Thursday, 14 July 2011

Eye the Weakest Part of our Body

We all treat eye to be our most important organ of our body. Every thing in this world, we build our judgment upon after having seen that particular object i.e. be it person, thing, etc. We also believe that to gain knowledge you need to have eyes as cannot read without it.

But in the spiritual world, why is it that while you start praying the eyes are automatically shut. Have you ever thought about the same?

Yes, eye is the part of our system, which drags us into the world of “MAYA” or the material world. Everything we judge - person, thing, place, etc. is a part of this material manmade world only. But to gain & understand the world of that “PARAM” GOD, you need to open the eyes within our soul. To understand his world, you need not to see & judge, but you just need to feel & enjoy the path.

So let’s all pledge that from today on, will try to look at things not from these eyes & judge, as more we believe on them the more we get dragged towards the material world.

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