart trouble.Failure in love indicates just the opposite,loving animals is sign of fortune.But loving friend brings in bad news and loving relatives suggests financial loss.

Money Dreams
Generally profit and loss in dreams foretell just the opposite in real life;though there is contradiction on this point.Stealing money in a dream indicates sickness whereas spending money indicates failure due extravagance and one should be careful.

Naked Dreams
Seeing oneself naked indicates unwise involvement that may bring in public disgrace.Dreaming of oneself naked is sign of disappointments but married persons dreaming themselves naked foretells a wealthy future for them.

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